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The Many Arms of Death are an organization of assassins from Coryana led by Safiyah Sohail.


At some point, Safiyah sent the Many Arms of Death to attack one of Catherine Hamilton's yachts to teach her a lesson. There, they found Alice and took her to Coryana. She joined the Many Arms of Death and met another member, Ocean. They tried to steal a Desert Rose but were discovered by Tatiana and taken to Safiyah, so she erased their memories using Enigma. Then they left the island.[1]

In 2019, Safiyah sent the Rifle to Gotham to retrieve a weapon capable of penetrating the Batsuit from Alice, but he failed.[2]

In 2020, Safiyah ordered Tatiana to kidnap Alice in Gotham and take her to Coryana after she revealed the secret of the Desert Rose to the world.[3] In Coryana, she told Alice to kill Ocean if she wanted to see her sister again. Then she sent her back to Gotham.[2]

Safiyah later sent Pike to Gotham to kill Garrett Hall. Then she sent Rapier and some unnamed operatives to kill Ocean, but they were killed by him and Alice.[4] Alice then called Safiyah and said that Ocean was dead,[5] so she sent Tatiana to fetch the body.[1]

Two members of the guild attacked Sophie and Jacob Kane taking them to Coryana. Offended that there was a tracking device planted on Alice's boot by Ryan Wilder, Safiyah sent an assassin named Dire-Flail to kill Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton. Both of them struggled to stand their ground against Dire-Flail who was then killed by Julia Pennyworth.[6]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, The Many Arms of Death is a criminal organization based in Coryana. As a play on being called "Arms" of Death, the group's field operatives used weapon-based codenames, as they do on the show.