Marie Laveau was a priestess in New Orleans, 1856 and the great-great grandmother of Desmond, John Constantine's ex-boyfriend in 2018.[1]


Aberrant timeline: Marie was accused of being a serial killer and appeared on a cereal box discussing prolific serial killers in the present day.[1]

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Powers and abilities


  • Magic Laveau is a powerful sorceress, able to easily subdue John Constantine, a master sorcerer in his own right.[1]
    • Voodoo: She can utilize voodoo magic, and access supernatural forces.[1]
    • Mind reading: She can look into the minds of people to extract any information she needs.[1]
    • Magical detection: She can detect the presence of any magical being or artifact from great distances and likewise able to accurately identify it.[1]
    • Spell casting: With incantations or simple eye contact, she can produce powerful spells, such as paralysis.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • The character is loosely based on the real life Marie Laveau, a Louisiana practitioner of voodoo from New Orleans, born in 1801 and died 1881.


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