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"You see, a brain and nerves, it's just like a machine and its wires. Once you map out the circuits, you can punch a button and get anything you want. You can get hate. You can get fear. You can get pain."
—Marcos Trachmann[src]

Marcos Trachmann is a former mind control researcher working for Reuben Calderon. He is also an enemy of the Flash.


Early life

At some point, Marcos worked on brain implant when he was at Stanford, but he mysteriously disappeared when his partner died.

Working for Reuben Calderon

Marcos Trachmann's mind control technology

In 1990, Marcos started working with Reuben Calderon a drug lord. He was tasked to make sure that Peter Aguilar doesn't testify against him. Marcos tries to contact the Flash trough graph around the city. When the Flash arrived at the church, Reuben distracts him, and Marcos shot a dart that neutralized the Flash so that he could implant a micro ship and control him. He would order the Flash to make statues move in order to manipulate local religious and give Aguilar's daughter up. Once they find her, Marcos followed them into S.T.A.R. Labs and then order the Flash to capture her for them. Once she is captured, he blackmails Aguilar on the phone telling him to meet them at the festival. When the Flash tries to save the girl, Marcos orders him to stand still on a road so that he can be crushed and would later put a ship in Paloma's brain. At the festival, Marcos orders Paloma to kill Aguilar, but she is stooped by the Flash. Marcos order the Flash to bring Aguilar to them but the ship is not responding anymore and a fight happens between him and the Flash and Reuben and Aguilar. During the fight, the Flash deviate Marcos' glove into an junction box which causes him to short circuit. Although he didn't die, he is later, sent to the hospital and diagnosed with brain damage.[1]


  • Expert engineer: Trachmann was able to use his genius to construct diodes that could control the minds of others, including the Flash.
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Trachmann managed to lure and sneak up on the Flash in order to sneak in the diode that would take control of him.


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