MacGregor's Syndrome is a terminal disease.


MacGregor's syndrome is a genetic defect that creates fluid buildup in the lungs, which leads to oxygen deprivation and multi-system organ failure.[1] It was known to affect former drug addicts.[2]


William Tockman, a former bank robber, suffered from MacGregor's Syndrome. However, rather than using the money he stole, he gave it to his sister. His plans were eventually stopped by Felicity Smoak and Team Arrow.[1]

Francine West was also diagnosed with the disease due to her past history of drug abuse, being given until the end of 2015, at most, to live. Due to this, Francine sought to reconnect with her estranged daughter husband, Joe, and daughter, Iris.[2]

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Behind the scenes

  • The MacGregor's Syndrome first appeared in the 1992 cartoon Batman: The Animated Series as a disease contracted by the supervillain Mr. Freeze's wife that forced Freeze to put her in suspended animation. The disease was not however named until the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. Mr. Freeze was working on a cure for his wife Nora before the accident. Later in the film, Alfred Pennyworth is revealed to also be suffering from the early stages of the disease.
    • Unlike in The Flash, the MacGregor's Syndrome of the cartoon and the films is never said to be associated with past drug use.


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