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"I can't believe you would not help."
"Not if it means losing who we are in the process, because then we're no better than she is. I know that you are still processing the fact that you can use magic, and I know that I have been pushing you out of your comfort zone. But that's only because I believe in you, and... I'm... I'm terrified. She makes me feel powerless. Nxyly's magic is unlike anything I've ever faced. I feel like I don't know how to beat her, and if she gets all seven totems, I won't be able to. You can do something I can't. I need your help, Lena.
Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers

"Magical Thinking" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twentieth episode overall. It aired on October 5, 2021.



It's down night at Kara's with everybody playing Jenga while trusting that Kara will show up. She's been battling since losing the symbol to Nyxly. Lena proposes that she could have something supportive in her mom's book of spells and Nia tells her that it sounds a great deal like wizardry and her fantasy powers are comparative. Kara then, at that point, tells Lena that William will be implanted with the Super Friends. Kelly likewise tells the group that she has an arrangement to mind one of the cultivate children and Kara begins snickering wildly in light of the fact that Nyxly is cheerful. Turns out there's one more emblem in National City.

Kelly monitors Esme with her new non-permanent family and it's working out positively. Esme makes her an extraordinary arm band.

J'onn carries William to the Tower and begins to show him around. They let him know the guidelines: don't uncover the Tower area, don't uncover personalities or attempt to think that they are out, shown stories to them prior to recording them. Nyxly's boat then, at that point, appears over the city. Ends up, the emblem is ridiculously simple to get. Nyxly takes it from a contender at a match and claims it, yet when Supergirl appears, Nyxly spreads a type of energy making everybody begin battling. It's turned individuals corrupted.

The emblem is Humanity and Nyxly enacting it has affected two or three hundred, making them joyous to hurt one another and cause anarchy. Lena believes she's discovered a spell in her mom's book that will allow them to follow her. William requests to talk with Supergirl. He needs to tell the public going on, report the circumstance with Nyxly. Supergirl needs him not to in light of the fact that Nyxly doesn't realize that they have enchantment on their side, as well. She then, at that point, takes off, hearing somebody shouting out for help. Notwithstanding, Andrea is forcing William to uncover all at this point. She's even hacked his PC. She advises him to return with what she needs or not under any condition.

Lena and Nia work on Lena's enchantment, explicitly attempting to get the spell to work yet it appears to have blown up as Nia currently doesn't have a clue about her headings. Supergirl is out of nowhere overpowered with one more of Nyxly's sentiments, empathy. On Mitch's boat, Nyxly out of nowhere appears to have a huge load of empathy for Mitch. She is energized, believing that things might be extremely accommodating forward. They obtain some much needed education concerning where the following emblem is, and it's in the Netherlands. William visits Lena and she discloses how she's attempting to manage her mom's spellbook. He looks at it to a family formula book, yet Lena clarifies that even with following the headings she actually broke Dreamer. William informs her an account regarding his own life and how he understood that he was by and large too specialized when he attempted to reproduce his dad's plans and that when he began to trust himself, that is when things started to work. Lena sorts out she needs a particular element briefly that is at the professional flowerbed. Supergirl needs to take her there and William says he'll go, as well.

In National City, things keep on going crazy. Esme is stressed over it, yet her temporary mother tells her not to stress. As they are strolling to their home, however, they're assaulted by a man who can pass up blowing fire back at him. It shocks her just as her temporary mother.

At the professional flowerbed, Lena gets what she needs while William and Supergirl watch her and different honest people. In The Netherlands, Nyxly goes for the following symbol. Lena's spell kicks in similarly as Nyxly goes to kill the watchman, compelling Nyxly to out of nowhere not have the option to kill him yet additionally causing a lady affected by the degeneracy in National City to deteriorate. Ends up, the spell intensifies the strength instead of fills in as a reference point. Nyxly begins to understand that the Humanity Totem itself is the test and she has the entirety of the sympathy and compassion of individuals in the impact range. Mitch proposes that there must be a way of getting the Hope Totem without harming anybody so they can continue to go ahead. Supergirl is additionally feeling those sentiments so she's currently mindful of the Humanity Totem's uncommon gauntlet. Supergirl believes that in the event that they overpower Nyxly by utilizing Lena's spell once more, it would end everything except Lena will not do it as she considers releasing to be a lot of corruption as off-base.

Lena tells Supergirl that Nyxly helps her to remember Lex and that Supergirl will overcome her, as well. Lena won't cause torment with her wizardry or misleading so Supergirl's arrangement simply isn't it, yet she comes around to it. Lena will enhance the symbol's force and William will expound on it with full straightforwardness. Lena begins her spell and things certainly deteriorate in National City, yet the Super Friends work around the city to protect individuals. Nyxly settles the score more overpowered and attempts to focus on getting the following emblem yet battles as she minds excessively and goes to National City to give individuals back their Humanity. At Esme's home, her non-permanent mother keeps her locked out and demands that she secure the family with her fire breathing in spite of the young lady not getting it. Luckily, Guardian and Sentinel make an appearance to save her.

Nyxly gets back to National City and deliveries everybody's humankind. Individuals are reestablished to typical, yet Nyxly loses the symbol. Supergirl recovers the emblem and Nyxly has Mitch fly the boat out of there instead of manage her. With enough particles passed on to follow one emblem, the Super Friends choose to follow the Dream Totem as Dreamer could possibly assist with that. At CatCo, Andrea is satisfied with William's article however needs him to uncover individual data just as the area of the Tower. William says no and that he will compose the tales his way and in the event that she doesn't care for it, he can offer them to The Daily Planet.

Kelly goes to see Esme who is being moved from the encourage home. The family doesn't want her since they realize she has powers. Esme doesn't figure she will at any point have a genuine home. Kelly and Alex take a gander at one another purposely prior to grasping Esme's hand. In space, Mitch and Nyxly recover and plan their best course of action.



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  • When Supergirl and William talk about Nyxly and the totems, Supergirl says "Just another Tuesday in National City," a meta-reference to how Supergirl airs on Tuesdays.
  • The Humanity Totem has the test of showing Nyxly all the pain and cruelty in the world; she reflects that she could fix all of the problems if she didn't have the dampener cuff on.
  • William gets Andrea to back off and accept what little the Superfriends allow of their activities to be made public, though she has his desk moved next to the restroom as punishment.