Markovia is a country in Europe.


Markovia is a small industrial European nation. Its capital and the only major city is Markovburg. The country has no extradition treaty with the United States of America.


Markovia is first mentioned when Oliver Queen is tracking Deadshot and finds out he once operated out of the country.[1]

When wondering where Cecil Adams could possibly be hiding, Felicity Smoak suggested Markovia.[2]

Milo Armitage, a businessman, wished to acquire the second Markov Device to use in Markovia, however, he was caught by the Arrow before he could do a thing.[3]

The Suicide Squad, led by Amanda Waller, went on a mission into Markovburg, Markovia to obtain a deadly nerve agent that Gholem Qadir had. A.R.G.U.S. ordered a drone attack on the building containing the nerve agent, as it was too big to move, however, the Suicide Squad along with Floyd Lawton, who the missiles were locked on to, escaped the building. They were able to get the chip out of his body, allowing the missile to explode some distance from them. However, the Markovian government were annoyed at the drone detonation in a no-fly zone and threatened retaliation against the American government.[4]

Markovia was mentioned by Lyla Michaels as one of the countries with a nuclear missile arsenal, which the Rubicon protocol, developed by A.R.G.U.S., could theoretically control.[5]

A rogue American general J.G. Walker went to Russia to sell a nuclear switch to Markovian terrorists, but the deal was stopped by Team Arrow and Bratva, the latter due to Oliver's giving Anatoly Knyazev a favor for the help.[6]

Four Markovian delegates were sent by their government to meet mayor Oliver Queen in Star City intent on brokering a trade deal with the city. But they were kidnapped by Anatoly (now former friend and ally turned enemy) and his men. Team Arrow found them in a Bratva-owned restaurant in freezer alive, except for the one (Alec Tarkov, CEO of Vortex Industries) who was poisoned and kept in a separate location. When Queen found him, Anatoly told him that he kidnapped them for ransom due to his forced pressure from Bratva, considering his leadership as weak and his friendly association with Oliver. Queen shot an arrow with the antidote at Tarkov, but Anatoly shot him in the back and escaped.[7]

Jay Garrick mentions Markovia when Team Flash is discussing the painting picture which was brought from that country called "The Crystal Ball".

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  • Unnamed members of the Markovian delegation to Star City

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  • A Markovian license plate is visible in "Suicide Squad".
    • The Markovian flag is visible on the license plate. It seems to be a horizontal yellow Y on a green background.
      • The flag’s colors match the classic costume of Geo-Force, the most prominent Markovian character from the comics.
    • The license plate reveals that Markovia is a member state of the European Union.
    • The license plate reveals that Markovia‘s United Nations-assigned international license plate country code is "M".
      • In the real world, Malta uses the country code "M".

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Markovia is home to Geo-Force, a superhero with geo-kinesis abilities and its future king, as well as his sister, Terra, who has ties to Deathstroke.
  • The first air shot of Markovburg used in "Suicide Squad" is, in reality, an aerial view of the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany.


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