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The Markov Device is a device that was created by Dr. Brion Markov which has the power to cause an earthquake.


Developed by Unidac Industries. Malcolm Merlyn planned to "level the glades" with the Markov Device. The first one was initially deactivated by detective Quentin Lance seconds before activation. However, it was revealed by Malcolm, moments before he (supposedly) died, that there was another Markov device. Malcolm explained that "if there is one thing he learned in business, it would be redundancy". The second device then was activated via timer countdown and began the "earthquake". It destroyed numerous buildings throughout Star City and killed 503 people, including Oliver Queen's best friend and Malcolm's son, Tommy Merlyn.[1]



  • Earthquake generation: The Markov device can create powerful, artificial earthquakes, destructive enough to level several city blocks or even entire sections of a town.[1]

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  • The name "Markov" and the fact that this device creates earthquakes is a clear allusion to DC character Geo-Force and his sister, Terra, as their real names are Bryan and Tara Markov. Both siblings have powers that manipulate earthly matter, hence the machine's earthquake-triggering ability.


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