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"She's got the mind of a psychopath, so together, you two are gonna find and stop every freak who gets his hands on one of these weapons until each of the items on that list are found and accounted for."
Renee Montoya to Batwoman

"Mad As a Hatter" is the first episode of the third season of Batwoman, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It aired on October 13, 2021.



Mad Hatter's psyche control cap gets sold online to a fixated man with Alice, and who is dispatching a mission to get her out of jail. The man wears the cap and an outfit while recording a video blog in broad daylight, and winds up utilizing the psyche control capacities to make a man kill his companion. The wrongdoing grabs the eye of Renee Montoya, a GCPD specialist who starts to explore it, in spite of being directed to a work area work. Renee defies the civic chairman to request more financing to research the Batman prizes.

The Bat Team research the Mad Hatter copycat, which was made by displeased neuroscientist Jervis Tetch, and ultimately impaired by Batman. Ryan visits Alice in jail and gets some information about the copycat, and she proposes that he will attempt to set up a casual get-together, like the one she gave that killed Catherine. Frantic Hatter goes up against Mary at her graduation, mind controls her into giving a questionable, favorable to Alice discourse, and afterward arranges a show where Mary is compelled to gradually kill Dr. Corridor, the seat of her specialty who was answerable for Alice's mental assessment. The Bat Team concludes that the best way to persuade Mad Hatter to fix his brain control is to break Alice out of Arkham. Batwoman breaks Alice out, while Luke gets ready and uses the cell pinnacles to arrange a hear-able cure to the recurrence of the Mad Hatter cap. Batwoman assists Alice with understanding that she's been daydreaming the messages from Jacob, and he's not coming to save her, which causes her to consent to help.

Mad Hatter winds down the power, and Ryan appears with perfect timing to save Luke from his suit failing once more. Sophie assists Mary with fixing the brain control on herself, by utilizing a defibrillator to cause heart failure in Dr. Corridor, and afterward resurrect him. In the mean time, Alice stands up to Mad Hatter, who uncovers his feud towards specialists since they've called him insane. Mad Hatter then, at that point, utilizes the psyche control cap on Alice, however she kills him. A while later, Ryan has Alice returned to Arkham.

Afterward, Mary plays out her genuine discourse to Ryan, Luke, and Sophie. Ryan likewise concocts a superhuman name for Luke — Batwing. Luke finds that the suit has AI from Lucius. Kate sends Mary a weaved specialist's jacket.

Ryan dismisses inquiries from Mary about her introduction to the world mother, something that Alice faces her with regards to when she visits her in jail. Ryan educates Sophie regarding the likelihood that her family is alive, and Sophie offers to examine. She finds that the specialist on Ryan's introduction to the world testament and her mother's demise authentication was a fake, and that her genuine mother paid $2 million to conceal her introduction to the world. Sophie gives Ryan the archives that can uncover the name of her introduction to the world mother, however Ryan chooses not to open it.

Jada Jet shows up in Gotham, and discovers that Sophie researched her.



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  • Ryan jokingly suggested calling Luke's superhero persona "Dork Knight", an insult typically spoken by either the Joker or Harley Quinn to Batman.
  • This is the first episode of Batwoman to feature Victoria Cartagena (Renee Montoya) and Robin Givens (Jada Jet) as series regulars.
  • Renee Montoya mentions Jim Gordon in this episode, marking the first time he has been alluded to in the Arrowverse.
    • While Montoya never explicitly referred to Gordon as the city's former police commissioner as he is in the comics, she did imply that he was in a state of power, by explaining that she didn't want her city to become "Jim Gordon's Gotham" all over again.
    • This could also be in reference to the fact that Victoria Cartagena previously portrayed Renee Montoya on Gotham, where Jim Gordon was the main protagonist.


  • Ryan is revealed to have been born on May 30, 1995. However, "Fair Skin, Blue Eyes" mentioned she was 12 when she was kidnapped in 2003, so she should have been born in 1991.
    • In the synopsis of "Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?", Ryan’s age is listed as 25, implying the events of that episode took place after her birthday in May, which fits with the Season 1 finale. However, other Season 2 episodes such as "Prior Criminal History" and "Do Not Resuscitate" retconned a lot of Batwoman’s timeline regarding the events of Season 1 since the fandom regards the original airdate for "O, Mouse!", May 17, 2020, as the date of Jonathan Cartwright’s death. Furthermore, no specific date was stated in the episode.