Maaldorians are a species that hail from Maaldoria aka "Slaver's Moon".


Maaldorians were known to capture and sell slaves on the galactic market to many planets, granting their home world the nickname of "Slaver's Moon". Maaldorians were especially prominent for providing slaves to the royal family of Daxam.[1]


Roulette began working with a group of Maaldorians to sell human slaves. However, Supergirl put an end to her operation after she went looking for Izzy Williams who had been captured by Roulette.[1]

Physical appearance

Maaldorians are vaguely reptilian in appearance with scaly green skin and horns protruding from their heads and hands. They are bipedal and some of them can learn to speak English.[1]

Culture and technology

Maaldorians had access to space transportation as troop transports and other spacecraft could be heard and seen on Maaldoria. One Maaldorian had access to holographic camouflage technology that allowed him to masquerade as a human doctor while on Earth.[1]

Known Maaldorians



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