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Mama Chow's Fine Dining, simply known as Mama Chow's, is a chain of Chinese restaurants.


On the night of December 11, 2013, Eddie Thawne was supposed to meet Katie Rogers at Mama Chow's for a date, but she canceled due to an injury and he dined by himself. After dinner, Eddie saw a thief and arrested him, consequently meeting Iris West, whose bag was stolen by the man.[1]

Laurel with a bag of Mama Chow's take-out

Laurel with a bag of Mama Chow's take-out.

In March 2015, Laurel Lance brought a bag of takeout from Mama Chow's as a peace-offering to her father at work, hoping they could make up after she told him the truth about her sister Sara Lance's death.[2]

In May 2015, Eddie visited Iris at CCPN, bringing takeout from Mama Chow's while expressing that he was willing to give their relationship another try.[1]



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