Mackenzie is a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media.


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During a meeting when James Olsen asked for article pitches on National City's new fashion district in East City, Mackenzie confidently suggested a piece highlighting how National City was a place of cultural importance in the fashion industry with the opening of the new district. She added that her mother went to college with famous designer Adrian Tyler, which will allow her to conduct exclusive interviews. When no other reporters pitched an idea, James gave the story to Mackenzie.[1]

While anti-alien sentiment began sweeping through the United States, Mackenzie put strips of wood in her coworker Franklin's coffee cup as a prank since it was part of Dryads' diets. As everyone laughed, an upset Franklin pointed out he told Mackenzie that in confidence. Mackenzie tried to pass it off as a joke, but James firmly reprimanded her and everyone in the room, citing that CatCo has no room for bigotry and it is their job as journalists to combat ignorance. Upon hearing this, Mackenzie apologized to Franklin for her actions. She and her coworkers later watched Supergirl deliver a televised message to the people in the aftermath of President Olivia Marsdin's unmasking.[2]

After Ben Lockwood was revealed as Agent Liberty and arrested, Mackenzie handed James a piece on the subject, happily stating that Supergirl caught him. However, Mackenzie and James then saw the televised protests against CatCo's support of Lockwood's arrest, which worried them.[3]



Season 4


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