An unnamed individual was a doctor from Maaldoria. He came to from Earth to help Veronica Sinclair gather humans and transfer them to Maaldoria for slave trade. He was killed by a hooded figure who was looking for Mon-El.


Slave trading

The doctor with two Maaldorian guards.

The doctor leads a patient who had just a blood into a room for the "last test". The doctor then activates the machine and two men forcibly take the patient into it. After finding out about the blood work all the missing people had before disappearing, Kara and Mon-El go undercover to find out more about it. The doctor leads them into the same room and attempt to get them into the portal after revealing his alien face. While Kara and Mon-El fight the two men, the doctor escaped through the portal, with Kara going after him and Mon-El following her. He is later seen when Kara and Mon-El surrender to the Maaldorians and lead both into the cell with the humans who were taken for slave trade, among them Izzy Williams. The doctor then walked into the room with a Dominator who bought slaves. When the doctor arrives with two Maaldorian guards to take the slaves, Kara stands in the way and the Maaldorian guards shoot her with the slavers weapons. The prisoners then stand up for Kara, attack the guards and lock both the doctor and Roulette in the cell. After they all escape to Earth, the doctor is approached by two hooded figures asking for Mon-El. When the doctor tells them that he went to Earth, he is killed by one of the hooded figures.[1]



Season 2


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