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Malcolm Teague is a student at Smallville High School and a member of the Smallville Crows.


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After winning the football game in Metropolis, Teague was with the other players who invited the Kent brothers to party with them. He witnessed when Jimmy Cutter teased Jordan, before Jordan accidentally hurt Jonathan.[1] After Morgan Edge was exposed as a criminal, the DOD occupied Smallville. Later at school, Teague, Sean Smith, Timmy Ryan and Corey Wellnitz try to get Jon to reveal what the DOD is still doing in Smallville, but to no avail.[2]

When Timmy's parents were away, he decided to throw a party with alcohol. So Teague, Timmy and Sean went to Sequoia to invite Jon Kent. At the party, they turned on the TV and saw that Morgan Edge was attacking Metropolis and later General Sam Lane arrived to pick up Jon and Jordan.[3] During Edge's last attacks on Smallville, Teague and the citizens tried to evacuate the town but eventually that ended when Superman and the Stranger defeated Edge.[4]


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Behind the scenes

  • Malcolm's last name is a possible reference to Jason Teague, a coach in Smallville High School, Lana Lang's love interest, and one of the main antagonists of the fourth season of Smallville.