"To think, you have so much strength, so much power, but so little imagination. I guess that just means I’m a better meta than you."
"Actually, Chillblaine...You’re not a meta at all.
—Mark Blaine and Frost[src]

Mark Blaine, self-styled as Chillblaine, is a resident of Central City and a former employee of Ivo Laboratories.


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When Mark was 9 years old, he had fell into freezing ice water in a skiing accident. Being submerged for 15 minutes. After this experience, Mark had grown up obsessed with cold and ice.[1]

Later, Mark had decided to work for Ivo Labs in cryogenics. However, they fired him after he had done unethical experiments using their technology. However, after his termination, he saw the work of Killer Frost at hand. He grew obsessed and began spying on her. Eventually, he learned her secret that she was the alter-ego and split personality of Caitlin Snow. Mark then sought to get her powers.[1]

Chillblaine and Frost matching attacks


"...and you developed an obsession with refrigerators."
—Frost dismissing Mark's near-death experience as what drove him to obsess over cold[src]

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Powers and abilities


  • Chillblaine gauntlets application: By using nanotechnology within Mark's gauntlets, he is able to replicate meta-human powers.
    • Power replication: Mark is able to use his gauntlets to access an almost perfect replica of Frost's powers.
      • Thermokinetic cryokinesis: By absorbing thermal energy from molecules to create gelid surroundings, Mark can generate dangerously low temperatures from his gauntlets, letting him freeze virtually anything. He can create cold mist beams. Mark can also, presumably, create an ice slide and use his cryogenic powers to rapidly propel himself forward on the slide. There do seem to be limits to this replication, however, as he does not create icicle spears, nor are his gauntlets able to control the weather.
        • Cryokinetic blasts: Mark is able to create powerful blasts of ice from his hands, powerful enough to propel a fully grown adult several meters away.


  • High-level intellect: Mark is an exceptionally intelligent individual, and by his own claim, the best cryogenicist.
    • Master Scientist/Engineer: Mark built a highly advanced microchip, and with access to a neurogenic scanner, was able to perfectly replicate Frost's ice powers.
      • Mixology: Mark is well-versed in making drinks, and can recite the scientific process and physics require to make said drinks.
    • Expert tactician/Manipulator: Mark was able to observe Caitlin Snow and Frost for years without being noticed, and had the resources to study every battle they had, as well as other areas of their personal lives. He was able to frame Frost and later tricked her into handing over her neurogenic information which allowed him to perfect his replication of her powers.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Mark was able to counter Frost's movements, gracefully catching or dodging Frost's attacks while both were not using their ice powers, and briefly gained the upper hand when using his chill gauntlets. His fighting style integrates Boxing, Taekwondo, Capoeira, and Jujitsu.
  • Peak of human physical condition: Mark is in excellent shape, sporting a well-muscled build.
    • Acrobatics: Mark is incredibly agile, dodging Frost's ice blasts with ease, gracefully performing complex backflips, rolls and flip kicks, while maintaining his balance. He also shared a short dance with Frost during their fight, albeit unintentionally.
  • Charisma: Mark is exceptionally handsome. Due to his well-muscled build and surprising intelligence as a bartender (and also later, graceful acrobatics) Frost develops an attraction to him, despite learning later on that he basically stalked her. This results in part of their first fight becoming a short dance, with awkward pauses between the two of them.


  • Limited power replication: While Mark was able to create a replica of Frost's powers, there seems to be a limit to how much he can copy, as he was unable to use ice healing to heal himself during his fight with Frost. He apparently also cannot create ice spears.


  • Chillblaine gauntlets: Mark uses a pair of high-tech gauntlets that generate cold mist beams. Since they are an exact replication of Frost's ice powers (minus icicle creation and ice healing) it is equal in strength to Frost's and also leaves traces of dark matter.


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