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"Let them eat cake!"
—Marie Antoinette[src]

Marie Antoinette (died 1793) was the former Queen of France. She was decapitated during the Reign of Terror, a period in the French Revolution.[1]


Original multiverse

Marie Antoinette once owned a gilded vase, which survived the passage of time and was kept in a museum in Gotham City, until a situation with Batwoman and her batarang accidentally broke the priceless artifact.[2]

New multiverse

Early life

Marie grew up in Vienna. At age 14, Marie was forced to leave her own family.

She would often attend and/or throw parties, always wearing haute couture dresses with a pinup hairdo. People misconstrued her to be a spoiled brat, when in actuality, she was only a lonely girl trying to fit into French society.[1]


During the Reign of Terror, a period in the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was beheaded by the revolution itself for excessively partying while France starved.[1]


Marie Antoinette at her party.

After being resurrected by Astra Logue, Marie Antoinette assumed her position as the Queen of France once more and threw a party in order to enact revenge on those who had killed her – via a magical perfume. At the party, Marie is approached by Zari Tarazi and Ava Sharpe, who, as per Zari's plan, socialize with Marie and persuade her to leave the party with them, but the rest of the party tries to follow her and Marie's head is ripped off in the escape, causing the Legends need to transport it in pieces for the Waverider.

Ava and Zari looking at Marie Antoinette's head.

After speaking to Marie's head, Zari looks to the future and discovers that her fragrance destroys individuals' smells, destroying her. This leads Zari to discover that Marie's fragrance is enchantment. Marie's body relaxes and Zari smells the aroma. As Zari travels into the future, Marie's headless body escapes and picks up the Heat gun. Mick and Ray later manage to detain Marie's body and keep it stuck on the Waverider.[1]

Marie ate cake while watching Behrad Tarazi and Charlie arguing.[3] Later, furious about her failure, Astra dragged Marie Antoinette back into Hell.[4]

Return to Hell

"I see your manners have not improved, you smelly peasant!"
—Marie Antoinette to Mick Rory[src]

The Encores.

Lachesis brought Marie, with various other Encores, back to life again to have them kill the Legends; Marie showed a particular hatred for Mick Rory. During the battle, Marie was once again decapitated and left helpless on the floor. Using a hell weapon, the Legends returned Marie and the rest of the Encores to Hell.[5]

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman strength: Marie's decapitated body was able to break the bonds that were strapping it to a bed.


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Despite wearing a dress, Marie was shown to be skilled in unarmed combat. She nearly stabbed Mick Rory and was able to briefly overpower Astra Logue with a wrestling hold before having her head cut off by Nate Heywood.


Former equipment

  • Magical perfume: After leaving Hell and returning to Earth as an encore, Marie Antoinette would acquire a magical perfume that she would use to attract people to her and kill them by having them consume an excessive quantity of cake. The nature of this perfume is comparable to the apparent curse placed upon Helen of Troy.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Season 5


Season 1




  • Marie Antoinette bears a striking resemblance to Nora Darhk.[1]
    • Because of that, Ray Palmer theorized that Antoinette is an ancestor of Nora, suggesting that the latter perform a DNA test via 23andMe.[1]
  • She is the only Encore to fight the Legends twice (though Damien Darhk also fought the Legends multiple times before being resurrected as an Encore).