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Marcus was a Phorian who came to live in National City with his mother Erika after they escaped their planet. His father was a soldier who had died during their escape. He and his mother belonged to a peaceful race of aliens that have telekinetic and telepathic powers. He seems to have formed a special bond with James Olsen.


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Powers and abilities


  • Phorian physiology: Marcus comes from a race of powerful telepathic and telekinetic being.[1]
    • Telekinesis: As a Phorian, Marcus possesses the ability to move objects with his mind. When he was at CatCo he used his telekinetic abilities to make the TVs in James office explode.[1]
      • Telekinetic shockwaves: He along with the rest of the Phorians were able to cause an earthquake in National City. Also Marcus was able to cause the TVs in CatCo to telekinetically combust.[1]
      • Telekinetic flight: Like his mother he is able to use his telekinetic abilities to allow him to access a form of minor levitation.[1]
    • Telepathy: As a Phorian he has the ability to sense, read, and bond with the minds of others as he did with James Olsen.[1]
      • Mental detection: When being interrogated at the DEO he was able to "see" James through a wall although when mentioned by Alex she pointed out that this could also be due to his telekinesis possibly through telekinetic sensitivity.[1]
      • Psychic link: When he met James he formed a psychic bond with him which allowed James to reach his mind and break to control that was placed him.[1]


  • Portals: The portal Lena Luthor built under duress from Rhea releases energy that reacts with the Phorian powers causing them to be destabilized causing massive telekinetic destruction.[1]



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