Markovia is a country that is home to the Markovians, with its capital being Markovburg. It is governed by the Markov family.


At some point, Markovia became known for housing various meta-humans for experimentation as well as being invasive and ruthless in their exploits. This drew the attention of the A.S.A. once their colonel, Yuri Mosin, invaded Freeland in order to abduct meta-human children. After abducting Lynn Stewart in order to create a meta-human serum, the A.S.A. asked for the aid of Black Lightning, forming a team to infiltrate Markovia in order to both save Lynn and stop the invasion.[1]

After he was injected with the Meta booster, Tyson Sykes used telekinesis to kill Colonel Mosin,[2] before assembling an army of troopers to invade Freeland again.[3]

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  • Markovia has a population of 1,264,320 people.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Markovia was home to Brion Markov, a superhero with geo-kinesis abilities and its future king as well as his sister Tara.


  • The borders of Markovia's landmass appear to resemble the Luxembourg province of Belgium, mixed with a small section of the Namur province.[1] Notably, Markovia is commonly interpreted as being between Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the comics and other media.
  • According to Cisco Ramon's map of Earth, Markovia is located north of the Caspian Sea, likely in what is real-world Russia.[4]


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