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"Well, you've got a bigger responsibility to your family as a father. The boys need to see what a strong and loving and vulnerable man looks like... what your father was to you. You only have them for a short while longer before they go off into the world. You gotta be present."
"I'm trying. I really am. I don't wanna let anybody down. Was it, um... Was it always this hard for you and Dad?"
"Your lives are so much more complicated than ours ever were. Besides, life's a little different in Smallville, remember?
—Martha Kent and Clark Kent[src]

Martha Kent (died 2020) was the adoptive mother of Clark Kent and the widow of the late Jonathan Kent Sr..


Original multiverse

Finding Kal-El

The Kent Farm.

Martha was born and raised in Smallville, Kansas.[1] She eventually got married and lived on the Kent Farm with her husband, Jonathan Kent, but didn't have children.

Baby Kal-El.

In 1979, when Kal-El arrived from the doomed planet of Krypton and landed in Smallville, Martha and Jonathan found his pod; being a kind-hearted couple, they raised the boy as their own son and named him "Clark Kent". Martha and Jonathan taught Clark important lessons and strong moral values as he grew up, which led him deciding to use the extraordinary powers he gained on Earth from its yellow sun to do good, fighting evil and protecting the innocent as Superman.[2]

In 2018, before leaving Earth for more than nine months, Clark did some repairs on the Kent Farm to ensure it was alright for Martha.[3]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Martha as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[4] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[5]

New multiverse

As a result from the merging of Earth-38 with Earth-1 and Earth-TUD5, the timeline was slightly changed, resulting in Lois and Clark having two sons instead of one, as well as Lex Luthor never being arrested by Superman, and being known worldwide as a beloved and respected humanitarian.[5]

Early life

At some point, Martha married Jonathan Kent and the two lived on the Kent Farm.

Kal-El is found by Martha and Jonathan.

One day, near the farm, a pod fell from the sky; Martha and Jonathan saw a baby inside, adopted him, and named him Clark Kent. As Clark grew, Martha noted that he had extraordinary powers.

Martha and Clark at Jonathan's funeral.

Years later, the Kent family was at a festival at Smallville when Jonathan died suddenly. At the funeral, Martha held Clark's hand as her husband was buried; Clark became emotional and ran from the ceremony.

A year after Jonathan’s death, Clark began questioning his purpose of being sent to Earth, so Martha gave Clark a Crystal they had found with him in the ship. Clark soon left Smallville to discover his destiny.[6]

When Clark decided to become Superman, Martha was supportive and made Clark a special suit that impressed her son so much he bragged its creation to others.

Martha at Lois and Clark's wedding.

After Clark moved from the farm, Martha noticed that poorer people in Smallville needed help with bills; she went to Smallville Bank and took out a reverse-mortgage to finance the less-fortunate. Martha was also present at Clark's wedding with Lois. When they got pregnant with twins, they went to the farm to tell Martha. Over the years, Martha became ill, so she started being treated by Dr Frye.[7]


Martha dies.

In the present, Martha called Clark at Lois and Clark's home but he was not there, so she waited until he called her back; she asked him and his family to come to visit her. The next morning, Martha died of a stroke.[7]


Tribute to Martha Kent.

"Martha Kent was everything this town aspires to be. She was kind, she was generous, and she was always there when you needed her. Everyone in Smallville can remember her sitting right here, talking with and laughing with whoever was right there beside her. And though she is no longer physically with us, her spirit remains, and she will be right here for whoever needs her."
Lana Lang Cushing[src]

Martha's untimed passing caused Clark Kent and Lois Lane to settle with their sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent in Smallville.[7]

Lana believes that Martha would be happy with Clark living again in Smallville.[8]

After the Harvest Festival, Martha was honored by the citizens of Smallville.[6]

Lara Lor-Van feared that Kal-El would mature without a mother's love when she sent him to Earth; Kal-El told her when he spoke to her consciousness via Lana Lang Cushing that Martha was an excellent mother to him and taught him love.[9]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the Golden Age of DC comics, Martha Kent was named Mary Kent. In many versions of Superman's myth, after the Kents adopted Clark, they gave him a first name which was the woman's maiden name, "Clark".