Mallus's realm, also known as the Spirit World or the Dark dimension, is an extra-temporal dimensional prison which served as both the prison and the lair of Mallus, where he resided alongside a variety of magical creatures. It was opened by the Legends so they could kill Mallus, allowing the rest of its inhabitants to escape.


This prison exists beyond the astral plane, which separates the physical world from this realm. In order to the banished creatures to get free from their confines, there must be enough rift and destruction in the fabric of time to release them. This realm is also a place that humans send any magical creature they did not understand.


Banishment of magical creatures

At some point in the past, several magical creatures was banished to this realm, with some being banished by humans and other through unknown means. Charlie,[1] Fairy Godmother,[2] and dragons, alongside other creatures, were trapped in this realm.[3]

Banishment of Mallus

Centuries ago, the lost tribe of Zambesi that guarded the land of the dead with the Death Totem formed an alliance with Mallus, causing him to form a link with said totem, but he was soon imprisoned by the combined efforts of the bearers of other five Totems of Zambesi in this realm.[4]

Enter Legends

Following the Legends' time storm that disrupted history and created anachronisms all throughout the timeline, Mallus took advantage of the disruption to maintain the anachronisms and deteriorate time as well as his prison. To create more temporal disruption from beyond his cage, he resurrected people who he also deemed worthy of wielding the totems that imprisoned him to prevent them from being used to stop him again.

During a pitched battle between the Legends and the Darhks in the year 1000 A.D., Damien came rushing to his daughter's aid, using his time stone to transport them away. As they did so, Sara Lance grabbed on to Darhk and was transported suddenly to a dark, desolate place; the very dimension in which Mallus was imprisoned. Mallus called out to her from the darkness, never revealing his face or true form. Declaring his name when asked who he was, Mallus swore that he would soon be free and that the entire world would soon be subjected to unendurable pain. White Canary could only look on in stunned terror as a huge, black hand reached out towards her from out of nowhere as ghoulish laughter echoed all around before she was yanked back into her own world by Ava Sharpe through a portal hovering nearby.

Nora taunts Sara in Mallus's dimension.

After getting the Death Totem, Sara saw a version of herself after she died. The version of herself told her to take the totem as it would allow her to defeat Mallus and bring her sister back to life. Sara took the totem and became controlled by Mallus. Her appearance changed, giving her white hair and dark eyes, and she used a variety of mystical powers to attack the Legends. While her body was attacking the Legends, Sara's mind was in the Mallus's realm, in which she talked with Nora. Nora told her that Oliver killing her father made her become like this, and that they were alike as darkness had always been a part of both of them. Sara was reminded of her time with the League of Assassins where she killed a man begging for mercy in front of his daughter. Nora told Sara that she could not erase her path and that she should just embrace it, and that she was born to wield the death totem for Mallus. So Sara told Nora that a life without pain and regret was not for her and that she would not be a demon's lackey. She then freed herself from Mallus's influence.[5]

Broken seals

The Legends made a plan to stop Mallus, which involves freeing Mallus so that the Legends could defeat him. They successfully defeated Mallus, but freeing Mallus caused the magical creatures that were previously trapped in the realm to escape and split themselves through the timeline.[4]

Known residents

Former residents


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Spirit World is the ephemeral realm of the afterlife.


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