The Martin Stein puppet is a puppet designed with the likeness of the late Martin Stein, originally intended to be used by Leo Snart for the purpose of therapy. It was later possessed by the Dybbuk named Mike the Spike.


Following the demise of Martin Stein during the Nazi invasion, Leo Snart attempted to help the Legends get over their grief by using the puppet so they could let out any bottled up emotions. There are varying with each of the Legends, but ultimately Leo decides it was a bad idea and discards the puppet.[1]

When a Dybbuk named Mike the Spike was taken aboard the Waverider with his old doll form being destroyed, he went in search of a new vessel. He found one in the form of the Martin Stein puppet and took possession of it, using it to fight the Legends. After a scuffle, Mike manages to get subdued still in the Martin Stein puppet and imprisoned in a anti-magic isolation chamber.[2][3]


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