Martin Proctor (died 2018) was the leader of the A.S.A..


Martin met with Peter Gambi at Freeland, where he discusses his plans of killing Black Lightning.[1]

Martin visits Gambi

Martin visits Gambi

Sometimes later, he visited Gambi and threatened him to come with him or else he would have shot innocent civilians. After taking Gambi to a hideout, he had the other agents torture him. He asked him for Black Lightning's identity to which Gambi refused to tell. Although, Gambi later escaped with the help of Jefferson, Martin finds out that Jefferson is actually Black Lightning and asked Kara Fowdy, an agent who is also Jefferson's colleague and vice principal of Garfield High School.[2]

Martin finished operating on Khalil Payne and requested that Tobias Whale bring in Black Lightning alive as he appeared to be the vaccination they needed since he is still alive unlike the rest of the children affected by it from the '80s. Martin reacted angrily upon finding out Black Lightning is "dead", wanting Thunder killed and Black Lightning's body brought there as the experiment cannot fail. [3]



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