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"Oliver died for more than this Earth's survival. Oliver laid down his life so the people he loved could live theirs. That includes you. Life's a marathon, not a sprint, Barry. Slow down and enjoy it."
John Diggle to Barry Allen

"Marathon" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2020.



Iris meets a man, Gene Huskk, who had recently worked at McCulloch Technologies for a considerable length of time, only for a shady organization to infiltrate the company and steal a prototype gun.. Iris requests him to go on the record secretly, and he concurs. He at that point discloses to her that the organization is called Black Hole. As he's disclosing to Iris this, a professional killer murders somebody with the model weapon, and gets her next objective - Iris.

Barry shows up home with Diggle close by. Diggle tells Barry and Iris that as a feature of Oliver's will and testament, Barry gets the mask that he previously gave Oliver years prior. Barry examines it and discovers a peculiar smear imprint, and questions if it's a mystery message from Oliver. He enrolls a hesitant Diggle in helping make sense of what it could be. Barry discovers dregs on the mask which coordinate Mirakuru and Lian Yu's dirt. Barry recommends that Oliver needs him to locate the remaining Mirakuru before it falls into the wrong hands.

They travel to Lian Yu and discover no Mirakuru, which Barry gets annoyed about, imagining that he's bombing Oliver. Diggle proposes that the dregs was from Oliver carrying his suit to battle Slade Wilson years back, and that there isn't a crucial arrangement with, and that Barry ought to appreciate the new world that Oliver kicked the bucket for.

Iris and the remainder of the staff at the Citizen think of a course of events for Black Hole's association. Cecile, who is currently the paper's lawful counselor, questions if it's the correct activity. Iris composes a proper gathering with McCulloch's CEO, Joseph Carver, yet doesn't anticipate that he will give an official remark. Iris meets with Carver, who has assumed control over the organization without Eva McCulloch, his significant other. Iris stands up to Carver about the firearm, and he takes her to a mystery part of the office. Carver contends that Gene was distrustful and made up bogus data about Black Hole. Iris chooses to run the story as is at any rate.

Iris distributes the article, and is quickly sued by McCulloch for slander. Cecile distinguishes that something isn't right - similarly as the professional killer discharges the firearm through the Citizen office. Iris chooses to find Gene and ensure he's sheltered, and tells the rest of the staff to escape. Iris discovers Gene, however he is quickly killed by the weapon. Iris snatches Gene's trusted USB drive and drives away.

Iris goes to Star Labs and makes sense of who the professional killer is - Kimiyo Hoshi, another rendition of Dr. Light who disappeared years back. Joe goes up against Iris about looking into the story, and contends that overcoming Black Hole won't occur without any forethought. Kamila, Joe, and Frost choose to arrange a snare for Doctor Light, which winds up being a holographic projection. In the mean time, the real Iris goes up against Carver, and blames him for being the pioneer of Black Hole. Carver doesn't deny it, however blames Iris for not knowing the entire story. Iris reveals that she's set up a dead man's switch, which will distribute every last bit of her data in the event that anybody is killed. Dr. Light nearly kills Frost, yet is stopped by Carver before she can do it.

Cisco worries about the destiny of the post-"Crisis" Earth-Prime, and inquires to Killer Frost on the off chance that it was actually something worth being thankful for. He reveals that he's made a binder of the metahumans and criminals that despite everything exist on Earth-Prime.

Cisco later watches a holocube message from Harry, and reveals to Caitlin that he feels regretful about not having utilized his forces to help forestall Crisis. Caitlin recommends that he utilizes his abilities to help index the new post-"Crisis" dangers, regardless of whether that implies him leaving Central City. Cisco reveals to Nash that he's leaving to investigate Earth-Prime, and requests that he keep an eye on everything in his absence. Cisco tells Nash about his actual motives, and contends that he was narrow minded in how he treated Nash post-"Crisis". As Cisco leaves, Nash snaps a picture out of his pack, revealing him and a doppelganger of Allegra on an experience together.

Barry and Iris talk about how their feelings have fared post-"Crisis", and the two of them concur that they should back off.

Iris starts to presume that Black Hole had something to do with Eva McCulloch's vanishing. She goes to McCulloch's facility, and finds her way to Eva's old office. She explores the room, before getting pulled inside a nearby mirror by a pair of hands.



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