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"Ben Franklin's fears have come to pass. The modern immigrant cannot assimilate, and it's not a question of desire, it's not a question of culture. It is a question of biology, and from that context... from that context, I should be proud if you were to call me a nativist."
Ben Lockwood's new rhetoric

"Man of Steel" is the third episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the sixty-eighth episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2018.



The DEO is in tumult — a Kryptonite identifier alert is going off and Alex and Brainy are attempting to reach Kara.

J'onn's attempting to move toward Agent of Liberty when Alex considers him to educate him that kryptonite has gone airborne in the air. J'onn races off to attempt to discover Kara. Brainy finds the area of Kara and transfers that data to J'onn, who spares her before she hits the ground. He returns her to the DEO.

They take Kara into the medical bay and start presenting her to yellow sun radiation, in order to reverse the impacts of kryptonite.

The scene goes flashback to two years back: an elderly Peter Lockwood is upset that the news continues demonstrating a persuasive discourse by Supergirl. Disturbing his family, including Ben, he goes to call all aliens as cockroaches.

Peter shows up at his work site to see his representatives revolting against two outsider associates. The elder Lockwood's son Ben takes a stab at quieting them down and in an attack of anxiety and one of the outsiders inadvertently shoots Peter's son. Alex and Kara before long show up to stop the mob. Ben awakens and is examined by Alex concerning the assault.

At some point later, Ben Lockwood finds Lena Luthor to discuss potential business openings. Lena terminates him as a result of his father's preservationist views.

Almost a year later, Lockwood gives a talk about advancement to his school class.

Ben shows up at his family home to discover his father was denied a credit that'd spare the privately-owned company. Ben's sibling George calls the outsiders bugs and accuses the family's disasters on outsiders. Similarly as the family begins discussing, Rhea's TV discourse from keep going season goes ahead the TV. The family consents to empty their home and as they're leaving, J'onn collides with the home while battling a Daxamite.

J'onn's ready to stop the Daxamite and take them away, but the Lockwood family house lights on fire.

Ben Lockwood goes to talk with James Olsen and why the paper doesn't enough cover the aftermath from outsider assaults. Lockwood is baffled that casualty stories generally get pushed to the back and James cut their discussion off in light of the fact that Lena is calling.

Lockwood is addressing his class on nativism. Lockwood starts getting steamed and begins addressing how American citizens should contend with outsiders who can fly.

Without a vocation, Lockwood goes to the lanes to pass out enemy of outsider handouts. Lockwood can't arrive at his father, so he goes to the production line to discover his father caught underneath a shaft. Lockwood's father uncovered he deliberately went to the industrial facility during the assault with the goal that he'd get squashed. Lockwood's dad dies.

At his dad's memorial service, Lockwood helps the group to remember a "Never surrender" quote by Winston Churchill. Ben sees that Lena is in participation and he pulls her aside after the administration is finished. Ben is disturbed that L-Corp has developed picture actuating innovation and he reveals to Lena that outsiders aren't individuals.

The flashback goes ahead ten additional months and Lockwood is conversing with an enemy of outsider gathering in the city. Lockwood sees the senior member of NCU getting espresso and he moves toward her. The two visit and she uncovers that her and her significant other have lost their home and have fallen on harsh occasions. Lockwood welcomes her to his "bolster gathering" of against outsider individuals.

Strolling down the road, Lockwood is drawn nearer by a limo with Mercy Graves. Lockwood enters the limo and Mercy discloses that they have to cooperate. She gives him body protective layer so he and his group can do better assaults.

Mercy specifies her arrangements of divulging the President as an outsider. She acquaints Lockwood with her driver, who happens to be Otis Graves. Mercy at that point shows Ben a picture of Iona and requests him to slaughter her.

The course of events advances to present day and Brainy tells the remainder of the group that the yellow sun radiation isn't working. Alex brings in Lena, who brings some L-Corp innovation which she uncovers they'll have to put Supergirl into until they detox the air.

Back at the safehouse of Lockwood and the Graves, Agent Jensen tells the gathering he can get them into the DEO.



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