Malcolm Merlyn is the father of the late Tommy Merlyn and Thea Queen, and the husband of the late Moira Queen.


Malcolm had a son with a first wife named Tommy. During an unknown point, he married Moira Queen several years ago, combining their companies together as Queen-Merlyn Enterprises.

When the Oliver Queen of another Earth came to the Queen Mansion by impersonating his counterpart from Earth-2, he was alongside Moira and Tommy, ready to receive who they thought was the missing Oliver.

As a project, Malcolm wanted to use dwarf star alloys. His son Tommy stole them to plan the Undertaking. Thinking he was the responsible of a mass murder in Queen-Merlyn Enterprises, Oliver disguised as the Hood had him as a suspect due to his past experiences with Malcolm Merlyn in his Earth, but the real Dark Archer, Tommy Merlyn, appeared and fought Oliver.

When Oliver persuaded Tommy of desisting from the Undertaking and Tommy was sent to police custody, Moira and Malcolm came to the Starling City Police Department to visit him. Shortly after, an antimatter wave consumed Earth-2 with most of his inhabitants.

His status remains unknown after the multiverse's recreation.



Season 8


  • It's unknown if Malcolm is a trained assassin on Earth-2.
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