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Marie Laveau was a priestess in New Orleans, 1856, and the great-great grandmother of Desmond.


Original timeline

At some point, Marie became one of the best known voodoo practitioners in New Orleans.[1]

Aberration timeline

A magical fugitive began murdering people in New Orleans and the blame fell on Marie. Marie was accused of being the killer and appeared on a cereal box discussing prolific serial killers in the present day. The Legends discovered and traveled to 1856 to fix the timeline.[1]

Current timeline

In 1856, Marie sensed the presence of John Constantine and asked one of his followers to kidnap him and put him under control of one of his talismans. Constantine had a vision of his ex-boyfriend Desmond, who had the same talisman in the future. Marie then discovered that Desmond was a distant member of her family. Charlie and Zari Tomaz busted in to where Constantine was being held. At that point, Marie educated Zari that the chronological error is an abhorrent soul, and she transferred that data to the remainder of the group. Marie requested Constantine to help her kinfolk in return for help in 1856, then she freed him. Later, the Legends detained the magical fugitive, bringing the timeline back to normal.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Magic: Marie is a powerful sorceress, able to easily subdue John Constantine, a master sorcerer in his own right.[1]
    • Voodoo: Marie can utilize voodoo magic and access supernatural forces.[1]
    • Mind reading: Marie can look into the minds of people to extract any information she needs.[1]
    • Magical detection: Marie can detect the presence of any magical being or artifact from great distances and likewise able to accurately identify it.[1]
    • Spell casting: With incantations or simple eye contact, Marie can produce powerful spells, such as paralysis.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • Marie is loosely based on the real life Marie Laveau, a Louisiana practitioner of voodoo from New Orleans, born in 1801 and died 1881.