"What's our course, captains?"

Officer Maala is a fictional android character in Loomworld.[1] Maala is an officer aboard the USS Faterider in the fictional show Star Trip.


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Like the rest of the crew of the USS Faterider, except its co-captains, Maala is an android, since they wanted a crew that could not die. His job is to man the navigation station.

As the star ship traveled, it encountered Dahn, who constantly attempts to kill Co-captains Sara and Ava; Dahn's crew of Gromulans were insistent that they wanted to talk in peace. However, torpedoes from the other ship tore into the Faterider, destroying Maala and the other androids.

After the crossover, the co-captains returned, but so did the threat of Dahn; Maala, who was reassembled, asked them what he should do. Dahn fired upon the Faterider and, as the ship exploded, it is unknown the fate of Maala, as the show was cancelled.[1]


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