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"No, Mark Blaine, that was my name. But you can call me... Chillblaine."
—Mark Blaine[src]

Mark Blaine, (died 2023; resurrected 2023) self-styled as Chillblaine, is a resident of Keystone City, a member of the Team Flash and a former employee of Ivo Laboratories, who was fired after creating cryogenic technology. He is also a close friend of Caitlin Snow. He later began operating as a bartender at O'Shaughnessy's, using his cryogenic gauntlets to become "Chillblaine" in order to steal back his technology. He killed someone by replicating Frost's powers with his gauntlets, later framing her for the murder. When she showed up, Mark revealed his true nature to her and they had a brief fight, but Frost won. Mark was then taken to Iron Heights Penitentiary, where he escaped during a storm that wrecked the prison, but he is soon defeated by Frost.

Eventually, he managed to get released by delivering information to the authorities. After he was injured by some thugs, Mark was taken to the S.T.A.R. Labs by Frost to heal him. Upon receiving his cryogenic gauntlets back, Mark helped Frost in the fight against the Godspeed clones. After the battle, Mark fled and eventually, he and Frost began dating, but she died after absorbing Deathstorm, leaving Mark devastated.

After several failed attempts to resurrect the love of his life, one of which resulted in a new personality named Khione taking over Caitlin's body, Mark lost any chance to bring Frost back when Hartley Rathaway destroyed the cryo-chamber to protect Khione. Mark then developed a vendetta against Hartley and allied himself with the Rogues and Red Death. However, after seeing what kind of monster Red Death was and realizing the mistake he'd made in his obsession to get Frost back, Mark finally decided to let her rest in peace for good and rejoin Team Flash. He was later rescued from the Rogues by Barry and the Rogue Squad. When Khione exhibited ice powers, Mark tried and failed to mold her into a new version of Frost, after which he left Central City in order to properly cope with his grief.

Seven months later, the Negative Speed Force possessed Mark's body and used him to dismantle Team Flash until he was healed by Khione and helped the team defeat the speedster legion of Eddie Thawne.


Early life

When Mark was 9 years old, he fell into freezing ice water during a skiing accident, resulting in him being submerged for 15 minutes, where he died and was brought back to life. After this experience, Blaine became obsessed with cold and ice.

In his adulthood, Blaine worked for Ivo Labs in cryogenics. However, they fired him after he had conducted unethical experiments using their technology. After his termination, Blaine became a criminal. In 2016, he had an encounter with Goldface and knocked over his operation. Later, he saw the work of Killer Frost at hand and grew obsessed, leading to him began spying on her. Eventually, Blaine learned of her secret, that she was the alter-ego and split personality of Caitlin Snow, and sought to get her powers. He eventually designed a pair of gauntlets with nanotechnology, using them to replicate meta-human powers.[1]

Framing Frost

Frost fights Chillblaine

Chillblaine and Frost matching attacks.

Sometime in mid-2020, Blaine began bartending at a bar at O'Shaughnessy's in Keystone City where Frost formerly worked, later framing Frost for a murder he committed by replicating Frost's powers with his gauntlets. Blaine met Frost while bartending, revealing his true nature to her. The two fought people trying to capture Frost because they wanted the bounty placed on her by Kristen Kramer.

Later, after Frost figured out that Blaine had framed her, the two battled, with Blaine using his gauntlets to mimic Frost's cryokinesis; he was outmatched by Frost, who was far more experienced with her abilities. Blaine was then imprisoned in Iron Heights for his crimes.[1]

Breaking out of Iron Heights

Chillblaine suit

Mark confronts Frost after escaping Iron Heights.

Blaine was one of several Iron Heights inmates to break free after a storm that wrecked the prison. He began sporting a fur jacket when he was once again confronted by Frost, who had also broken out of Iron Heights to help find and apprehend the inmates. He left his jacket open and had no shirt in order to flirt with Frost. The two once again fought, with Blaine making several flirtatious remarks that caught Frost off-guard. However, Blaine was once again defeated and his remarks had left an impression on Frost, who began developing a crush on him.[2]

He was left out of prison in an agreement to become a state witness. Frost tried to apprehend him, but could not due to realizing it.[3]

Fighting the Godspeed clones

Due to becoming a state witness, he was wounded in the bar he worked as a bartender. Frost made the group attacking him stop and persuaded Mark to accept going to S.T.A.R. Labs to be healed. Suddenly, an army of Godspeed clones attacked and Frost reluctantly gave Mark his cryogenic gauntlets. The two fought the clones, narrowly surviving the ordeal when the clones ran away to pursue the Flash. Later, Mark talked with Frost about the encounter and nearly kissed her. He then left after a drink shaker exploded.[4]

Double date

Though she was angry with him for the rest of 2021, Frost ultimately forgave Mark in 2022 and they started dating. One of their dates took them to a very cold mountain top; they recorded their time there.

Mark and Frost went on a double date with Caitlin and her new boyfriend. However, things turned awkward because Caitlin was still dealing with trust issues. Mark later paid Caitlin a visit at the bar, telling her that he has changed for Frost and that he will always be there for his girlfriend. Mark then told Caitlin that she needed to move past whatever mental block was keeping her from dating again.[5]

Mark had planned to go to New Orleans with Frost for Mardi Gras in 2023.[6]

Frost's death

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After Frost's death from absorbing Deathstorm, Mark cried when Caitlin announced the devastating news to Team Flash.[7] Mark later attended Frost's funeral.[8]

Attempting to resurrect Frost

Mark and Caitlin attempted to wake up the remnants of Frost's mind within her own, using a Consciousness Resurrection Capsule.[9] However, a malfunction caused the machine to instead damage Caitlin's brain, erasing her memory along with whatever was left of Frost and creating a new personality to take both of their places. Eventually, this new personality ultimately was convinced by Hartley Rathaway to not give up her existence, apparently leaving Caitlin and Frost dead.[10]

Joining the Rogues

Flash's Team vs the Rogues

The Rogues face off against Flash's team.

At some point, Mark was contacted by the Red Death at O'Shaughnessy's, who asked him to join her team of Rogues, to which Blaine agreed on the condition that he could bring Frost back to life.[11]

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Era of the Red Death

Barry and the Rogue Squad found Mark in Rogues' lair, but they were stopped by the Red Death. She tortured Barry and Mark was knocked unconscious, along with some of the Rogue Squad members. Barry woke up, and he brought them to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Mark was in the Med Lab being looked after by Khione. She then told him to wake up and kissed him, and he woke up. Two weeks later, when Joe and Cecile were leaving Central City, Mark went to Joe's farewell party at the West House, along with the Team Flash. Barry and him had a talk about him being apart of the Team and that he was family no matter what. Then, Khione revealed to everyone that Iris was to be pregnant.[12]

Helping Khione and Leaving Central City

Khione testing out her powers

Mark helps Khione with her powers.

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Possessed by the Negative Speed Force

Negative Speed Force as Mark Blaine

Mark possessed by the Negative Speed Force.

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Fight against the Legion of Zoom

Team Flash fights against the Legion of Zoom

Chillblaine and Team Flash face off against the Legion of Zoom.

After being healed, Mark and the team grappled with how to stop Eddie Thawne before he destroys the timeline, so they went to confront him when he challenged them, however, Eddie brought his own legion of evil speedsters, starting a battle between both sides for the timeline. Chillblaine and Khione teamed up to stop Zoom, who would be killed by Thawne for more power and the team regrouped to make a plan against Thawne before he ended the timeline with the help of the Negative Speed ​​Force.

After Barry made amends with Eddie, Mark confirmed to Chester that his black hole powers had returned after being attacked by Eobard Thawne during the battle, shocking Chester and Allegra. Mark and his friends said goodbye to Khione before welcoming Caitlin with open arms. Over the next few days, Mark went to the West house to celebrate the birth of Barry and Iris' daughter, Nora West-Allen, while talking with Caitlin, and witnessed the proposal of Joe West to Cecile Horton.[13]

Erased future

During the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline in 2031, Mark was married to Frost and he was a member of Team Flash.

Mark was invited to Eobard Thawne's wedding to Iris West, but Barry Allen interrupted it by trying to persuade who would be his friends in the previous timeline that he was the real Flash. After Team Flash discovered that Barry worked with Damien Darhk, Mark and Frost had John Constantine put a protection spell against Darhk's black magic to fight him. When they encountered Darhk, he failed to use his black magic against them but could otherwise fight them due to his previous training in the League of Assassins. However, Ryan Choi could stop Darhk from killing them.[14]


"...and you developed an obsession with refrigerators."
—Frost dismissing Mark's near-death experience as what drove him to obsess over cold[src]

Mark is a charismatic criminal obsessed with cryogenic technology. While manipulative and arrogant in his abilities, he seems to have a genuine attraction to Frost, willing to fight alongside her. In 2022, Mark fully committed to Frost. Through spending time when Frost, Mark has realized the wrongs of his past and reformed to be a better man.

Mark is proud of his physique; when he wears his Chillblaine suit he leaves it open and uses no shirt to show his torso.

Powers and abilities


  • Gauntlet application: By using nanotechnology within Mark's gauntlets, he is able to replicate meta-human powers.[1]
    • Power replication: Mark is able to use his gauntlets to access an almost perfect replica of Frost's powers. It can also be assumed that Mark can replicate other meta-human’s powers although he doesn’t choose to.[1]
      • Thermokinetic cryokinesis: By absorbing thermal energy from molecules to create gelid surroundings, Mark can generate dangerously low temperatures from his gauntlets, letting him freeze virtually anything. He can create cold mist beams. Mark can also, presumably, create an ice slide and use his cryogenic powers to rapidly propel himself forward on the slide. There do seem to be limits to this replication, however, as he does not create icicle spears, he cannot access ice healing nor can he control the weather.[1]
        • Cryokinetic blasts: Mark is able to create powerful blasts of ice from his hands, powerful enough to propel a fully grown adult several meters away.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect: Mark is an exceptionally intelligent individual, and by his own claim, the best cryogenicist. He was also smart enough to know how to complete Frost’s transformation into Hell-Frost.
    • Master Scientist/Engineer: Mark built a highly advanced microchip, and with access to a neurogenic scanner, was able to perfectly replicate Frost's ice powers. He was also able to perfect the M.A.C. to grant Frost identical powers to Deathstorm. He was also able to create an ice chamber alongside Caitlin to try and bring Frost back. But something went wrong and the experiment didn’t work. He was also able to build the cosmic treadmill for the Red Death all by himself, showing signs of skill in using power tools.
      • Mixology: Mark is well-versed in making drinks, and can recite the scientific process and physics required to make said drinks.
    • Expert tactician/Manipulator: Mark was able to observe Caitlin Snow and Frost for years without being noticed, and had the resources to study every battle they had, as well as other areas of their personal lives. He was able to frame Frost and later tricked her into handing over her neurogenic information which allowed him to perfect his replication of her powers.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Mark was able to counter Frost's movements, gracefully catching or dodging Frost's attacks while both were not using their ice powers, and briefly gained the upper hand when using his chill gauntlets. His fighting style integrates Boxing, Taekwondo, Capoeira, and Jujitsu. Mark's also skilled in Wrestling, since he and Frost won a wrestling tournament on one of their dates. Mark was also able to simultaneously fight with and overpower all of the rogues who are all highly skilled fighters by himself. Although he was eventually defeated due to the vast amount of enemies he was up against.
  • Peak of human physical condition: Mark is in excellent shape, sporting a well-muscled build.
    • Acrobatics: Mark is incredibly agile, dodging Frost's ice blasts with ease, gracefully performing complex backflips, rolls and flip kicks, while maintaining his balance. He also shared a short dance with Frost during their fight, albeit unintentionally.
  • Charisma: Mark is exceptionally handsome. Due to his well-muscled build and surprising intelligence as a bartender (and also later, graceful acrobatics) Frost developed an attraction to him, despite learning later on that he basically stalked her. This results in part of their first fight becoming a short dance, with awkward pauses between the two of them. Michelle Amara also noticed his ripped body and suggested likely wearing a shirt with his Chillblaine outfit, and Owen Mercer referred to Mark as a Ken doll.


"To think, you have so much strength, so much power, but so little imagination. I guess that just means I'm a better meta than you."
"Actually, Chillblaine...You’re not a meta at all. One thing your bracelets can't copy, ice healing."
—Mark Blaine and Frost[src]
  • Limited power replication: While Mark was able to create a replica of Frost's powers, there seems to be a limit to how much he can copy, as he was unable to use ice healing to heal himself during his fight with Frost. He apparently also cannot create ice spears.[1]


  • Chillblaine gauntlets: Mark uses a pair of high-tech gauntlets that generate cold mist beams. Since they are an exact replication of Frost's ice powers (minus icicle creation and ice healing) it is equal in strength to Frost's and also leaves traces of dark matter.[1] Mark nicknamed the gauntlets Derek and Nancy.[4]
  • Chillblaine suit: After breaking out of Iron Heights, Mark wore a specialized suit while committing crimes as Chillblaine.[2]


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  • Mark's surname was originally named "Stevens" but changed to Blaine.
  • As of "Wildest Dreams", Mark is implied to have a crush on Khione.
  • In "Wildest Dreams" Mark revealed that he hates shirts.

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