"You humans all think you can be heroes. It's so annoying."

Mandrax is an alien criminal who was a prisoner of Fort Rozz before it crashed on Earth. He then escaped and soon headed an art trafficking business, stealing and selling priceless art. He was eventually stopped and captured by Guardian and the D.E.O..


Imprisonment aboard Fort Rozz

Mandrax was imprisoned on Fort Rozz for unspecified crimes.[1]

Life on Earth

When Fort Rozz crashed to Earth, Mandrax escaped with all of the other inmates. After he escaped, he became the head of an alien gang which stole and fenced human artwork. He managed to get Lyra Strayd to steal artwork for him by holding her brother Bastian as leverage. When Lyra brought her boyfriend Winn to an exchange of a van Gogh painting, he took the painting and then angrily tore it up when he saw that it was a fake. Guardian then appeared and tried to take Mandrax down, but he brushed off his attacks. However, the D.E.O. arrived and Mandrax was forced to surrender and was arrested.[1]



Season 2

Season 3


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