"Off With Her Head!"
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Mabel Cartwright (c. 1943[1] – 2013) was the mother of the late August Cartwright, the grandmother of the late Jonathan Cartwright and the tormentor of Alice during her years in captivity. Due to her cruelty toward her, the girl referred to Mabel as the "Queen of Hearts".


Early life

According to her, she was beautiful when she was younger. However she "married the wrong man who never loved her and took too long to die". Mabel had a son with said man, August, who grew up to become a doctor and with whom she had a mediocre relationship through all her life.[1]

Growing old, she became obsessed with her beauty slowly fading and developed a respiratory illness. In 2003, after her son fished out Beth Kane and the severed head of her mother from Gotham river, she started to ask him to transplant her the woman's face so she could regain her beauty.[1]

Moving in with her son

August welcomes his mother in his home

August welcomes his mother in his home.

Sometime after 2004, after her health worsened to the point Mabel became bonded to an oxygen tank and couldn't live on her own anymore, Mabel was forced to move in with her son. After coming to his home she immediately scolded him for smoking his pipe while she had an oxygen tank and complimenting him for "fixing" Johnny's face, prior to demanding when he intended to fix hers, causing him to reply he was working on it.[1]

Mabel tortures Alice

Mabel tortures Alice.

She then began demand more and more things from her son, grandson, and especially his newly "adopted" daughter, Beth Kane aka "Alice" whose psyche had slowly broken due to her imprisonment by August, being forced to make skin masks, and being heartbroken over family's "abandonment." As Beth was a young girl who was blossoming into a beautiful woman, this attracted Mabel's hatred. Mabel began to treat the girl like a servant, savagely beating her when her tea was too sweet, pouring it on her hands when it was too hot, cutting out her hair, violently attacking her when she didn't get what she wanted to eat and making her address her as "your majesty".[1]


Mabel Cartwright is burnt to death

Mabel's death.

In 2013, after years of tortures and abuse from her, one day, Mabel put on a pair of earrings and asked Beth for her opinion. Alice, recognizing the earrings as her mother Gabi's, asked where she got them which Mabel smugly said they were a gift from her son. After finding Gabi's severed head in a locked fridge in August's cabin, Beth burned Mabel alive using her oxygen tank as a makeshift flamethrower as revenge for what she planned to do with her mother and putting her through so much abuse.[1]


Alice hallucinates of Mabel

Alice hallucinates of Mabel.

Mabel would be remembered as Beth's first kill which completely broke her sanity and led her to her to become the psychotic, murderous criminal "Alice", Alice is still haunted by the trauma she went through from Mabel's abuse. She appeared as a hallucination after Alice was subjected to a dose of fear toxin.[1]

After Alice was betrayed by her sister Kate, and locked up in Arkham Asylum, she began plotting her revenge and vowing to take Mabel's place as the "Queen of Hearts".[2]


"His mother sounded like a "treat"."
Jacob Kane on Mabel[src]

Mabel had a mediocre relationship with her son and grandson. She was truly horrific and cruel to Beth Kane, she abused her to the point that Mabel was the one individual she truly feared. Mabel was also very vain and shallow as she cared more about her own beauty and was obsessed with the idea of losing it by getting old. Her vanity led her to be obsessed with Gabi Kane because of her youth and beauty.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • Beth Kane referred to her as the "Queen of Hearts". This is a reference to the Alice in Wonderland character with that name.


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