Marcus Redmond is a businessman in Blüdhaven.


Since 1997, Marcus Redmond and his partner embezzled $30 million from the Halcyon Pension Plan. Presumably due to this, his name was written on "The List".

15 years later in late 2012, Marcus, along with several of his men, was attacked by the Starling City vigilante while on a rooftop helipad. After the vigilante defeated his men, he pushed Marcus onto a nearby fan, with his face near the spinning blades. The vigilante then demanded that Marcus call his partner and tell him to give the pensioners back their money. Marcus immediately complied.

Afterwards, Marcus claimed to the media that it was always his intent to return the money, though external sources revealed otherwise.[1]



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  • He could be gay/ bisexual as his partner is explicitly listed as a he


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