"Bruce's mom was killed for that necklace."
Kate Kane on the importance of Martha Wayne's necklace[src]

A pearl necklace formerly owned by Martha Wayne. It now functions as an entrance into an elevator at Wayne Enterprises which leads to the Batcave.


Martha Wayne wore the pearl necklace on the night of her death when a mugger assaulted her, stole the jewelry, and murdered both Martha and her her husband.

After the couple's murder, their son, Bruce, searched for the necklace on the street for years, eventually buying it back at an auction.[1] Bruce kept the necklace in his office inside a square pyramid-shaped glass container that functioned as an entrance into an elevator that lead to the Batcave.[2]

In 2018, Bruce's cousin, Kate Kane, agreed to have the pearl necklace up for display at a museum to represent the role model Martha was to all women. However, a jewel thief named Magpie broke into Wayne Tower, knocked out Luke Fox, and stole the necklace. Kate, as Batwoman, found and retrieved the pearl necklace, putting it back in its glass container before managing to stop Magpie's plan in stealing all jeweled artifacts at the museum while using a bomb, disguised as the pearl necklace, as a diversion.[1]



Season 1


  • The necklace is esteemed to be worth at least $1,000,000.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Martha Wayne's pearl necklace is the iconic reason she and her husband were killed; the family was walking home from a night out at the opera when a mugger known as "Joe Chill" assaulted them, demanding the necklace and killing the couple after Thomas tried to fight back.


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