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"Martin Somers. Laurel's targeted the worst of Starling City, so it's no surprise his name is on my father's list. The city's police and DA can't stop him, or won't."
Oliver Queen[src]

Martin Somers is a former corrupt businessman and CEO of Starling Port, with ties to the Chinese Triad. His name is on "The List".


Murder of Victor Nocenti

Martin Somers was the CEO of Starling Port. At some point, he began taking bribes from the Chinese Triad in exchange for allowing them to smuggle drugs into Starling City through his port. In September 2012, Victor Nocenti, a stevedore at the port, discovered the operation. To protect his business and prevent Victor from going to the police, Somers ordered for him to be killed.

Afterwards, Victor's daughter, Emily Nocenti, filed a civil suit against Somers and took him to court, represented by legal aid attorney Laurel Lance. Four weeks later, before his hearing at the courthouse, Somers tried to convince the media in response to the murder allegations that he was an honest businessman facing unprovoked slander from Laurel and CNRI.

That night at his port, Somers ordered his lawyer to make sure the trial went their way, lest his reputation become "crucified". Suddenly, he was ambushed and captured by the Starling City vigilante, who demanded that Somers confess to having Victor killed, cutting his cheek with an arrow as a warning. Afterwards when the police arrived, Somers denied that he had been attacked by the vigilante when interrogated by Detective Quentin Lance, despite blatant evidence depicting the contrary. Lance made it clear he didn't buy Somers' story. In response, Somers called the situation "a conflict of interest" as the detective's daughter was prosecuting him. Somers subtly threatened retaliation in his "emotional" state against Lance and Laurel if they didn't back off.

Somers later contacted Chien Na Wei, warning her that the vigilante is a bigger threat to their operation than Victor ever was. Chien proposed they kill Emily, as unlike the vigilante, they knew where to find her. However, Somers shot down the suggestion, pointing out that Emily's murder would just provide more motivation for Laurel to put them away. Chien then suggested they take out Laurel instead, which Somers agreed to.

The next night after Chien failed in killing Laurel, Somers tried to leave Starling City, knowing the Triad would want to erase every piece of evidence of their smuggling operation, including him. While packing, the vigilante arrived. Somers tried to escape, but was cornered. He tried to pin the full blame of Victor's murder on the Triad but the vigilante forced Somers to reveal that he gave the order. The confession was recorded and given to Detective Lance. The district attorney now had enough evidence to prosecute Somers, sending him to prison for the rest of his life.[1]



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Behind the Scenes

  • In the DC comics, Martin Somers was the corrupt CEO of Elevast, a construction company. He illegally and forcibly evicted people from their homes standing on the sites chosen for his hotels. His deeds were discovered by Joanna Pierce, a lawyer and friend of Green Arrow. In order to prevent Elevast from facing a tribunal, Somers hired Constantine Drakon to kill Joanna. This failed and incurred the wrath of her uncle, Black Lightning, who apparently killed Somers as revenge. However, it was later revealed that Deathstroke assassinated Somers on behalf of a rival company.
    • Similar to the comics, Somers' Arrowverse counterpart's illegal dealings faced opposition from legal aid attorney Laurel Lance.
      • Interestingly, both iterations share several similarities with Adam Hunt in this regard.