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"You're not okay, John. You damned a girl to hell and along with her, your soul. Now, I can't change your fate, but I can ease your suffering."
—Manny to John Constantine[src]

Manny is an angel and seemingly an ally of John Constantine. After he was told to watch over John, he proceeded to begin helping him stop the Rising Darkness. Unfortunately for the former, Manny is the mastermind behind the Rising Darkness and the leader of the Brujeria.


Early life[]

Several thousand years ago a mighty sorcerer amassed dangerously great power and called himself a god. It caused plagues, the crops withered, and the children began to die. Eventually, the local community turned to God for help, who heeded the prayers and sent a heavenly being - Manny. The sorcerer was annihilated and his power turned into a pure mass - a black diamond radiating evil. The angel's fire sword shattered the artifact so that no one else could wield it. Soon after, a flood appeared on the earth, scattering black diamond fragments all over the world.[1]

At some point later, he started leading the Brujería.[2]

Watching over John Constantine[]

John Constantine first time meet Manny

John Constantine meets Manny for the first time.

Manny appeared to John Constantine in a crater created by a demon who attacked Liv Aberdine in Atlanta. He revealed to him that he had been tasked with looking after him, but the exorcist bitterly refused to cooperate, stating that he was best working alone. The angel, however, revealed that something worse was coming than the demon he was following - something that would panic people, flying away after a while and leaving the man unanswered. A little later, Manny reappeared at the gates of Ivy University, where he tried to persuade John to cooperate, thanks to which they would save many lives. Constantine, however, felt sorry for himself, asking why she should risk her life when his soul had already been damned. Manny bitterly replied that he should use his final days, then disappeared. After John got rid of the demon and Liv left town, Manny met Constantine at a bar. There he learned that the exorcist had decided to help him fight evil.[3]

Manny showed up at a hospital during Marcus Mooney's death. He stopped time, ordered John to be silent and sent the soul of the deceased to Heaven. Sometime later, Manny took the form of a garbage collector who met Constantine tied to a fence by Papa Midnite and bleeding out. The angel could not help the exorcist, but tried to cheer him up, which upset him. Decided that he had everything under control, then flew away.[4]

John spends the last moments with Gary

John spends the last moments with Gary

While John was spending time with Zed Martin in a park, Manny stopped time and showed up wanting to talk to Constantin about the recruit. He wanted to know if the girl was aware of the threat she was facing and if she could handle it all. He disappeared shortly after, and reappeared in the evening when John was breaking into a museum with Gary Lester. He asked if the man really wanted to do this, knowing how Lester would end up with it all. In line with his fears, the exorcist placed a hunger demon in his body, which was slowly killing him. As Constantine watched his friend writhing in pain in the hideout, Manny appeared without stopping time and knelt in front of the bed, staring at the dying man.[5]

As John investigated further supernatural cases in Birmingham, Manny showed up and mentioned once again that the forces of darkness were growing in power and would be even more difficult to overcome. John tried to force him to say what had happened in the house, but he could not do so, explaining that after giving free will to humans, angels were forbidden to interfere in events. The exorcist investigated the matter further, discovering that the girl who survived the attack was controlled by an entity inhabiting her body. Soon after, Constantine was arrested and his cellmate turned into Manny. The angel once again tried to explain to the exorcist that he could not help in anything, which resulted in a quarrel between the two. As soon as John turned, Manny left.[6]

While John was investigating the case at Briarwood regarding a preacher healed by touch, at one point he decided to call Manny because he heard the man speaking Enochian. Knowing about the danger, he gave John a little hint, bending the rules of the Most High, then disappeared. Thus, the exorcist with the help of the confused Zed, using echolocation, tracked down Imogen - the angel whose feather was torn out by Zachary, which caused her to fall to the ground. They took her to a safe place, where Manny appeared after a while. It turned out that if the angel did not get her feather back, her soul would expire and she would cease to exist. So they decided to get them back after putting a protective spell around the shed. In the absence of mortals, Manny questioned the angels what it was like to feel pain. Thus, in a conversation with her, he noticed that she was offending God. Knowing that the angels were short of time, John and Zed came up with a plan to try to support the preacher's compassion so that during a mass baptism in the lake, the woman was able to retrieve the feather. After they retrieved them, Constantine sent Martin to return the feather to the owner, and soon he ran over. On the spot, however, it turned out that Imogen was in fact a Fallen Angel and she tried to escape, but the previously created protective spell prevented her from leaving the shed. As it turned out, she herself put a feather in the preacher's hand in order to be in the human dimension and then be able to live in it. Knowing there was no way out, she grabbed Zed and was ready to kill her if John didn't pull the spell. The exorcist knew he could not stand up to its power and pleaded with Manny for help, who could not interfere with the events. The Angel, however, could not allow this to happen, and took over Martin's body, tearing out Imogen's heart, killing her. Soon after at the mill, Manny admitted to John that he was facing the consequences of his actions, but he knows that he did the right thing.[7]

When the wounded John was attacked by Invunche, he summoned Pazuzu to his body and possessed him. In return, he was cured and the beast flew away. After a while, Manny appeared at the exorcist, who was furious that he did not ask for help, but let the demon take over his body. He admitted it wasn't like he couldn't help him - he just wouldn't do it now, then left. Pazuzu began to wield more and more of John's body, which brought him to a prison in Mexico City. While he was talking to the prison trader, Manny took over his body to talk to Constantin once more. The man honestly admitted that he was afraid to die and was not ready for it yet, and that he had a purpose on Earth. Immediately after these words, the angel turned and left.[8]

Zed Martin first time see real Manny

Zed Martin first time see real Manny.

When John was resting at Jasper Winters's millhouse, talking to Gary Lester's reflection in a magic mirror, Manny suddenly appeared, trying to get the exorcist to work. He only succeeded when he mentioned an old friend, Ritchie Simpson, who might be in trouble. Soon after, when the men were about to move into Jacob Shaw's world to save Lily, Manny watched the actions of the heroes.[9]

John and Manny in St

John and Manny in St. Catherine's Hospital.

While Constantine was with his friends at the mill, Manny took over Chas Chandler's body and expressed his anger towards his ally for sitting idle. He thought the map was out of order and burned it, then told about a patient who was rushed to St. Catherine's Hospital, who was suspected of having an overdose. Following the angel's advice, the team drove to the local hospital. There, Zed found out that she had a tumor in her temporal lobe that could cause her visions. Upset, Constantine did not intend to stand idle and as soon as Manny took over the body of Dr. Carroll, he ordered the angel to help the woman, but he tried to get out, explaining that he could not interfere with her fate. Therefore, the exorcist stunned the angel with air from Hades, and then cast a spell on him to "lock" him in the human body. As a result, Manny lost access to his angelic abilities and was forced to help John, who, following the flashing light, found another victim in the hospital - Duncan Hall. The man's body was torn open and his heart glowed purple. It was then that John and Manny began to put the facts together, concluding that there was a powerful artifact called a Black diamond involved in it all. Consequently, Constantine decided to return to the mill, and Manny would use the human body to search the patient files to discover what the two victims had in common. The exorcist found a piece of artifact in Jasper's hideout, which he checked on Chas, while Manny was seduced by a nurse, helping him achieve his goal. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. Thus, they again found out that the killer can only get rid of those who did not take advantage of the second chance. So they suspected Morris, who had a colorful past. John decided to check it out alone and sent Manny over to Zed.[1]

Manny brings peace to Thomas Galen

Manny brings peace to Thomas Galen.

The man interrupted the patient's conversation with Dr. Galen, who tried to convince the woman to undergo the procedure, telling about his past and the second chance he had been given. After he left, Zed turned to Dr. Carroll, asking who he was. For she knew that she was hiding something thanks to her ability. Manny introduced himself and tried to reassure the woman, avoiding questions about where her gift came from. When John awoke after meeting the killer, he summoned Manny, with whom they discovered Dr. Thomas Galen as the alleged killer. They ran to Zed, fearing for her life, where they made many accusations against the doctor. He denied it, but then started to run away. The team followed him, where it was Zed who understood her visions. To make these come true, John decided to free Manny from the doctor's body, and then tried to fight the monster. Unfortunately to no avail, so for the first time he put all his hopes on Manny, awaiting his arrival. According to Zed's visions, a heavenly light appeared, to which Galen began to follow, taking him with him, and the very shard that was in his body merged with the shard of Jasper's diamond. After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. Soon after that, Manny also appeared, whom the woman saw with her own eyes. She was happy to be able to talk to the angel, so Constantine decided to leave them alone.[1]

As John Constantine's team watched the kidnapping of the girls in New Orleans, Manny sensed Zed's emotions and took the body of the mother of one of the victims he wanted to talk to. It turned out that the woman was not sure if she should tell Jim Corrigan about her vision of him dead. The angel saw the inner dilemma of the woman, so the latter admitted that she is so much easier than angelic beings that she has a choice and no rules. Sometime later, after getting rid of the criminal, Manny appeared to John who told him that day after day he was facing evil, but today was a real hell for him. He did not fight a demon, a monster from the abyss, but a man - extremely dangerous. At the same time, he assured the angel that he would not run away from the battlefield after all, because he only played when he was sure he would win. After these words, the angel went to Papa Midnite, who was taken to the police station. Manny stopped time and as soon as the man emerged from the police car he unstuck him telepathically. Papa couldn't understand who he was dealing with, so the angel introduced himself as the being the Brujería serves. At the same time, he canceled the contract related to John Constantine, and therefore he became inviolable. Immediately after that, Manny spread his wings and flew away, leaving the terrified Papa in the street.[2]


Manny, at first, seems to be a kind angel who can't help Constantine fight due to divine intervention. This is shown to be false, with him being the head of the Rising Darkness. He is rather smart, fooling everyone around him of his kindness, and is even able to do good things to show people he is kind. He is also rather mean to John, constantly annoying him at times and not being there to help him. Eventually, it is revealed that he is deceptive and cunning as he was secretly the enemy of Constantine.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Angelic physiology: Being an angel, Manny harnesses a number of divine powers.[3]
    • Immortality: Manny possesses an infinite life span, as he can never die, never age, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage.[3]
    • Pyrokinesis: Manny was able to set John's scrye map on fire with his mind.[1]
    • Reality warping:
      Manny stops the rain

      Manny stops the rain.

      Manny can appear to completely change features of reality, including making it as if it has stopped raining.[3]
    • Supernatural strength: Manny, like all angels, possesses strength which is well above that of an any human. He is apparently stronger than some Angels as he easily defeated and killed the fallen angel, Imogen, by effortlessly removing her heart from her chest.
    • Telekinesis: Manny was able to remotely unlock handcuffs.[2]
    • Teleportation: Manny is able to transport from place to place, seemingly in no time at all.[3]
    • Time manipulation: Manny can stop time and allow whoever he chooses to remain unaffected. He utilizes the ability to talk anyone he wishes without taking time out of their day.[3][4]
    • Vitakinesis: According to John Constantine, Manny has the ability to heal human beings from any injury. John begged Manny to use this ability to heal Zed when the latter was diagnosed with a tumor.
    • Wing manifestation: Manny is able to use his wings to take flight in to the sky.[3]


  • Air from Hades: Even a brief time of exposure to air of Hades will render Manny unconscious.[1]
  • Disconnection from Heaven: Despite Manny's enormous power, he cannot stay on Earth for very long, as his angelic powers begin to weaken and will eventually lose them if he stays long enough.[1]




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