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"But, like my father said then, 'there is great power in being the calm at the center of the storm, a beacon to show the way.'"
—M'yrnn J'onzz's son, J'onn[src]

M'yrnn J'onzz was the former high religious leader of the Green Martians, and the father of J'onn J'onzz and Malefic J'onzz.


Original multiverse

Family man

M'yrnn J'onzz acted as the high religious leader of the Green Martians. One day, he left worship early in order to surprise his son, J'onn J'onzz, on his birthday. He entered his home to find his granddaughters, K'hym and T'ania, who were aware of the plan. J'onn walked in, happy and thankful to see his father.[1]

Attack and imprisonment

With help from Nia Nal, J'onn J'onzz remembers his lost brother. In a memory, J'onn is playing with his younger brother Malefic J'onzz, but it becomes clear he is unable to connect to the hive-mind, after an outburst, M'yrnn decides he is a danger and locks him away. He grows older and resentful and eventually sides with the White Martians. M'yrnn is devastated and J'onn erases him from both their memories.[2]

Sometime following, the White Martians launched an attack on the Green Martians, killing nearly all of them. M'yrnn was taken as a prisoner, kept alive by the Whites due to their religious zealotry that prevents even the most heretical of them to strike down someone of M'yrnn's bestowed title and former standings, as the "prime servant of H'ronmeer". Instead, he was tortured for information and tricked by his captors for hundreds of years, as they wanted to gain his intimate knowledge of their planet's history and relics, namely a powerful and legendary weapon that was long thought to be a mere myth. However, in captivity, M'yrnn held strong.[1]

Rescue and reuniting with J'onn

M'yrnn first turning into human form upon being visited by J'onn.

M'yrnn eventually found himself in a base that was stormed by rogue White Martians, taking him to safety. By then, in some other way, the more malevolent Whites have found the weapon's location and prepared to excavate it; and having left with no other use for M'yrnn, they left him detained and alone which led to his rescue from bicentennial imprisonment. Though M'yrnn believed his rescuers' well-intended cause, he adamantly refused to reveal the weapon's whereabouts.

At their underground hideout, M'yrnn was visited by his son, whom he had believed to have died. Due to this, he believed it to be a trick by the White Martians in an attempt to find the location of the Staff of Kolar. J’onn tried to convince his father he was not a White Martian but M'yrnn didn’t believe him. He stated his son would never run away from the White Martians. Later, J’onn tried visiting again, this time in his human form, causing M'yrnn to take a human form out of custom. He explained the lore behind the Staff of Kolar, and in turn why he zealously refuses to allow either faction of the White Martians its use, as gaining the Staff would mean the Whites warring upon each other to the point of extinction, the way they did with nearly all of the Greens. However, this was interrupted by Kara Danvers after the White Martians decided to take the information by force. They escaped, taking M'yrnn back to the two Martians' former home. Finally, M'yrnn admitted to J'onn, that he had been broken, a feat no White Martian had ever accomplished.

J'onn shows M'yrnn his happiest memory.

As M'yrnn went to pray, expecting death as an inevitability, Kara interrupted, asking him to acknowledge her as a Kryptonian, thus trustworthy, and to give J'onn a second chance. M'yrnn allowed J'onn into his mind, the latter showing M'yrnn his favorite memory, in which M'yrnn had surprised J'onn by leaving worship early. Finally convinced that J'onn was truly who he said he was, they were interrupted by the rogue White Martians. M'yrnn gave them the location of the staff. After the Staff of Kolar was procured, Till'all decided it best to entrust it to their Earth allies. J'onn and Kara headed back to Earth, taking M'yrnn with them. Arriving back on Earth, M'yrnn admitted to quite liking the planet, being amazed by a weed growing out of the ground. Kara soon left them, before the two Martians walked to J'onn's earthly home.[1]

Life on earth

M'yrnn stayed at the DEO for some time, still getting over his captive mindset. When Winn brought this up to J'onn, he bought an apartment for the J'onzz to live in order to help his father acclimate to Earth life.

M'yrnn developed a fondness for coffee, hot chocolate, and jazz.

Eventually, M'yrnn developed Martian dementia, which he harshly asked Alex to keep quiet about. Though after he caused psychic episodes and chaos, M'rynn agreed to wear an inhibitor. However, his mind slowly deteriorated: J'onn noted his father kept repeating himself and rarely noticed this.

During a rare moment of clarity when visiting an arcade, M'rynn was able to restore Ruby Arias' faith by explaining his own faith in H'ronmeer rewarded him; his long thought dead son had returned to him.

Upon gaining his former mental clarity, M'rynn knew it was the sign his death was near, so he began giving his valuable memories of Martian religion to J'onn.


When the Worldkillers, a dangerous cult of evil Kryptonians, attempted to turn the the Earth into a new Krypton, M'yrnn sacrificed his life by merging with the land and allowing Supergirl and his friends to stop Worldkillers.[3][4]

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, the life and death of M'yrnn is fundamentally the same.[5] '


Original multiverse

After the death of his father, J'onn left the D.E.O. to try and follow in his father's footsteps by helping other aliens.

Despite his efforts, J'onn failed to be a man of peace like M'yrnn after he faced a dangerous man, Manchester Black, who he was told has used the Staff of H'ronmeer to destroy a dam, forcing J'onn to kill him. Disappointed in himself and seeking the advice from his father in his memory link, J'onn finally realized he would never be like his father before taking the staff and bringing him back to Mars. Once at the desert of T'ozz, J'onn activates the staff and M'yrnn seems to come back as a spirit based in the sand and told his son to go home and join his family.[6][7]

New multiverse

J'onn shows more confidence in himself as his father's ghost no longer burdens him; M'gann M'orzz noticed the difference and found herself more attracted to him because of it.[8]


M'yrnn was a loving father to his son, J’onn. He could be a little aggressive, like when he told Alex to live from his son’s house when she suggested he may have had dementia after showing he didn’t remember his granddaughters. Despite that, he tried to promote peace and avoid fighting.

M'yrnn's greatest shame and regret was failing Malefic as a father; this along with the guilt of having to banish him to the Phantom Zone for assisting the White Martians during the Martian Civil War nearly drove him to insanity from grief, to the point of contemplating suicide. However, J'onn was able to erase his memory to give him peace. Though his spirit later remembered and helped rectify his mistake by helping his sons reconcile.

Powers and abilities


  • Green Martian physiology: Like all Green Martians, M'yrnn possesses several incredible powers.
    • Extended longevity: M'yrnn's lifespan was considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower. He was imprisoned for over 200 years and remained virtually unchanged from all that time. Despite being alive for centuries, he was a middle aged Martian, indicting his vast lifespan.[1]
    • Intangibility: M'yrnn was able to become intangible in order to escape his cell.
    • Shapeshifting: M'yrnn was able to change his form at will, even on a cellular level, completely altering his physical appearance, allowing him to transform or mimic other people, or animals and other creatures.[1]

M'yrnn gives J'onn one final memory before dying.

    • Telepathy: As noted by his son, J'onn J'onzz, M'yrnn's mental prowess was especially potent, even by Green Martian standards, vastly exceeding J'onn who is still well in his prime. This easily makes him one of the most powerful telepaths of his time as none have ever been able to break through his mental defenses. He was able to read the minds of other people, able to communicate with others mentally and project his thoughts in to others, as well as hear others people's conversation psychically. His powers appear able to even work on beings with natural psionic resistance, like Kryptonians, able to since Kara actually perceive the telepathically his shared recollection between with J'onn[1] and even unintentionally channel his self-hating at his deteriorating mind to drive Supergirl in a rage frenzy. While wrathful, the psychic echo he generated was such intense, it fried several psychic damper nearby, an unbelievable feat given the fact they were designed specifically to dampen such powers.
      • Mental detection: M'yrnn can feel and detect the mind of others, as well as their intentions, emotions and mental states.[1]
      • Mental shield: M'yrnn can telepathically shield himself and others from mental intrusions with enough effort, such as preventing other telepaths from scanning his mind.[1]
      • Rage inducement: M'yrnn was able to unwillingly cause psychic aberrations, which caused the D.E.O. and even Kryptonians to feel extremely angry and rage fueled.


  • Religious knowledge: M'yrnn is a master theologian and preacher, being the High Priest of the Green Martians' faith. He also performs concentrated meditation techniques. They helped him endure his centuries-long imprisonment.


  • Memory decay: Despite his indomitable will and exceptionally powerful telepathic powers, M'yrnn's mental health has begun to decay. Going through a rare Martian condition called "Za-alet" (similar to dementia), he is struggling to remember elements of his life, such as the existence of his grandchildren.
  • Psychic damper: If M'yrnn wears this device, he cannot use his mental abilities.




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Concept artwork


  • It seems M'yrnn believes in dressing so others respect him. This is reflected in how he dresses in human form, choosing to wear business suits.
  • M'yrnn developed a fondness for hot cocoa.[9] Finding mocha even more superior
  • He loves listening to music. Being fond of rock[10] and opera.[11]
    • M'yrnn feels great sympathy for black rock musicians, since they did not receive as much respect and admiration as white musicians.[12]
    • After trying his hand at karaoke, M'yrnn deemed it "only for the truly courageous, or shameless"[13]
  • Like his son, J'onn, M'yrnn loves Chocos.[14]
  • He tends to mispronounce names for things on Earth, such as calling coffee "c'o fee".

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