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"I always wondered why I was the kid that got chose on that bus that day. A couple dozen kids, so why was I the one that got buzzed? Everyone says the world's gone mad, but I get it. Batman had the Joker, and, Batwoman, you got me. True or False, Sis. You gotta trust destiny."
—Marquis Jet to Batwoman[src]

Marquis Franklin Jet[1] (born c. 1994)[2] is the executive vice president of Jeturian Industries and the former CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He is also the son of the late Franklin and Jada Jet, the older maternal half-brother of Ryan Wilder, and the boyfriend of the late Zoey.

As a child, Marquis was attacked by the Joker, who hijacked his school bus and zapped his head with his electric joy buzzer, causing serious brain damage. Ever since then, Marquis has exhibited anger issues and sociopathic behavior. After killing Professor Pyg to protect his family, Marquis went crazy and began to look more like the Joker, whom he idolized. Eventually, Marquis forced Ryan to hand over control of Wayne Enterprises to him and ended up discovering her secret identity as Batwoman. After Marquis threatened to attack Gotham with Joker's acid bombs, Ryan ended up using the joy buzzer in him and making him go back to normal.


Early life

Marquis was born in 1994 to the CEO of Jeturian Industries, Franklin Jet and his wife, Jada. Sometime after his birth and before August 1994, Jada had an affair, after which she disappeared for nine months straight. Marquis heard from his various nannies gossip about Jada's affair, along with her and Franklin not being on speaking terms for a full summer, which led him to deduce that he had a secret half-sibling.[2]

On January 26, 2003,[3] Marquis' school bus got hijacked by the Joker. The Joker placed his electric joy buzzer on Marquis' head and sent an electrical charge through his brain, causing part of his brain controlling empathy to become dormant. This caused Marquis to develop anger issues and sociopathic tendencies.

Marquis burning ants alive.

Later that year, Marquis killed a colony of ants by concentrating sun beams on them using a magnifying glass from his science kit. At some point before August 2008, Marquis and Jada argued about him not wishing his father a happy birthday. Marquis argued that he wrote him a card, but Jada insisted that since Franklin was overseas, it would mean a lot to him if Marquis made him a birthday message. Marquis became angry, leading to him throwing a vase at the camera and his mother. In August 2011, during a family camping trip, Marquis put peanut butter in a burger that he gave to his father, knowing that Franklin was allergic. Marquis then watched his father slowly die from an allergic reaction, all the while recording the event on camera for his own amusement.

Over the years, Jada spent millions of dollars trying to cure Marquis' condition, but to no avail.[1]

In adulthood, Marquis would join his mother at Jeturian Industries, working his way up to the position of executive vice president.[2] Jada used this as an excuse to keep a closer eye on her son, until she could cure him without him finding out.

Meeting his half-sister

Marquis met his half-sister, Ryan Wilder while visiting his mother at Jeturian Industries. Marquis was surprised to see her, but went off on business. Later, he visited Wayne Tower, where he revealed that he knew the truth, and tried to convince his sister to join forces to overthrow Jada, but Ryan denied the offer. However, Marquis and Ryan reunited to bond and defeat Jada.[2]

Marquis went to the Gotham Expo Hotel to coolly introduce his sister to make Wayne Enterprises more popular and support her to look good in her photos. Marquis talked to Ryan and Sophie Moore about the disappearance of Sophie's sister, Jordan Moore, whom Marquis had seen leaving with a strange man. Marquis and Ryan had a fight about not getting along until that night, he and Ryan reconciled at The Hold Up and he agreed to help her with anything she asked.[4]

Professor Pyg attacks the dinner gathering.

During Jada's dinner party with Ryan and Sophie Moore, Marquis showed up unannounced with his girlfriend, Zoey. Unbeknownst to them, the chef, Lazlo Valentin, poisoned the wine with a parylitic and killed Zoey. They barely managed to escape and went to Jada's panic room, where Marquis was later treated with an injection. As Ryan and Sophie fought back against Lazlo, Marquis ultimately striked him from behind and knocked him down, then proceeds to brutally stab Lazlo repeatedly, killing him in the process.[1]

Revealing his true colors

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Marquis taunts Ryan.

After murdering Professor Pyg, Marquis gives in to madness.[1] He later meets with Ryan and is kidnapped by his mother to freeze him until he finds a cure for his problem, but he manages to escape and kills the doctor. He arrives at Wayne Tower, defeats Luke Fox, kills a security guard and forces his sister to hand over control of Wayne Enterprises to him, becoming the new CEO.[5]

Marquis and Batwoman on the roof of Wayne Tower.

Then he dyes his hair purple and wears an orange suit like the Joker. He decides to throw a party, where he meets Mary Hamilton, who reveals the identity of Batwoman and the Bat Team. He manages to capture the Batwing and during a confrontation on the roof, Marquis is hit by the desiccation serum that was supposed to be used on Mary and goes into dormant state. So Ryan and Luke take Marquis' body to Mary's clinic.[6] Unfortunately, water caused by the partial destruction of Gotham's dam revives Marquis.[7]

Marquis speaks to Gotham at Arkham Asylum.

Afterwards, he decides to do a release program at Arkham Asylum, which he started by releasing Victor Zsasz and hiring him to kill his mother. Furthermore, he even teamed up with the Joker's toymaker Kiki Roulette to claim the Joker's joy buzzer.[8]

Marquis holds the Black Glove Society captive.

Seeing Kiki and Alice fighting over the Joy buzzer, Marquis kills Kiki and claims that there are too many crazy people here. He says he admires Alice's reputation and invites her to see his revenge against the Black Glove Society. Marquis kidnapped and blindfolded the members of the organization; Barbara Kean, Mario Falcone, Jeremiah Arkham, Burton Crowne, and his mother. Marquis took them to a hideout, where he killed some of them.

Later, Alice tried to steal the Joy buzzer from him but couldn't, and Marquis told her that they could rule Gotham together, with her being "the Harley to his Joker", but she denied it and he told her that they were linked since he was on the bus that crashed into her car when she was a child. Afterwards, she told him where the Batcave was and he gave her the object.[9]

Marquis explored the Batcave and discoved the location of the Bat-Blimp. He then vandalized the vehicle, adding a neon green smily face with "X"s for eyes as well as a giant red timer on both sides of the aircraft. He then loaded up acid bombs onto the blimp, and ordered a pilot to steer it over Gotham's airways. Marquis hacked every device in town using the Batcave and told everyone to be on the lookout, he would reveal Batwoman's identity.

Eventually, Jada said the press Franklin Jet died in a fall years ago and these allegations put the leadership of Marquis in question and the Wayne Board has repeatedly reappointed Ryan to the CEO position, calling her previous resignation coerced. Marquis was furious and destroyed the Bat-Blimp's television, yelling that he didn't need the company. After Luke hacked the vehicle, Marquis killed the pilot. Batwoman subdued Marquis and ended up using the joy buzzer in him, making him go back to normal.[10]


As a child, Marquis was once kind, caring, polite, cheerful, carefree, laid-back, and innocent.

After Jack Napier placed his electric joy buzzer on Marquis' head and sent an electrical charge through his brain, he became short-tempered, hot-headed, and sociopathic. For example, he put peanut butter in his father's burger. His father then had an allergic reaction, much to his amusement.

As part of his sociopathic profile, Marquis initially appeared kind and caring to his half-sister, Ryan Wilder. However, Marquis later revealed his true personality to Ryan, with him taking over Wayne Enterprises and plotting to free Arkham of its dangerous inmates.


  • Expert tactican/Manipulator: Marquis is a highly skilled tactican and manipulator. He was able to trick Ryan into a postion of trust by convining her to team up with him against their mother, Jada Jet and then blackmailed her into handing control of Wayne Enterprises over to him by exchanging it for the cure for Mary Hamilton's mutation. He was able to turn the city against Batwoman by manipulating the public's perception about her. He even tricked Gotham into believing he'd reveal Batwoman's identity, when he was just setting them up to be be killed by Joker gas.
    • Business acumen: Marquis is a skilled buissnessman.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Marquis is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He knocked out two scientists while recovering from an attempted cyrostasis. He was also able to overpower and knock out Luke Fox, although it should be noted that the latter had a broken arm at the time; thus, Luke was not at the peak of his combat skills. He later fought Ryan Wilder twice, though was eventually overpowered by the more skilled fighter.
  • Skilled knife-wielder: Marquis is skilled with knives in combat; he was able to kill Lazlo Valentin with his own knife, kill a scientist with several scalpels, and a security guard with a pen.
  • Skilled marksman: Marquis is capable of using a handgun in combat. He was able to shoot Ryan in the Batsuit several times, knocking her down. He also executed Kiki Roulette, Mario Falcone and his blimp pilot.


  • Handgun: Marquis uses this handgun as his sidearm. He held Luke at gunpoint with a handgun. He later used it during both confrontations with Ryan Wilder.






  • Marquis' hair being dyed purple is a reference to his idolization of Jack Napier/Joker, who always wore purple suits.

Behind the scenes

"When I did the self-tape audition, I had zero clue that I was going to be The Joker. But there were weird little vibes I got when I read the sides. Even though I was auditioning for Marquis Jet, I felt that sort of crazy in the way that he was speaking, and was curious what this guy would turn into. My friend who was helping me with the self-tape made a joke, saying, “Well, you have on a purple shirt. That would be hilarious if you became The Joker.” I brushed it off. Then, when I got the role, [showrunner] Caroline Dries called me the day before I was going to fly to Vancouver and said, “You become our new Joker.” My mouth dropped. It didn’t register. I lost it."
Nick Creegan
  • While never explicitly referred to as "the Joker" on-screen, Nick Creegan, who plays Marquis, confirms via an interview that Marquis was in fact the second incarnation of the Arrowverse's Joker. However, due to limitations by WB, they were unable to officially call him the Joker.
    • Another example of such strict limitations on the show can be seen in Poison Ivy, where Batwoman was only able to use her for three episodes.
  • Although Marquis Jet is an original character created for the series, he does bear some similiarites to James Gordon, Jr. from the DC comics. Like James Jr., Marquis is the brother of a female member of the Bat Team and is a mentally ill killer, who goes on to be an enemy of the Bat family.
  • The orange and red suit worn by Marquis resembles the suit used by the Joker in his 2019 film.
  • Marquis served as the main antagonist Season 3 of Batwoman.