Mark Francis is an associate of Walter Steele, and the CFO of Kardak Holdings. He suggested and supported Moira Queen's candidacy for mayor of Starling City, and seemed to be quite involved in her campaign. It is unknown what became of him following Moira's death.


Mark first met Moira at a restaurant, where Walter invited her have dinner with him, and kindly greeted Moira despite her involvement in the Undertaking. He believed Moira was being a mother trying to protect her children, and there were more people in Starling City who will see her crimes the same way he does, if they were properly presented. Mark was convinced that if Sebastian Blood won the election for mayor of Starling City, Sebastian's new policies would bankrupt the entire city in the following 8 months, so Mark asked Moira to run for mayor against Sebastian.[1]

Sometime later, Mark asked Oliver to end his support for Sebastian, so Moira could have a better chance of winning the election for mayor of Starling City. This was in light of the fact that Oliver and Sebastian were friends and that the Queen family had provided tacit support for Sebastian's mayoral campaign. He organized Moira's opening bid and announcement that she was going to run for mayor of Starling City.[2]

Mark was present when Moira was giving an interview about why she was better for Starling City than Sebastian. He witnessed a tense encounter between Moira and Thea prompting him to advise Moira that she couldn't focus on being both a mother and a candidate. This caused Moira to decide to drop out of the mayoral race. Mark later attended Moira's concession rally at Verdant; however, Moira had a change of heart and stayed in the race. Mark congratulated Moira and praised her speech. Shortly after, Roy Harper, under the influence of Mirakuru, attacked the rally at Verdant causing Mark and all of the supporters to rush out of the club.[3]



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