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"Do we have a special name for these magical fugitives?"
"Well, I was thinking since they're mysteries involving mythical beings, we could go with 'Myth-teries'."
"'Fugitives' it is.
Zari Tomaz, Ray Palmer, and Sara Lance[src]

Magical fugitives are either mystical creatures or individuals who were deemed magical and dangerous enough, and were imprisoned in Mallus's realm.


Original multiverse

Constantine shows the Legends the consequences of releasing Mallus.

When Mallus was defeated, the Legends unintentionally released them from his realm when they released Mallus, spreading the creatures throughout history.[1] Five months later, the Legends came across a unicorn at 1969 Woodstock and with John Constantine's help, banished it to Hell,[2] then doing the same when they found a Fairy Godmother during the Salem witch trials.[3] Agents Gary Green and Nate Heywood also accidentally brought a Magic plant creature back to present times but managed to kill it.[4]

After tracking magical activity in 1970s London, the Legends came across shape-shifter Charlie. They captured her and were ready to send her to Hell but she convinced them not to do so, using her powers to shift into them and their friends, saying they were the monsters for condemning someone innocent to Hell, making them realize that not all fugitives were evil.[4] After helping them by giving information about a shtriga who was posing as a camp counselor and kidnapping children at a summer camp in 1995, Charlie officially joined the Legends to help provide them information to track fugitives.[5] She helped them stop a giant monster created by Brigid's diary in Tokyo.[6]

Meanwhile, the Time Bureau also had multiple teams deployed throughout history to capture magical fugitives, including Baba Yaga, the kaupe know as Konane and the chupacabra "Chupi"[6] and kept them locked up in their containment containment facilities, hiring Mona Wu to care for them. The Legends would also bring magical creatures to the Time Bureau's facilities after capturing them. They captured a minotaur in 1927 Paris after calming him down with music[7] and a dybbuk of Mike the Spike who was committing murders by possessing a doll in 1956 New Orleans[8] and imprisoned them at the Time Bureau.[9]

When Charlie and Constantine attempted to go back in time and save Constantine's boyfriend Desmond, they accidentally created alternate timelines were the various versions of the Legends were often ruthlessly killing magical creatures without second fought as they had never been changed by meeting Charlie. As the Custodians of the Chronology they fought and killed creatures and kept them as trophy's. They killed creatures such as the leprechaun named Red and a baby gryphons. It is unknown what happened to them in the original timeline. In one timeline Nate and Hank Heywood were killed by a gnome.[10]

The Legends captured an unknown Agent of Ma'at after it had found its way to President Nixon and made him compulsively truthful,[11] Sunjay who was a man using the magical ashes of the hindu God Kamadeva to spread lust-filled outbreaks in the early 1800s England,[12] and a mummy.[13] Meanwhile, Nate learnt that his father, Hank, had secretly been making plans to build a theme park, named Heyworld, with magical creatures and had secretly been training the creatures locked up at the Time Bureau.[12] He had even started building the park and Nate decided to continue his plans in his honor after his death.[14]

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New multiverse

After the events at Heyworld, the existence of magical creatures was proven and reported on Channel 52.[15]

Known fugitives


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