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"You put a lot of lives in danger tonight."
"Well some people don't have the privilege of sitting in our tower, having angst about what to do with our lives, Ms. Kane. They just do it to survive."
Kate Kane and Margot[src]

Margaret[1], nicknamed "Margot", is an extremely intelligent and deft thief who, as Magpie, is drawn to shiny objects and thus has a penchant for pickpocketing the rich. She was inevitably foiled by Batwoman and incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary.


Operating as Magpie

Margot had a career as a photographer she used as a cover in order to case the places she wanted to steal from. At some point, she took up the name "Magpie" when doing this. After multiple robberies, Margaret was almost caught by a guard and she used explosives that severely injured him in order to escape, catching the media's attention in the process.She also had a secret base of operations which has sensors, that if activated, will blow up the room and likely kill anyone who tresspasses. The bomb is located in Magpie's nest in said room.[1]

Stealing Martha Wayne's necklace

When Kate Kane authorized Margaret to put Martha Wayne's necklace on display to represent strong women in Gotham at the Museum of Antiquities, she took pictures of the necklace until Roxanna said that they had enough. That night, as Magpie, she tried to steal jewels in a museum but Batwoman showed up. During the fight she tried to persuade Batwoman to join her but she refused. After a brief fight, she escaped via the window. Later, still as Magpie, she broke into Wayne Tower and stole Martha Wayne's necklace after knocking out Luke Fox. She printed out a 3D model of the necklace rigged with explosives and put it on display to distract Batwoman, so she could steal various jewels in the museum. However, she was foiled by Batwoman and incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary.[1]


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Margaret believes everything she does is reasonable, despite the individuals she hurts or kills, her main goal is to survive in life, even though she lets her greed overtake her as she steals expensive, shiny objects, she is also a kleptomaniac herself which means she is also attracted to shiny objects just like magpies are, ultimately, she personally feels as if she has to do all these bad things in order to survive. All because she wasn't born with a silver spoon; like most of Gotham City's elites.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a thief, Margaret is in top physical condition.[1]
    • Acrobatics: When fighting against Batwoman, Margaret has proven to have some acrobatic skills to evade some of Batwoman's tech.[1]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Margaret is a competent hand-to-hand combatant. Using her sharp nails and acrobatics combined with grappling techniques in a agile fighting style. She could go toe to toe with Batwoman and temporarily managed to trap her in a hold.[1]
  • Expert thief: As a thief, Margaret comes up with elaborate ideas on how to steal items. She mostly steals jewelry, arriving from the ceiling window.[1]
  • Explosives knowledge: Margaret knows how to use a 3D printer to print explosives and disguise them as fake jewelry. She also uses small electronic magpies as bombs.[1]
  • Photography: Photography was Margaret's day job.[1]
  • Skilled tactician: Margaret was able to predict Batwoman's moves and used several tricks and traps in an attempt to keep her occupied to get to the jewels.


  • Magpie suit: Margaret wore a black uniform as her alter-ego, Magpie.[1]
  • Explosives: Margaret had explosives; which she used as defensive weapons.[1]



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