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"What's astonishing is that we're acting as roadside assistance for the people who's chasing us."
Jefferson Jackson

"Marooned" is the seventh episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventh episode overall. It aired on March 3, 2016.




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The scene begins with Rip sitting alone, viewing a holovid of his child and spouse conversing with him, giving their affection. That is as unpleasant and discouraging as it sounds. Martin strolls in on him, and they talk about attempting to locate the opportune time period. We get a touch of "Evaporating Point" whoop as Gideon needs an update from that point.

The others are getting anxious - particularly Heatwave who needs to set something ablaze as quickly as possible. Skipper Cold and White Canary appear to get somewhat cozier.

A pain call from the Acheron, and Captain Eve Baxter gets captured, and there's the manner by which they can refresh Gideon's documents - on the off chance that they spare her, obviously. They need to go out into profound space so as to discover her - something Martin's amped up for, however the vast majority of the remainder of the team is a little worried about the move.

Profound Space: Palmer and Shayera are left accountable for the boat while Heatwave, the two parts of Firestorm, and Rip head out to look at the Acheron. Martin's eager to play Space Ranger.

Flashback to Rip on a boat and enduring an onslaught by Time Pirates. This current boat's PC is named Gary, how fun. He gets found creation out with his individual time ace in preparing, and restrained for it.

Back in the "present" at whatever point that is, The boarding party proceeds. Jax tosses an "I have a terrible inclination about this" quote from Star Wars, and sufficiently sure, they get bounced by Time Pirates - See, it associated with the flashback.

The head privateer is Captain John Valor. He realizes Rip Hunter's name and notoriety.

Back on the boat, Ray is playing Star Trek. That is yell outs to Trek and Wars in a single scene! Cold and Canary have a talk about how Mick needs to return to ordinary. Boldness calls and illuminates them that they have Palmer and the others prisoner. Tracker says "Imperious Complex" and that makes Gideon assume control over the Waverider and begin terminating. We got an "Incredible Scott" from Martin - with the goal that's Trek, Wars, and Back to the Future in one scene. This show cherishes its scifi.

The battle isn't going excessively well up until this point, so Ray chooses to take manual control. "Ensure Picard here doesn't get every one of us executed," Cold says as he exits. "I'm increasingly similar to Sulu at this moment. or on the other hand Han Solo!" Good golly, that is such huge numbers of references.

Martin figures out how to bring down the weapons frameworks on the Acheron. Another DC reference as Hunter makes reference to "He once beat Kanjar-Ro himself," so as to give Gideon another mystery message.

She completes her requests, and keeping in mind that she's attempting to surpass the Acheron, Cold and Canary attempt to seal the penetrate in the structure - however his virus weapon comes up short on charge, and Gideon seals them in with the gap. Oh goodness.

Beam and Shay (look how that works) attempt to get Cold and Canary out, yet don't have a lot of karma from the start.

Tracker, Jax, and Mick get tossed in a cell with Captain Baxter. She's distraught to see him.

FLASHBACK: Rip Hunter and Miranda Coburn are under preliminary; it's uncovered those aren't their genuine names - they forsake their names with the goal that nobody can experience time and take out their relatives. They're being kicked out, the court cautions.

On the Waverider, Sara and Leonard talk about kicking the bucket. She says it's forlorn. He says the nearest he at any point came was the day he met Mick, who spared him when he was a child getting beat up.

On the Acheron, Martin's kicking ass and taking weapons.

Beam puts Shayera in control as acting chief, and plans to fly out in the ATOM suit to attempt to seal the penetrate all things considered.

In the brig, Hunter and Mick get into it - Rip says he just enlisted Mick since he and Cold were a bundle bargain. Mick requires the Pirates so he can give a break with them, and they let him out to take him to Valor. Tear is... miserable.

Mick and Valor have a conversation (and Valor punches him a ton), and they consent to Mick turning over the Waverider.

Sara and Leonard's proceeded with visit goes to Mick being in a dull spot. They nestle, only for warmth.

In the brig, Rip says he has no second thoughts about deceiving the Time Council, yet he'll never pardon himself neglecting to spare his family. Another flashback shows that Coburn accepted full accountability for the issue and surrendered.

Stein stops by and is prepared to help them in a challenging break - Ray is losing Oxygen quick back at the boat, and Shayera attempts to prop him up. It would seem that he has the penetrate fixed, and he... is out of oxygen, and floating away. He figures out how to float toward the isolated space, however he's not looking acceptable. "Mr. Palmer has gone into heart failure," Gideon declares. Shayera does a few... unusual CPR, and he awakens.

Mick returns to the boat, with his story that he got away... gracious, and he was not kidding when he made that manage the privateers. "Boys, boat's all yours." “Crap.” Leonard says "Time to choose a side," and shoots one of the privateers. Heatwave takes shots at him and the privateers pursue the others.

Mick goes to attempt to get to the Time Drive. Canary and Hawkgirl kick some privateer ass (Ray helps a bit). Tracker follows Valor on the other boat. Sara gets to Mick similarly as he's going to remove the time drive from the Waverider. They battle. For simply being a solid bruiser against a madly very much prepared League of Assassins part, he does excessively well. Skipper Cold impacts him when he gets the high ground. There are still loads of privateers on the Acheron and they have Martin and Jax encompassed.

The two of them snatch a channel (so chiefs Baxter) and Gilbert, the PC on the Acheron opens the sealed area, sending every one of those different privateers into space. So... that is a ton of homicide there, isn't that so?

After the large fight, Baxter gives Rip new information on Savage, saying he needs to go to 1958.

FLASHBACK: Rip and Miranda have a visit about her leaving. "Love's no danger, it's delightful and ground-breaking and once you know it, love makes a huge difference," she lets him know. With each one of those Star Wars references, you'd think they'd understand the Jedi wrecked this as well...

Waverider: Ray and Shay have a decent talk about practically passing on, that transforms into a decent kissing meeting. The entire group amasses (aside from Mick), to discuss how to manage him. Cold says he'll deal with it.

Slice to them on a planet, and Cold has hauled Mick out there. He awakens him and says "I wish there was some other way, yet you're perilous, a risk to the group." Snart says he's changed. Mick says just one of them is exiting alive. "You're correct," he says, and fires him with the weapon (or appears to). That's... Cold.




Preparation ran from November 10 until November 19, 2015. Shooting ran from November 20 until December 4, 2015.[1]


  • This is the first episode of the series to feature a flashback story outside of present-day storyline, focusing on relationship between Rip Hunter and Miranda Coburn as Time Masters students. This method of storyline is also seen in Arrow. The next episode to use it will be "Progeny", albeit as a short flashback story.
  • The ship called the "Acheron" is named after a Greek river, and in Greek myth it was one of the five rivers of the Underworld, the Acheron specifically being the River of Pain.
  • Eve Baxter is a clear reference to Rip's lady-friend in the comics Bonnie Baxter.
  • Martin Stein makes references to the hero "Space Ranger".
  • The leader of the Time Pirates is Jon Valor, who in the comics is known as Black Pirate.
  • Rip mentions "the Imperiex onslaught", referencing the villain Imperiex and the event Our Worlds at War in the comics.
  • Kendra refers to Ray as "Captain Kirk" before changing her mind to "Picard", a reference to Captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard from the Star Trek franchise.
    • While manually piloting the Waverider, Ray claims to actually be more like "Sulu", referencing Hikaru Sulu, also from Star Trek, or Han Solo, a character from the Star Wars franchise.
    • Jax also says the line "I've got a bad feeling about this" aboard the Acheron, which is a recurring quote in the Star Wars franchise appearing in every film. Jax also acknowledged this before saying the line. 
    • Gideon gives Ray's chances of survival as "less than 3,720 to 1", mirroring C-3PO's line "But sir, the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 3,720 to 1!" as another Star Wars reference. 
  • Kanjar Ro is referenced, who is an enemy of the Justice League in the comics.
  • Ray and Kendra have a conversation where she asks him questions such as his favorite color and his favorite Beatle, to Wich he responds that his favorite color is blue, and he doesn't have a favorite Beatle. This is a possible joking reference, as Ray Palmer was introduced to Arrow when they couldn't get the rights to Blue Beetle.
  • The way that Kendra performs CPR on Ray is a possible reference to the Justice League episode Wild Cards, in which Hawkgirl performs CPR on John Stewart in a similar manner.