Martin Proctor (died 2018) was the leader of the A.S.A. division operating in Freeland.


Martin met with Peter Gambi in Freeland, discussing his plans to kill Black Lightning.[1] He later attempted to contact Teddy Evans to no avail, causing him to tell his people to move their Green Light laboratory. Arriving there, he looked over the product, before they were ambushed by Black Lightning and Thunder. Proctor threatened to kill the chemist, but Black Lightning was unbothered, causing him to escape.[2]

Martin visits Gambi

Sometime later, he visited Gambi and threatened him to come with him or else he would have had innocent civilians shot in the street. After taking Gambi to a hideout, he had other agents torture him. He asked him for Black Lightning's identity, to which Gambi refused to budge. Deciding to bring Gambi's foster son Jefferson Pierce in as leverage, the two were able to escape, allowing Proctor to figure out that Jefferson was actually Black Lightning. With the knowledge of this, he asked Kara Fowdy, an agent and also Jefferson's vice principal at Garfield High School, to take him out.[3]

Martin finished operating on Khalil Payne and requested that Tobias Whale bring in Black Lightning alive as he appeared to be the vaccination they needed since he is still alive unlike the rest of the children affected by it from the '80s. Martin reacted angrily upon finding out Black Lightning is "dead", wanting Thunder killed and Black Lightning's body brought there as the experiment cannot fail.[4]

Black Lightning's team surrounds Martin Proctor

Proctor managed to locate Gambi's secret hideout and sent a team there to capture Thunder, needing metahuman DNA to save the original metahumans as they only have 10 hours. Thunder, Black Lightning, Jennifer Pierce, Lynn Stewart and Gambi manage to subdue the team and Proctor aborted the mission once Freeland PD became involved. The A.S.A. headquarters is attacked by Tobias, Khalil and Syonide but Proctor managed to escape with a briefcase. Arriving at the pod location of the modern-day metahumans, he is confronted by Black Lightning, Thunder, Jennifer, Lynn and Gambi. Proctor attempted to negotiate with them to give him the DNA needed to save the meta-humans, but Gambi determined Proctor was on a rogue mission since he never called for backup. Gambi promptly shot Proctor in order to prevent him from ever experimenting on children again.[5]


Black Lightning

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