Manny is an angel and seemingly an ally of John Constantine. After he was told to watch over John, he proceeded to begin helping him stop the Rising Darkness. Unfortunately for the former, Manny is the mastermind behind the Rising Darkness and the leader of the Brujeria.


Watching over John Constantine

Manny approached John Constantine while the latter investigated a sinkhole in Atlanta. He told John he shouldn't be there and said he was told to watch over him. John bitterly rejected this offer. Manny warned him that a larger threat is on the way, causing mass panic, and the demon who caused the sinkhole is only part of it. (The threat later comes to be known as "The Rising Darkness.") Hearing police sirens, he flew away, leaving John with no answer to his question: "What's on the way?!".

He later appeared to John again outside the gate to Ritchie Simpson's office, taking over the body of a security guard. John complained of his time pressures, so Manny stopped time (and the rain) for him. John told him that a demon of the inner circle was hunting Liv Aberdine. Manny confided that he wants John to keep finding out information for him, claiming that he would use the information to save lives. John bitterly questioned why he should risk his life for an angel's cause when he is damned to hell. Manny pointed out Constantine's faults, arguing that he should risk his last days because he is damned to hell "for the moment, anyway." Manny then made time resume and disappeared, leaving John with an important question unanswered, again.

After John banished Furcifer and Liv left for California, Manny possessed a barkeep to talk to John. He questioned John's decision to purposely scare off Liv, arguing that her powers were needed. John then confirmed that he is, after all, going to help fight off the vague threat that's on the way. This seemed to please Manny. John passively accused him of conning him into accepting the job, but Manny was silent in response.[1]

Manny appeared at the bedside of a dying man, who himself could see Manny just before his death. Manny stopped time, only allowing John to witness him silently bless the man before apparently taking his soul to heaven. Manny later took over the body of a homeless man to chide John for entertaining the idea of acquiring the Acetate for his own benefit, and to hint at how he must get rid of it. He refused to save John from bleeding out, saying that he can't do it on principle and that John doesn't need him for that.[2] In the events following, Manny was able to guide Constantine during his problem with a child possessed by a demon. When the angel Immogen fell, he aided her, though Immogen attempted to corrupt him, her true identity is revealed as being a demonic angel, leading Manny to tear out her heart. Later, he burnt the map Constantine uses to track enemies, much to his fury. Still mad, Constatine trapped Manny's body inside a doctor's one. As the doctor, one of the doctors lovers proceeded to flirt with Manny, much to his later guilt. Constantine eventually released his soul to save their life.

As time went on, Manny felt sorry for Zed and finally decided to help her in understanding her powers. Later he freed Papa Midnite and explained that all along, he was the true reason for the rising darkness, before flying away. It is unknown where he is currently.


Manny, at first, seems to be a kindly angel who can't help Constantine fight due to divine intervention. This is shown to be false, with him being the head of the rising darkness. He is rather smart, fooling everyone around him of his kindness, and is even able to do good things to show people he is kind. He is also rather mean to John, constantly annoying him at times and not being there to help him. Eventually, it is revealed that he is deceptive and cunning as he was secretly the enemy of Constantine.

Powers and abilities


  • Angelic physiology: Being an angel, Manny harnesses a number of divine powers.
    • Reality warping: Manny can appear to completely change features of reality, including making it as if it has stopped raining.[1]
    • Immortality: Manny possesses an infinite life span, as he can never die, never age, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage.
    • Possession: While he is on Earth, Manny can possess human bodies and use them as hosts and manifest his supernatural powers through them.
    • Teleportation: Manny is able to transport from place to place, seemingly in no time at all.[1]
    • Time manipulation: Manny can stop time and allow whoever he chooses to remain unaffected. He utilizes the ability to talk anyone he wishes without taking time out of their day.[1][2]
    • Wing manifestation: Manny is able to use his wings to take flight in to the sky.[3]
    • Supernatural strength: Manny, like all angels, possesses strength which is well above that of an any human. He is apparently stronger than some Angels as he easily defeated and killed the fallen angel, Imogen, by effortlessly removing her heart from her chest.
    • Vitakinesis: According to John Constantine, Manny has the ability to heal human beings from any injury. John begged Manny to use this ability to heal Zed when the latter was diagnosed with a tumor.
    • Pyrokinesis: Manny was able to ignite John's squire map on fire with his mind.
    • Soul transferral: Manny possesses the ability of sending souls to Heaven
    • Telekinesis: Manny unlocks handcuffs remotely.
    • Interdimensional travel: Manny is able to travel from Heaven to Earth immediately.


  • Air from Hades: Even a brief time of exposure to air of Hades will render Manny unconscious.
  • Disconnection from Heaven: Despite Manny's enormous power, he cannot stay on Earth for very long, as his angelic powers begin to weaken and will eventually lose them if he stays long enough.




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