Madison Danforth (born c. 1995)[1] is the daughter of Jessica Danforth and a close family friend of Oliver and Thea Queen.


Early life

Madison was born to Jessica Danforth. Her father's identity is unknown. Through her mother's friendship with Moira Queen, Madison became good friends with Oliver Queen and his half-sister Thea.[1]


Madison and her mother had brunch with Oliver and Thea in Thea's loft after not seeing them in years. When Oliver asked her about college, Madison explained things were good and that she would be graduating in May with a degree in ancient philosophy. Thea teasingly wondered what happened to her dream of being J.T.'s back-up dancer, to which Madison joked that this remained her "Plan B". When Jessica revealed that she was going to run for mayor of Star City, Madison wasn't enthusiastic and emphatically stated this to be "crazy" due to the fact that the last three mayors, as well as Moira, a previous mayoral candidate, were all killed. However, Jessica insisted on running to inspire the people so Madison agreed to support her.

After her mother was attacked during her mayoral announcement, Madison was placed under police protection. That evening, she returned to college and was studying at the library when Lonnie Machin attacked and kidnapped her after killing all the officers guarding her. Madison was held captive in a warehouse at Heavy Heavy 4th and Pierce.

Later that night, Machin returned to the warehouse after his meeting with H.I.V.E. didn't end well. A terrified Madison pleaded with Machin to let her go, which he seemingly agreed to. After untying her though, Machin began to break Madison's pinky, intending to torture her. Just then, Team Arrow arrived and stopped him. Madison was taken to safety by Black Canary and Spartan.

After a brief medical check-up, Madison reunited with her mother at the Star City Police Department. Oliver arrived and inquired as to her well-being, to which she quipped, "A few bumps and bruises, probably the world's worst case of insomnia". Madison then left with her mother after Jessica decided to drop out of the mayoral election.[1]



Season 4


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