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"Do you know how many horrible people that I've saved? Druggies... thugs with face tattoos. Pulled a windshield out of a guy who stole the car that he totaled. Walked out of my clinic the next day like nothing had happened. But I... I couldn't save her."
—Mary Hamilton to Kate Kane[src]

Dr. Mary Hamilton[1] (born May 17, 1995)[2] is medical student graduate of Gotham University and influencer-in-the-making who secretly runs an illegal clinic to help Gotham's impoverished communities. She is the daughter of the late Catherine Hamilton-Kane, the step-daughter of Jacob Kane, and the step-sister of Kate Kane and Beth Kane.

Mary acted as a close ally and medical support to Batwoman since the beginning of the latter's vigilante activities. After Alice killed her mother, Mary distanced herself a bit from Kate because she believed in Alice before, but eventually they made up. After revealing to Kate that she'd figured out her secret identity, Mary officially became a member of the Bat Team.

Following Kate's disappearance, a woman named Ryan Wilder found the Batsuit and assumed the identity of Batwoman to avenge the death of her adoptive mother, Cora Lewis who had been indirectly killed by Alice. Mary and Luke gave Ryan the blessing and would allow her to continue wearing the suit to protect the city until Kate returned. During this, Mary became the new owner of The Hold Up and Ryan's best friend.

Mary's clinic was eventually discovered and shut down by her step-father, Jacob. Mary then decided to fully finance the reopening of her clinic herself and prepared to legalize it by adding a community center. After Kate was found, she decided to leave Gotham to look for Bruce and she and Mary said their goodbyes, permanently making Ryan Batwoman.

After being infected by one of Pamela Isley's vines, Mary was turned into a meta-human who possesses plant-based powers, becoming the second Poison Ivy. With Alice's help, Mary embraces her new identity as Poison Ivy. After Mary discovered that Ryan will have her incarcerated if she doesn't take the cure, she destroyed the cure in order to keep her meta-human powers and turns against her former friends in the process. Later, after a confrontation against Pamela, Mary has (apparently) lost her powers and became human again.


Original multiverse

Early life

Mary was born on May 17, 1995 in Gotham City to an unknown father and Catherine Hamilton, the heiress of the Hamilton Dynamics arms fortune.

The Hamilton-Kane wedding news

9-year-old Mary in an article about her mother's marriage to Jacob Kane.

On May 25, 2004 when Mary was nine years old,[3] Catherine married Jacob Kane and she met her step-sister, Kate Kane.[4] However, being quite different from one another, the two never really managed to become close, despite Mary's best efforts at being friendly. Nonetheless, she was very close with her stepfather, who loved Mary like his own daughter.[5] Also, despite their seemingly nonexistent relationship, Mary looked up to Kate throughout her life, with Kate in turn growing fond and protective of her, albeit maintaining a tough facade.[6][7]

Mary attended Gotham Preparatory High School. After turning 16, she was taught by Kate how to drive even though Kate didn't have a driver's license. Once, their car was pulled over by some cops, but Kate charmed them into not giving her and Mary a ticket. Mary was asked to homecoming by Derrick Peters, only to be stood up at the dance, upsetting her. Kate then hunted Derrick down and locked him in a urinal to avenge her step-sister.[6] Mary vied for Kate's attention with her stepsister's friend, Evan Blake, and according to Mary, Evan always won.[8]

Growing up, Mary became very active on social media, to the point of being considered sort of an influencer,[9] much to her mother's dismay.[4] At some point, she also underwent cosmetic surgery to model her cheekbones after the well-known influencer Mia Cortez.[10]

Sometime after graduating college, Mary enrolled in Gotham University as a medical student. Mary claimed it was only so she could find her "future husband", whom she wanted to be a rich doctor. In actuality though, Mary was very interested in medicine and secretly became an excellent student.[9] At Gotham University, she attended three classes taught by Dr. Ethan Campbell,[11] while a friend of hers studied Professor John Carr's cryptography courses.[12]

Secret clinic

At some point before 2018, Mary started to distribute water and Band-Aids to residents of the poor neighborhood of Bennett Ave.. Sympathetic towards the people's plight, she eventually began using her medical expertise and Gotham University's funds to open an illegal clinic in the area.[4]

Kidnapping of Sophie Moore

Mary Hamilton attends the switching of the Bat-Signal

Mary attends the switching off of the Bat-Signal.

In late 2018, Mary attended the switching off of the Bat-Signal with her mother and stepfather, during which she took a selfie with a kid dressed as Batman. After Sophie Moore was kidnapped by Alice and her Wonderland gang, Mary called her step-sister, Kate, during the latter's global travels to tell her what happened.

Later at the Kane penthouse, Mary and Catherine organized a surprise welcome-home party for Kate, during which the former talked her step-sister's ear off. When Kate wondered why Mary called her, Mary revealed that she accidentally came upon a box of pictures of Kate and Sophie's relationship, and thought Kate would want to be in Gotham for her. She was then pulled away by her mother to take a photo with a councilwoman.

Mary stitch up Kate's wounds at her illegal clinic

Mary stitches up Kate's wounds at her illegal clinic.

The following day, Mary was working at her clinic when she found Kate left on the doorstep. Kate was brought in and Mary helped stitch up a wound on her arm. Mary explained all about her secret clinic while also tending to an old man, pleased when Kate complimented her actions. Later, a member of the Wonderland gang was brought into her clinic and somehow confessed Sophie's location, which Mary immediately informed Kate of over the phone.

Mary listen to a child describing the Bat

Mary listens to a child describing the Bat.

The next day, after the city believed that Batman had returned, Mary listened to a child at her clinic describe how the Bat flew. She was delighted at the possibility that Batman was once again protecting Gotham.[4]

Nearly killed by Alice

Kane penthouse

Breakfast at Kane penthouse.

The following day over breakfast, Mary watched an "adorable" video of a baby turtle eating a strawberry and showed it to Kate. When Kate again dismissed her father's offer to join the Crows, Mary asked if it was because of Sophie, expressing her shock that Sophie was now married to a man and began offhandedly teasing Kate by asking out loud what her actual sexual orientation was. A frazzled Kate cut her off by revealing to Jacob her suspicious that Alice was actually her long-lost twin, Beth, shocking everyone.

Mary asks Kate to have dinner together

Mary asks Kate to have dinner together.

Later that day, Mary was visited by Kate at her clinic in order to speak with one of Alice's men who was brought in last night, and gave him a coded message to deliver to his boss. After the man left, Mary asked Kate if she wanted to have dinner with her, since they hadn't been able to spend time together since Kate returned to Gotham. Kate accepted her invitation and they planned to meet that evening out of the clinic.

Mary is attacked by Dodgson

Mary is attacked by Dodgson.

Mary waited a long time, but Kate did not show up for their appointment (being at a secret meeting with Alice). After a brief blackout in the building, Dodgson appeared and attacked Mary, intending to murder her on Alice's orders since the latter was jealous of Mary being Kate's "new sister". Mary managed to defend herself by stabbing Dodgson in the leg with a scalpel and locked herself in a closet. She was then saved by Batwoman, who revealed herself as the new Bat vigilante.

Mary tell Kate that she's favoring the supposedly deceased Beth over her

Mary confronts Kate about always favoring Beth.

The next morning, Mary was shaken from Dodgson's attack and instinctively pulled a gun on Kate when the latter came to check on her at the clinic. After calming down, Mary scolded Kate for ditching her, stating it was ironic why Alice attacked her because she felt Kate didn't consider her a sister at all. Kate insisted that wasn't true but Mary was skeptical and asked if Alice was "worth it". When Kate couldn't answer, Mary requested Kate to let Alice know that she "wasn't a threat" before walking away, upset.[13]

Mary is confronted by Sophie

Mary confronted by Sophie.

After the incident, Mary spent several nights working late at her clinic. One morning, she vaccinated a child and rewarded her with a sweet for not crying after the shot. Mary then returned to the Kane penthouse, pretending she spent the whole night partying. There, she was confronted by Sophie, whom Jacob assigned to Mary's personal protection due to the latter having become Alice's target.

Sophie escorts Mary at Gotham University

Sophie escorts Mary at Gotham University.

Much to Mary's dismay and embarrassment, Sophie followed her the whole day, even during her classes at Gotham University. While doing her schoolwork, Mary commented that she couldn't find her "future husband" if Sophie kept following her around, proceeding to ask about her own marriage. Sophie avoided the question by asking instead about Kate and why she continued to refuse to join the Crows, to which Mary replied that it was because Sophie is one of them.

Kate, Mary and Sophie awkwardly take an elevator together

An awkward elevator trip.

Mary and her family attended Tommy Elliot's party at Elliot Tower. She and Sophie were riding together in an elevator when Kate entered. Mary complained to her step-sister about having a "baby-sitter" and she and Kate mutually commented between one another how annoying Sophie was. The elevator began a long ascent, dominated by an embarrassed silence.

Sophie helps Mary escape the elevator

Sophie helps Mary escape the elevator.

Later at the party, Mary complained again to her mother about giving her a bodyguard, but Catherine stated it was inevitable since they lived in difficult times. A few moments later, Jacob ordered some of the Crows to escort his family away after receiving a phone call from Alice. However, due to Tommy having planted bombs on three elevators in the tower, Mary found herself stuck in one of them alongside Sophie and Tyler. She interrupted the couple when they started bickering about Sophie not telling Tyler about Kate and suggested they pry the doors open. The three of them managed to escape the elevator.

Mary saves a woman's life at Elliot Tower

Mary saves a woman's life at Elliot Tower.

On their way out of Elliot Tower, Mary and Sophie ran into some people wounded by an explosion from the first elevator. Mary managed at first sight to locate a woman who wasn't adequately tended to, making a correct diagnosis of her condition and saving the woman's life, under the astonished gazes of a paramedic and Sophie. After Tommy was arrested, Mary recovered from the incident with a shock blanket and hot chocolate. She watched from afar as Kate was asked out by a bartender and noted Sophie's conflicted reaction.[9]

Assisting Batwoman

"I'm the good sister."
—Mary Hamilton[src]
Batwoman brings Dodgson to Mary's clinic

Batwoman brings Dodgson to Mary's clinic.

When Dodgson developed an infection due to his days of captivity at the hand of Batwoman, she brought him to Mary's clinic asking her to deal with his wound with the maximum discretion. Mary, declaring to be a "big fan" of the vigilante, reluctantly accepted despite the man having attempted to kill her.

Mary tricks Dodgson into revealing some details of Alice's plan

Mary tricks Dodgson into revealing some details of Alice's plan.

That evening, while he was handcuffed to the bed and drugged with morphine, Dodgson began hallucinating, calling for his boss and lover Alice. Hearing that, Mary decided to impersonate Alice in an attempt to extorting him part of the latter's villainous plan and prompting him to reveal her that a key component to it was a mysterious figure named "Mouse".

Mary after being complimented by Batwoman

Mary after being complimented by Batwoman.

Later, Batwoman came back to the clinic asking Mary for Dodgson conditions and she claimed he was stable, also referring her what she had discovered regarding Alice's intentions, which prompted Batwoman to plant a subdermal transmitter on Dodgson in order to track him after he returned to Alice, while complimenting Mary for her work.[14]

Catherine confess her past deed to Mary

Catherine confess her past deed to Mary.

The next day, during a walk by the river with her mother, Catherine revealed to Mary that she actually faked Beth's death years ago by passing off deer bone fragments as her's and paying the coroner to manipulate the DNA test. She explained her actions were to help Jacob and Kate would move on. Mary was deeply unsettled by her mother's statement, deeming it as an "horrible thing", and walked away from her in a state of shock.

Carl (Gotham City)

A drunken Mary under Carl's custody.

Distressed, Mary got completely drunk and stormed into Wayne Tower, demanding to speak with her step-sister. She was subsequently taken under the concierge, Carl's, custody and escorted to the head of security, Luke Fox. Luke introduced himself as Kate's assistant, explaining she was not there and that he can deliver a message to her if needed. Mary went off on a confusing rumble, from which Luke only understood that her mother may or may not have killed a deer, prompting her to explain everything from the beginning.

Drunken Mary lashes out at Luke

Mary lashes out at Luke.

Mary spent the whole day at Wayne Tower complaining to Luke about being the daughter of the "Wicked Witch of Gotham". Upon realizing that Alice was indeed Beth as Kate had believed, Mary asked Luke if Kate was with her, which he confirmed. Mary then bitterly lashed out at Luke over how Kate always favored her supposed dead twin over the former, even now that Beth had become a convicted serial killer, despite all of Mary's efforts to be a good stepsister.

Mary watches Luke's researches

Mary watches Luke's researches.

After a while, still intoxicated due to the alcoholic beverages kept in Bruce's office, Mary watched Luke researching the Arkham Asylum outbreak, discovering the authorities had covered up everything about it. She later noticed footage of Alice being the Skin Pirate and got hungry for pizza. That evening, after ordering and eating a pizza, Mary apologized to Luke for disturbing him all day and left the building, asking him to simply tell Kate that she was sorry.[15]

Sophie awakens in Mary's secret clinic

Sophie awakens in Mary's secret clinic.

A few nights later, after Sophie was wounded in a gunfire at 200 of Rucka Avenue, Batwoman brought her to Mary's clinic asking her to take care of her and prevent her from leaving the facility. Despite her skepticism she obeyed and nursed the woman back to health. After Sophie woke up, she asked were she was, to which Mary revealed the truth about her illegal clinic then, noticing she was handcuffed, Sophie asked to be released and Mary replied it was due to Batwoman's order. Frustrated, Sophie stated that the reason why Batwoman didn't want her to leave was that she knew her real identity, however Mary replied that she had no interest in that knowledge as she already has enough responsibility in her place of clandestine work to go around.

Mary gives a box of ibuprofen and some warnings to Sophie

Mary gives a box of ibuprofen and some warnings to Sophie.

Later, Sophie managed to free herself and was about to leave the clinic being intercepted by Mary, who gave her some medical advises and a box of ibuprofen, urging her not to reveal to her step-father about her clinic nor Batwoman's identity due to betray people was kinda becoming "her thing" and she shouldn't hurt Batwoman the way she hurt Kate several years ago.

Mary warns Batwoman that Sophie knows her identity

Mary warns Batwoman that Sophie knows her identity.

Then, after Batwoman came to visit her, asking about Sophie, Mary explained she had let her go despite the fact she probably knew her identity and would reveal it to the Crows' commander. Despite she expected the vigilante to be angered, she was surprised when Batwoman thanked her for saving Sophie and quietly left; the vigilante even let it slide and believed Mary when the latter claimed that Sophie did not divulge Batwoman's secret identity to her, knowing that was indeed the case otherwise Mary would not fear Batwoman if she knew who she was underneath the cowl.[16]

Family crisis

Catherine and Mary in a limousine

Catherine and Mary going to the divorce proceedings.

When Jacob planned to divorce Catherine, Mary reluctantly accompanied her mother to see the lawyers. While riding in their limousine, Mary admitted she wanted to be anywhere but there, lamenting how Catherine's actions had torn apart their family, especially with Kate now resenting her after they had just started to form a relationship. Catherine insisted her daughter would understand her decision when she became a mother, though Mary was unconvinced. Catherine then answered a call from Hamilton Dynamics regarding their secret weapon's disappearance and Dean Deveraux's death.

Mary tries to talk with Kate about their family crisis

Mary tries to talk with Kate about their family crisis.

Late that night, Mary got into the Wayne Tower once again thanks to Carl the receptionist, whom she bribed with a Frappuccino. After reaching Bruce's former office to speak to Kate about their parents, Mary found her about to enter a "safe room". She greeted Luke and met Julia Pennyworth, Kate's "other assistant". Mary expressed skepticism over Kate having two assistants working late in a real estate firm with no real estate. Kate claimed she was busy and would call her the following day. Upset, Mary then wondered if Kate was even a little shaken about their family collapsing and if she should even try keeping them together before leaving.

Kate and Mary put the beginning touches on their gay bar

Kate and Mary put the first touches on their new gay bar.

The next day, Kate invited Mary to an abandoned building across the street from Alessandro's that she had just bought with her firm. When Mary arrived, Kate revealed her intentions to convert the site into a gay bar in retaliation to Alessandro's homophobia and wanted her step-sister's help with her first real estate endeavor. Mary was enthusiastic at the idea, gladly suggesting to be the one to manage the bar's design.[5]

Mary tries to convince Kate to come to the annual Humanitarian Ball

Mary tries to convince Kate to come with her to the Humanitarian Ball.

Mary convinced her step-father (actually Mouse in disguise) to join her and her mother at Gotham's annual Humanitarian Ball, where Catherine would receive the Humanitarian Award. She then approached Kate at their bar with a suit to wear at the event but Kate declined, unable to forgive Catherine for her actions. Mary pointed out that Kate spent the past few months forgiving Alice, to which Kate claimed it was different as Alice was "[her] family". Mary was hurt by Kate's words, which implied she still didn't count as her step-sister's family. Brushing off Kate's attempts to explain, Mary left, revealing that Jacob had agreed to come to the ball for her sake.

A toast in Catherine's honor

A toast in Catherine's honor.

That night, she went to the Orpheum Theatre with "Jacob" and Catherine, making a toast of champagne in the latter honor while on their limousine. Then after in the middle of her speech Catherine started to reveal a series of crimes in front of the audience due to Alice blackmail (whose men had surrounded de building infiltrating the Crows) and subsequently collapsed, Mary help to transport her to the back of the stage and called the hospital while "Jacob" left stating that he was going to look for help.

Alice tells Mary and Catherine there's only enough antidote for one of them

Alice tells Mary and Catherine there's only enough antidote for one of them.

However, as the man leave Alice entered the room revealing that Catherine was poisoned with a Hamilton Dynamics toxin by Mouse posing as Jacob and that she got the antidote with her. After pouring the antidote into a teacup, Alice forced Catherine to apologize to her for the years of suffering she endured because of her deception then, having received said apology, she revealed that Mary was poisoned too and that there was only enough antidote for one of them.

Mary tries to revive her mother

Mary tries to revive her mother.

Obeying her mother's last wish, Mary took the antidote. She broke down in tears as Catherine declared that raising her daughter was the only good thing that she had done in her life; Catherine revealed she was aware about Mary's activities with her clinic, much to the latter's shock, and was proud of her. Catherine then succumbed to the poison and died in Mary's arms. Mary desperately performed CPR on Catherine in an attempt to revive her mother, to no avail.

Mary makes Kate realize that Beth wasn't worth it

Mary makes Kate realize that Beth wasn't worth it.

A heartbroken Mary returned to her clinic, where she was reached by Kate. However, Mary spitefully rejected her step-sister, stating that if Kate hadn't given Beth the benefit of doubt so many times, her mother would still be alive. Mary tearfully revealed how Catherine willingly gave up her life to save the former and pointed out that while her mother made mistakes, she didn't deserve to die the way she did. Mary asked Kate one more time if Alice was "worth it", prompting Kate to finally admit she was not. Mary simply responded it was too late and walked off.

After Kate left, Mary destroyed some items in her clinic in a rage as she broke down in grief.[17]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Mary as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[18] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[19]

New multiverse

Jacob's trial

Mary shuts down her social media accounts

Mary shuts down her social media accounts.

A week after Catherine's death, due to the several critics she received via social media for her family's and company's corruption, Mary decided to shut down all of her accounts, recording a last live feed to explain to all of her followers that it would be better for everyone.

Mary explains to Kate how she is taking care of Jacob's trial

Mary tells Kate how she is taking care of Jacob's trial.

Right as she was doing it, Kate entered her secret clinic asking once more how she felt; however, Mary answered with a series of snarky remarks on her twin sister's role in her mother's murder. Mary explained that she hired various team of lawyers, including Hewitt & Associates, in order to take care of Jacob's defense at the trial while Sophie has taken charge of a strike team to arrest Alice and Mouse, also stating that she was busy trying to find a plastic surgeon willing to testify that Mouse was wearing a mask made of skin grafts to pose as her stepfather. As Kate asked Mary how she could help her, the latter responded by telling her that she could ask her sister to stop desecrating her mother's grave daily, remembering that she knew Alice could have done something that evil, yet Kate choose to ignore her.

Mary calls Jacob in jail

Mary calls Jacob in jail.

Later, Mary talked to Jacob in prison explaining that she managed to postpone his hearing for a week in order not to have it coincide with Valentine's Day, yet she still had difficulties in finding a professional to testify that "face exchange" could be possible. Jacob replied that she should talk with someone and that despite all the differences of opinion between him and her mother, he never stopped wanting to be her father, to which the latter responded that she had no time for feeling sorry for herself and that she needed to concentrate on freeing him.

Mary talks to Dr

Mary talks to Dr. Campbell.

That evening, Mary visited Dr. Ethan Campbell after one of his classes at Gotham University asking him to be a witness in Jacob's trial; however the man politely dismissed the idea of a man completely resembling another as sci-fi, suggesting that the girl was still traumatized because of the event.

Mary dismantles her secret clinic

Mary dismantles her secret clinic.

While walking home and talking with Sophie on the phone, Mary had the impression of seeing a woman who looked like Alice entering Gotham University and had her send a strike team, but, a few hours later, Sophie went at Mary's clinic while she was dismantling it, having become disillusioned at her ability to save people due to losing her mom, and told her that they didn't find the villainess, thus suggesting that the girl was put under extreme duress and she needed to take time to cope with her loss and simply grief for her mother.

Mary and Kate reconcile

Mary and Kate reconcile.

The following day, Kate visited Mary in her clinic after the latter had made yet another unsuccessful call to a surgeon. Mary broke down in tears and, without saying a word, the step-sisters hugged and reconciled.[11]

Meeting Beth Kane's doppelgänger

Mary investigates the second Beth with Kate and Luke

Mary investigates the second Beth with Kate and Luke.

The following day, Sophie informed her that a woman who looked identical to Beth entered Kate's office and had a brief skirmish with the latter, deducing it was the same woman she saw at Gotham University, Mary went at Wayne Enterprises helping Luke and Kate to check the belongings that the mysterious woman left behind. After discovering the intruder's DNA perfectly matched that of Alice - who was still locked under Crows custody - Mary found the doppelgänger's 300 page dissertation on theoretical extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology, thus deciding to go asking Gotham University if someone knew this "Beth".

Mary helps Beth to pose as Alice

Mary helps Beth to pose as Alice.

Later, after Mouse kidnapped Kate asking Alice's release on exchange for her freedom and that of Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes and the other Beth offered to pretend to be Alice in order to save her, Mary helped the woman dress up to look the part of the villain and she was both confused and unsettled because the last time she had looked at Alice, her mom was dying in her arms after being poisoned. Beth told Mary that she couldn't help but feel guilty for this Earth's Beth causing all that harm to her as Alice, to which Mary pointed out she shouldn't feel that way as she was "nothing like that bitch".

Mary holds a birthday party for her step-sister

Mary holds a birthday party for Kate.

Later that night, after Kate, the boys and Beth were all saved, Mary organized a surprise birthday party for her step-sister at the Hold Up together with Luke and Beth; there she told Kate that despite resenting Alice and never really understanding why she wanted to reach her before that day, but after meeting the other Beth she was starting to understand what she missed about her sister. Mary also correctly guessed the existence of the Multiverse, its collapse, and the birth of Earth-Prime, then dismissing it as an impossible idea and watched as, after blowing their cake's candles together with Kate, Beth started to get a splitting headache.[3]

Mary and Luke tries to sneak Beth through a Crows' checkpoint

Mary and Luke tries to sneak Beth through a Crows' checkpoint.

Mary and Luke immediately tried to transport Beth at the Gotham General Hospital but they were stopped at a checkpoint of the Crows, who were looking for Alice with the order to kill. They managed to avoid arrest thank to Batwoman's intervention however they are eventually forced to come back at the Wayne Tower, where Mary extracted a blood sample from Beth and analyzed it discovering that her blood cells were rapidly deteriorating, to which the latter theorized that the new Universe was literally not big enough for both her and Alice, who were sucking up life force from each other to stay alive; however Mary claimed that their degeneration would eventually kill them both in seven hours.

Mary analyzes Beth's blood

Mary analyzes Beth's blood.

Shocked, Kate ask Luke, Mary and Beth herself to find a solution as Gotham's most intelligent people, while she tried to stop Sophie's hunt for Alice through all the city.

Later, Mary went to her clinic to consult some of her books, however she was approached by Alice, who reminded her of the antidote she drank the night she poisoned her and her mother, which was still in her blood and could cure any disease.

Mary tells Alice she doesn't deserve to live

Mary tells Alice she doesn't deserve to live.

The villainess then knocked Mary down and extracted a sample of her blood, however she woke up and, taking advantage of another of Alice's headaches, attacked her eventually managing to subdue and handcuffing her to a cot in her clinic. Alice begged her to have that blood saying it was the only thing that could save her life, to which Mary replied she can't imagine someone less deserving of living.

Mary tells Kate to take her choice

Mary tells Kate to take her choice.

Then, Mary left her clinic and met with Kate out of the Wayne Tower in order to give her the syringe with her blood explaining that it could make one of the two women's life last longer and she could ever choose to save Beth, one of the most caring persons she met, or Alice, the "psycho" who killed her mother. Leaving the ultimate choice to her Kate, Mary left the scene.[20]

Discovering Kate's secret

Kate, Luke and Mary discusses the aftermath of Beth's murder

Mary, Kate, and Luke discuss the aftermath of Beth's murder.

The following morning, Mary, Kate and Luke discussed the aftermath of Beth's murder. Mary expressed that Beth wasn't supposed to die and tried to comfort Luke about not having been able to protect her. Luke replied that they need to figure out who the shooter was, to which Mary stated they needed to prepare themselves for the real Alice, as the Crows now believe her to be dead and she would probably hold a grudge against Kate for choosing to save her doppelgänger over her. Mary assured Kate that in spite of all of the consequences, she made the right choice. However, Kate pointed out it didn't matter as the wrong Beth survived.

Mary checks Kate's blood

Mary checks Kate's blood.

The next day, after confronting Nocturna, Kate had her blood checked by Mary at her clinic, claiming she suspected herself of having the flu. Mary suggested Kate's symptoms could be psychosomatic as a manifestation of her guilt for choosing Beth over Alice. After the analysis was completed, Mary found ketamine in Kate's blood and asked how it was possible. Kate quickly claimed that she drank heavily during her real estate classes as "no one wants to take them sober" before leaving a perplexed Mary behind.

Sophie and Mary at the Hold Up inauguration

Mary and Sophie at The Hold Up's inauguration.

That night, Mary went at the opening party of The Hold Up, noticing Sophie among the crowd. She urged Sophie loosen up and enjoy the party despite the agent's claims she was there to work as per Commander Kane's order. Mary offered Sophie some vodka and encouraged her into flirting with Elle Scantlin, leaving the two alone with an excuse after they started to chat.

Mary is rescued from Andi Ostergaard by Luke

Mary is "rescued" by Luke from Andi Ostergaard.

After this, however, Mary was approached by Andi Ostergaard a woman who followed her on Instagram and had a crush on her, assuming she was a lesbian, too, as they were both in a queer bar. Andi tried to hit on a nervous Mary, who was then "rescued" by Luke. When Andi asked if he was her boyfriend, Mary quickly lied saying it was her boyfriend's brother, prompting Andi to leave. Luke remarked that she was very firm into stating that he wasn't her boyfriend, to which she blushed a little and simply complimented his phosphorescent tie. After Luke departed to "assist" Kate, Mary looked at the facts that he seem to work 24/7 for her and had an earphone in a suspicious way.

Batwoman rescues Mary from Nocturna's captivity

Batwoman saves Mary from Nocturna.

When Mary left the party and headed back home, she noticed a drunk woman in the corner and tried to help her. As soon as she approached the woman, Mary was suddenly attacked and kidnapped by Nocturna, who took her to the Gotham Cathedral Church. Nocturna planned to drain Mary's blood for the Desert Rose she previously took from Alice as a cure. Luckily, Mary was saved by Batwoman, who managed to defeat Nocturna, and unexpectedly Alice, who gave her a blood transfusion.

Mary is rescued from Nocturna

Mary recovers her clinic after being rescued.

Mary was brought back to her clinic in Bennett Ave. to recover. The following morning, Mary was visited by Kate and stated she felt fine, enjoying the thought that Batwoman bought her some cookies after saving her. Mary explained that she did some tests on her own blood but didn't find anything abnormal anymore.

Mary realizes Kate's identity

Mary realizes Kate is Batwoman.

Later, after hearing from Vesper Fairchild's talk show that Nocturna used ketamine-injecting teeth on her victims, Mary remembered that Sophie told her Batwoman had been bitten by the villainess during their first fight and how she found ketamine in Kate's blood. Mary put the pieces together, remembering Luke's odd behavior and Batwoman's public coming out, which caused her to finally realize Kate's secret identity.[2]

Mary meets Sophie at the Hold Up

Mary meets Sophie at the Hold Up.

The following morning, Mary met Sophie at the Hold Up and, seeing how happy she seemed despite being suspended from her job, asked what was happening, to which the latter made her promise not to tell it to anyone and then revealed that she kissed Batwoman, prompting Mary to ask her if she knew her identity. Sophie replied she didn't and asked the same question, but Mary kept the secret over what she have just discovered.

Mary gives Kate informations on Gotham's influencers

Mary gives Kate information on Gotham's influencers.

Later, Kate visited her asking her how does she felt since the Serial Slasher started targeting influencers like Mia Cortez and Kimberly Wright, thus making her a potential target. Mary stated that it would be hard as most of her followers abandoned her after her mother publicly confessed her crimes, she listed Kate all the influencers' connections and gossip, explaining many had undergone cosmetic surgery by Dr. Campbell and persistently suggesting that she can help her with her knowledge in the field or her medical skills, however Kate declined and told her to simply be careful.

Mary helps Batwoman identify Veronica May

Mary helps Batwoman identify Veronica May.

That night, after having visited Duela's home and found pictures of all of her victims but failing to recognize the next, Kate went back to Mary under the persona of Batwoman. The girl told her that she knew she would have came to her asking help and, after Batwoman asked her how Mary replied that she was observant and intelligent, skills which are too often underestimated. She then correctly recognize the picture of the next victim as Veronica May before changing name and having cosmetic surgery, she also explained where to find her and, after the vigilante stormed off, Mary go take a take away pizza at the Slice of Gotham.

Mary talks with Alice at her clinic

Mary talks with Alice at her clinic.

Coming back at her clinic, Mary found Alice and her Wonderland gang stealing medical supplies, her self-proclaimed "sister" explained that she was collecting her debt since she owed her life to her after the blood transfusion with whom she saved Mary from Nocturna. When Alice asked her if Batwoman hasn't told it to her, Mary was puzzled and asked if she knew who she is, to which the villainess told her she did, pointing out that if she hadn't told it to Mary too, maybe they weren't as close as she believed.

Mary tells Kate she hopes that one day she would trust her

Mary tells Kate she hopes that one day she would trust her.

The next morning, before the Hold Up opened, Mary met there with Kate and asked her if she was troubled by something, remembering she could talk about everything with her; Kate simply replied that she failed an important business deal, however Mary asked her if she remembered the first time in which she was transported to her clinic, stating that nor even for a single second she thought that Kate would have reported her to the police or told her to stop, because she trusted her, adding that she hoped that one day Kate would trust her in the same way.[10]

Mary and Luke gets informations from Mad Dog

Mary and Luke get information from Mad Dog.

After spreading some flyers that announced a $1,000 reward for anyone with information about a car spotted by some camera near Twin Pines Inn the night of Beth's murder, Mary was approached at her clinic by an individual who introduced himself as Mad Dog, who claimed he have saw said car in a junkyard in the Green; immediately the girl called Luke Fox and asked Mad Dog to tell him the same thing since they believe said car belong to Beth's killer. Despite Mad Dog's thuggish appearance and rough attitude lead Luke not to trust him, Mary believed him and gave him his reward.

Mary and Luke in the junkyard

Mary and Luke in the junkyard.

Then, the two went to the junkyard indicated by the man, finding the car and ultimately proving Mad Dog to be trustworthy; Luke apologized for having doubted Mary's instinct and immediately opened the trunk, finding the rifle that killed Beth. Right in that moment, Mary received an incoming call from an unknown number and, after she answer it, she discovered it was Batwoman seeking her help to save a "bad guy" who just stabbed his own throat. The girl managed to explain via phone how to close the wound with a stapler and, after Batwoman thanked her she told her that she'd be there for her in anytime. Then, as for a sort of spite towards Luke, who insisted on not using "gadgets" during their investigations so as not to be discovered, when he asked her what Batwoman wanted at the phone, Mary replied that it was a "doctor-vigilante secret".

Mary searches the Batcave's entrance

Mary searches the Batcave's entrance.

Later that evening, back at the Wayne Tower, while Luke tried to track the car's license plate, Mary tried to find the Batcave's entrance by randomly moving books in the library, only to lie that she was interest in said books after Luke asked her what she was doing. Then, when Luke managed to find out who the car was registered to, she was as surprised as him to find out that it was Mabel Cartwright, who died at the same time her son went into hiding.[21]

Mary at Luke's side at Gotham's Temple of Justice

Mary at Luke's side at Gotham's Temple of Justice.

After discovering that Reggie Harris' post-conviction hearing was anticipated, Mary reached Luke at Gotham's Temple of Justice moments before it began, grabbed his hand and told him that, having lost a parent herself, she knew how he could feel about facing his father's killer. Luke thanked her to be there and, after she asked where his mother was, he explained she didn't made it as she was unable to stand the situation. Mary stayed at Luke's side for all the process and, after Judge Wellington accepted his appeal for a new trial setting Reggie free until that date, she tried to calm Luke telling him it wasn't over.

Mary meets Sophie and Julia at her clinic

Mary meets Sophie and Julia at her clinic.

Later that evening, while coming back to her secret clinic she found there Sophie intent on tend Julia's arm and began assisting her. The two informed her that they were attacked by a hitman due to a bounty on Sophie's head, guessing that since she was investigating the cover-up of Lucius Fox's murder, that was the reason someone wanted her dead.

Mary panics after seeing Luke covered in blood

Mary sees Luke covered in blood.

Later that night, Luke came to her clinic covered in blood and Mary panicked, asking what happened to him, Luke reassured her explaining the blood wasn't his and that Reggie was killed in front of his eyes after telling him he was used as a scapegoat for someone who was probably rich enough to cover-up everything. Mary comforted him and then they both reflect that if Reggie wasn't Lucius killer the real murderer was still at large.[22]

Mary scold the Batwoman copycat

Mary scolds the Batwoman copycat.

After Batwoman disappeared for a week, Mary started to treat the wounds of various impersonators of the heroine, especially a recurring one who one day came to her clinic after a celling fell on top of her breaking her ribs while she was helping people getting free from rubble after the Detonator blew up the Gotham International Bank. Mary severely scolded the woman for her behavior, despite stating that however her heart was on the right place; then the Batwoman copycat asked her if she knew where the real one was since she knew everyone in the city, prompting Mary to answer that she was the last person Batwoman would speak to.

Mary choose to stay at her patient's side

Mary chooses to stay at her patients' side.

Later, while the Detonator has two bomb planted on Bennett Ave., one on Bobby Reeves and the other under a building, Mary evacuate her clinic of all the people who can walk, helped by the Batwoman copycat and some of her improvised staff, however she decided not to leave the building due to not wanting to left her weaker patient behind. The Batwoman copycat stayed at her side and helped her to secure in the better way possible the remaining patients, yet both Mary and the woman were caught in the explosion.

Mary reveals to Kate that she knows she is Batwoman

Mary reveals to Kate that she knows she is Batwoman.

Having managed to survive with just some minor wound, Mary immediately began helping the other victims getting rid of the rubble, being soon reached by Kate, who had a panic attack after seeing the unconscious woman dressed as Batwoman. Mary told her step-sister that she knew about her secret identity and that it should have been obvious as Mary looked up to her through all her life. Kate replied that she was not a hero, to which Mary replied that the city needed her and she wasn't asking her to be a hero, but rather to keep going.

Kate tells Luke and Mary to work together as they both know her secret now

Kate tells Luke and Mary to work together.

The following morning, after the Detonator was arrested, Mary visited Kate at the Wayne Tower to shown her an article about Batwoman's return commenting how good she looked in the picture. Luke tried to deny that Batwoman and Kate are one and the same, to which both the girls replied that she knew the truth, prompting Luke to stubbornly keep denying it; thus Kate left, telling Mary and Luke to resolve it themselves.[6]

Member of the Bat Team

Mary holds a victory party for the Bat Team

Mary holds a victory party for the Bat Team.

A week later, after the Bat Team successfully thwarted the plans of an organ trafficking ring, Mary held a party to them at Wayne Enterprises in order to celebrate the victory with champagne, and suggested some upgrades for the Batsuit, then after Kate and Luke started to discuss their plans for permanently shutting down the criminals' operations, Mary meekly exited pointing out it was Bat Team stuff and she wasn't part of it.

Kate tells Mary she can't take part in her missions

Mary is not allowed by Kate to take part in missions.

Later, when Kate was planning to infiltrate the Lookout, managed by infamous mobster Johnny Sabatino, to retrieve Lucius Fox's journal she helped her choose her outfit and even shown her the one she was planning to wear, however Kate told her she won't come with her as it was to dangerous and Julia would be her backup instead. As they left the room, Mary was left visibly saddened.

Mary talks Luke into letting her go save Kate and Julia

Mary convinces Luke to let her help.

After both Kate and Julia were captured, Mary was informed by Luke, who asked her to be his tech support while he went to the club to rescue them. However, Mary countered that it would be better if she was the one who would went to the Lookout, since Sabatino's cousin, Aria, owed her a favor for saving the latter's life. Mary trusted Luke to back her up better than she could for him.

Mary tricks Sabatino

Mary tricks Sabatino.

Having convinced Luke, Mary dressed up and infiltrated the Lookout. She passed by the bar and asked Reagan for a vodka in order to chug down and gain strength of resolve. Mary then met with Aria and asked to be brought to where her cousin was. Once there, Mary gave Sabatino a suitcase full of cash, stating she was the heiress to Hamilton Dynamics and wanted to take part in his auction to buy the Batsuit for $10,000,000. Suspicious, Sabatino pointed out that much cash couldn't possibly fit in the suitcase. Mary denoted that it's merely $2.5 million as advance, the rest of the promised sum would be wired to follow via an account of Sabatino's choosing once she concluded her business with him.

Mary saves Batwoman

Mary saves Batwoman.

Beginning to lower his guard but still maintaining his capitalist mindset, Sabatino collected the suitcase and agreed to Mary's offer, replying that she could have the suit after they killed the vigilante. Suddenly, the club suffered a blackout caused by Luke. Taking advantage of the chaos, Mary deftly used Batman's laser saw to free the costumed Kate from her chains, allowing her to defeat the mobsters and retrieve the journal. Meanwhile, Mary was escorted to safety by Julia, who had escaped as well thanks to the blackout.

Kate confess to Mary that she always loved her like a real sister

Kate apologizes to and thanks Mary.

After the mobsters were all arrested, Mary reunited with Kate outside the Lookout. Kate asked if she wanted gratitude or an apology first, to which Mary played it cool, saying Kate could choose. Kate admitted she always regarded Mary as her sister and, due to having already lost one, didn't want to lose her as well. Kate apologized for always sidelining Mary and promised not to anymore, welcoming her step-sister onto the Bat Team. Overjoyed, Mary hugged Kate.

Luke brings Mary to the Batcave for the first time

Luke brings Mary to the Batcave for the first time.

Afterwards, Luke brought Mary to the Batcave for the first time and prevented her from taking a picture of it stating that that place must remain a secret, despite in doing so he accidentally revealed her that Bruce Wayne is Batman, leaving her speechless.[7]

Mary watches discomforted as Kate and Luke argues

Mary watches Kate and Luke argue.

Kate discovered that Julia interrogated Reagan about the journal's location without informing her, so she began to question her loyalty and argued with Luke about it while Mary listened knowing that Luke was right that Kate shouldn't have let Reagan steal something so important.

Mary tries to talk Kate into apologize to Luke

Mary tries to talk Kate into apologize to Luke.

She watched as Luke left the room stating that he didn't want to be around Kate; she meekly suggested to her step-sister that searching for the item would be easier with Luke around.

Mary and Kate investigates Hush's kidnappings

Mary and Kate investigate Hush's kidnappings.

Then, while they were investigating the persons kidnapped by the mysterious "Hush", after hearing that the second victim was N.S.A. agent Tony Kim, she made the connection that the first victim, Professor John Carr, taught courses in cryptography at GU so whoever was kidnapping them was trying to decipher the journal.

Mary has trouble operating the Batcomputer

Mary has trouble operating the Batcomputer.

Later that day, albeit Kate and Mary realize that they could use Carr's pacemaker to track him to his last position and discover where he was taken captive, neither of them had enough computer savvy to do the job. Right at that moment, Parker Torres's girlfriend Gina called Kate at her office and asked for her help as instructed by her girlfriend in case of danger since Parker has been kidnapped, which leaves Mary perplexed.

Mary gets jealous at Parker entering the Batcave

Mary gets jealous at Parker entering the Batcave.

After Parker was rescued and brought to the Batcave, Mary was immediately quite jealous of her and remarked how she was the last to learn her own sister's secret identity.

Mary and Parker bonds over eavesdropping on Kate's relationship status

Mary and Parker bonds over eavesdropping on Kate's relationship status.

Mary often insulted her, calling Parker a "random teen" and implying everyone is now allowed to enter the Batcave. However, she later bonded with Parker on eavesdropping on Kate's relationship status when Sophie came to Wayne Enterprises's office and spoke with Kate about her growing relationship with Julia.

Mary informs Kate about the secret of Lucius Fox's glasses

Mary reveals to Kate the secret of Lucius Fox's glasses.

That evening, while helping to upgrade the computers to find the previous locations of Professor Carr's pacemaker, Mary, Kate and Parker learned that he was in Arkham, leading Kate to preparing for an assault on the asylum. Meanwhile, looking around with curiosity through a box with Lucius' belonging, Mary found a pair of eyeglasses and discovered that wearing them she could read the code Lucius Fox used to write his journal, which she quickly informed Kate about right before she ran off to save Luke and Julia.[12]

Mary informs Kate about Tim Teslow

Mary informs Kate about Tim Teslow.

The following day, after one of Arkham escapee, former tight end for the Gotham Goliaths turned criminal Tim "The Titan" Teslow, started a killing spree in Gotham managing to escape a first confrontation with both Jacob and Kate, Mary shown up at Wayne Enterprises informing her step-sister about him and prompting her to visit the criminal's brother Apollo. However Mary suggested Kate not to go interrogate him as Batwoman due to their father having declared war to the vigilante, insisting that he would never see Batwoman as one of the "good guys", despite Kate being sure she could made him change his mind.

Mary oversees Luke's attempts to destroy Kryptonite

Mary oversees Luke's attempts to destroy Kryptonite.

Worried due to Kate being out interrogating Apollo as Batwoman, Mary tried to distract herself by following Luke's attempt to destroy Kryptonite using acid and eventually asked him why not to use an hammer, then realizing how stupid it sound told him to ignore her since she was stressed and didn't control what she said.

The Bat Team investigates the Titan

The Bat Team investigates The Titan.

After Kate's second confrontation with The Titan, Mary reseted her shoulder and tried to convince her to avoid a rematch with him due to her body needing a few weeks to heal, but Kate replied that she didn't have that kind of time. Meanwhile, Luke found a connection in the people that The Titan is targeting due them having all had a role into covering his medical condition, which Mary confirmed just by looking briefly at The Titan's CTs.

Mary confronts her step-father about trusting Batwoman

Mary confronts her Jacob about trusting Batwoman.

Later, Mary took the initiative and came up with a plan that drawn out the Crows using the Bat-Signal on a rooftop telling Jacob that she trusted Batwoman since she protect others without asking for a penny and in order to change the city's perception of the Crows he should work with someone to which the city really has hope to; the girl then watched as Jacob reluctantly accept a truce with Batwoman.

Mary and Luke watches the Titan's ambush at Gotham City Arena from the Batcave

Mary and Luke watch the Titan's ambush at Gotham City Arena.

That night, during the ambush for The Titan at Gotham City Arena, Mary followed the operation with Luke at the Batcave and was informed by Julia to be careful since she and Sophie didn't believe in Jacob's change of heart, a suspicious which turned out to be true since Jacob ordered his men to gun down both The Titan and Batwoman, who luckily managed to escape.

Mary comforts Kate over their father's betrayal

Mary comforts Kate over their father's betrayal.

Later at Wayne Tower, Mary tried to comfort Kate about what happened with Jacob and they both agreed to feeling betrayed by him. Kate admitted to Mary that she naively hoped to come clean about being Batwoman to her father one day, breaking down in tears as she recounted the pain she felt at Jacob shooting her. Kate thanked Mary for having her back, to which Mary proposed a toast to sisterhood.

Kate tells Luke and Mary about the last shred of Kryptonite she received from Kara

Kate tells Luke and Mary about the last piece of Kryptonite.

Luke then arrived, revealing that the Kryptonite had been reduced to dust thanks to Mary's "hammer" idea, prompting the latter to blow the dust off the table. Kate assured the two of them that from now on, there wouldn't be any more secrets between them, and revealed to Luke and Mary about the second shard of Kryptonite which Supergirl gave her during the Crisis. Kate asked them to trust her with it until she could talk to Kara about what to do.[23]

Kate's disappearance

Searching for Kate Kane

Social media alerted Mary that jet parts were falling from the night sky days after Kate went to National City to talk with Kara Danvers. Mary went into the Batcave to tell Luke who was already on the computer. Kate had not talked to them since the day before and said that she was returning to Gotham that morning. Mary tried to call Kate to have her investigate the plane crash but she did not answer; the bat-signal was still off-limits and could not be activated remotely. Luke's research found that Kate's plane was delayed due to weather and did not launch until a few hours ago. Mary breathed heavily as Luke calculated that it was Kate's private jet that exploded.

On their way to Wayne Tower, Mary was skeptical that Kate must have survived somehow due to the technology in her suit. Walking into Kate's office, they found none other than Bruce Wayne, who stated that he returned to Gotham the moment he heard of Kate's disappearance. Mary admitted that if there is a person who can find Kate, is Bruce. Mary goes to console Jacob at the Crows headquarters and tells him not to give up on finding Kate like he did with Beth.

Mary and Luke meet Ryan in the Gotham tunnels

Luke and Mary meet Ryan in the Gotham tunnels.

When Luke discovers the batsuit GPS online and believes it to be Kate, he took Mary with him and tracked down the suit to a series of tunnels under the city and found someone wearing the suit, initially mistaking them to be Kate herself. The stranger, revealing herself as Ryan Wilder, told them how she found the suit in the plane wreckage. Mary demanded that she hand over the suit to them and Luke told her that she didn't understand the nature of the symbol she was wearing, to which Ryan explained her situation and stated that they'll get the suit back when she exacts revenge on the person who killed her adoptive mother.

Back at Wayne Tower, Mary researched Ryan Wilder, telling Luke of her parents' death, adoption and eventual death of her adoptive mother at the hands of squatters who were members of Alice's Wonderland Gang. They learned that the person Ryan wants revenge on is Alice herself. Mary assured Luke that they'll find Kate and Luke, breaking down, expresses his guilt and assumes responsibility at pushing Kate to destroying the Kryptonite she was given, something which led to her disappearance. Mary then hugs Luke and reminds him of what Kate would say: "there is no Batwoman without Luke Fox".

Julia tells Luke and Mary the truth

Julia tells Mary and Luke the truth.

Luke then receives a text from Julia, who asks him to meet her. They're told by Julia that "Bruce Wayne" isn't who he says he is, having failed to recognise the codename given to her father Alfred and going along with the false narrative of Alfred being in Glasgow instead of London. Julia then went on to explain that she ran his prints from a glass, revealing that "Bruce Wayne" is really Tommy Elliot, whom they believed to have died at Arkham previously. Putting the pieces together, Mary and Luke believe Tommy is after the suit and therefore Ryan Wilder. Mary then consoled Luke and says there was no way for him to know. The duo later rush to the Batcave and notice that Tommy has gotten ahold of the Batmobile. They established contact with Ryan through the suit to warn her of Tommy's pursuit, engaging a car chase. Luke clarifies to her the situation of Tommy posing as Bruce/Batman and his wish to take the suit.

Mary asks Luke if he could hack the Batmobile, to which Luke, despite having not known of its presence in the Batcave until recently, successfully does so. Disabling the Batmobile, Mary and Luke watch on as he hunts Ryan on foot where, after a failed attempt at catching him off-guard, Ryan gets hit by Kryptonite.

After that, Mary is present at Wayne Tower, where Luke reports that Sophie called to update him about the search for Kate, reiterating that the Crows have not found anything yet. Mary reminds him of the good news about Tommy Elliot's transfer back to Arkham after being defeated by Ryan Wilder. With that in mind, Mary tells him that they may have judged her very harshly, although Luke doubts the fact that Kate is the Batwoman, not Ryan. Almost as if on cue, Ryan comes in to deliver the suit. Mary offers to take a look at her wound, but she refuses. Ryan goes on to admit that the Batwoman's cloak is bigger than she is, and that she is not a hero like Kate, before leaving the two in the costume. Mary later goes to her apartment and cries due to Kate's apparent death.[24]

A new Batwoman
"That bitch killed my mom! I would never help her!"
—Mary Hamilton[src]

In January 31, 2021,[25] the Crows interrogated Mary about her connection to Kate and how long she knew she was Batwoman, but Mary lies about not knowing Kate's secret identity. Mary worked all night in her clinic and, though she was tired, she started restocking the shelves when Ryan entered, wondering if her father knew about the clinic. Mary continued to work as Ryan asked if family secrets were a common item; growing frustrated, Mary asked for specifics. Ryan revealed that she knew the true identity of Alice and that they were related, but Mary was insulted when Ryan suggested that that relationship caused nepotism, making Mary yelled at Ryan, who quickly changed her attitude.

Mary recaptures the bat

Mary recaptures the bat.

Then a doctor arrived with the body of Jonathan Cartwright, who had been eaten by poisoned bats. Luke also arrived at the clinic and then a bat came out of Jonathan's body, but Mary managed to capture the bat and put it in a cage. Ryan then saw on the clinic television that there was a protest in the city and found out that Alice was going to release the poisoned bats there. The Bat Team briefly discussed what they were going to do at the clinic and decided to let Ryan wear the Batsuit and stop Alice.

Mary and Luke communicate with Ryan when she wears the suit and goes to a building to get the attention of Gotham citizens. Mary gives instructions on how she can look heroic. When Alice appears and Ryan says that he is going to kill her, Mary questions Luke why everyone pretends that Alice did not kill Catherine.

Later, Alice came to the clinic and gave Mary a bag of Mary's blood which contained the Desert Rose as an antidote to the poison as people were getting infected. Mary took the antidote to Hamilton Dynamics to have it mass-produced and distributed. Mary and Sophie see Dana Dewitt on television reporting on the cure that Hamilton Dynamics created for bat toxin. Mary is then upset that she was not mentioned.

Mary and Luke talk to Ryan

Mary and Luke talk to Ryan.

Later, Ryan asks if she can join the Bat Team as "Batwoman" because Gotham City needs "Batwoman", at least symbolically; Luke reluctantly agrees and Mary shows Ryan around the Batcave. Later, Mary and Jacob hug as they believe Kate will return although Mary secretly has doubts about finding Kate thanks to her conversation with Alice who pointed out the unlikelihood of that.[26]

Learning about Coryana

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Amy showed the results of the test to Mary: the cancer was completely gone from the patient. This caused Mary to realize that Victor Zsasz had obtained a list of people who had taken the Desert Rose antidote days earlier. As Mary was informing Luke, Victor attacked and killed Amy. Mary was able to fight off Victor long enough for her to escape the clinic and run into the adjacent alley to hide until Batwoman arrived.[27]

Evan Blake was brought to the clinic by Ryan to be saved from injuries they sustained while being chased by two Crows agents. Later, Mary told Evan that the Jack Napier painting Evan stole was a forgery.[8]

Her clinic discovered and shut down
Mary and Jacob held hostage by Aaron Helzinger

Mary and Jacob held hostage by Aaron Helzinger.

Mary and her step-father Jacob Kane were kidnapped and brought over to her clinic by Aaron Helzinger. He demanded that Mary make more of the antidote used by Hamilton Dynamics used for the bat toxin to cure his unstable condition. Mary then told Jacob about her secret clinic and how she has been practicing underground medicine for two years. After Mary told Aaron that there were no antidote left because the antidote only retains stability after one generation, he stabbed Jacob.

Aaron then proceeds to tell Mary and Jacob about the cancer in his amygdala due to UV exposure and stabbed Jacob again. Desperate to save her step-father from more torture, Mary tells Aaron about Coryana. Mary calls "Lucas", pretending he has the map to Coryana, to have him retrieve Batwoman. Sophie Moore then arrives with the Napier painting and saves Jacob from being tortured. Jacob later shut down the clinic due to its illegal status, garnering Mary's disapproval.[25]

Saving Ryan
Mary and Batwoman

Mary and Ryan in the Batcave.

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Mary and Luke take care of Ryan at the Batcave while she was in pain and experiencing hallucinations. Meanwhile, since the clinic was abandoned, Mary had to have Luke gain supplies to help Ryan.[28]

At the Batcave, Mary, Luke and Ryan see Sophie and Jacob being grabbed by the Many Arms of Death, which causes Ryan to choose to infuse herself with adrenaline to invigorate her enough Coryana. Mary and Luke can see the island through their batsuit cameras, but suddenly they shut down. So Mary and Luke go to Wayne Tower to take care of Ryan's plant, and are assaulted by one of the Many Arms of Death. Mary breaks the potted plant on the killer's head, which causes her to pass out and blends the plant with the killer's blood.

Mary decided to take a chance to get the plant, but the killer wakes up and they run away. As they escape, Julia Pennyworth appears and execute the killer with a knife. Julia then tells them that body parts were found in Blüdhaven, and the DNA matched Kate's. They discover Ryan's plant turned into a Desert Rose and call to let her know. So when she comes back, she is finally healed.[29]

Kate's apparent "death" and return

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Mary with the Bat Team

Mary with the Bat Team.

Mary went to Kate's funeral with her family and friends. Later, Mary suggested that her clinic could be used as a hideout for Angelique Martin to protect her from the False Face Society.[30]

Batwoman brings Horten Spence to the clinic after he gets blasted by Kilovolt and Mary gives him medical attention. Later, attempting to be closer to Mary, Jacob offers to finance the clinic, but Mary vehemently refuses.[31]

To distract Jacob from his office, Mary brings him to the clinic and tells him that she is financing it herself. Later, Sophie disbelieves that Jacob agreed to Mary practicing medicine without a license; Sophie then shows Mary an empty syringe of Snakebite Sophie found in Jacob's office.[32]

At the clinic, Mary sees several patients due to the recent outbreak of the new Snakebite, which causes people to have an outbreak and become cannibals.[33] After Luke was shot by agent Russell Tavaroff, Mary tries to take Desert Rose to the Gotham General Hospital to cure him, but security won't let her in. So she asks Evan Blake for help and they get it.[34]

Jacob reveals to Mary that "Circe Sionis" is actually Kate (with a new face and after being brainwashed). They take her to Wayne Tower, but Kate becomes aggressive and tries to attack them, so Mary gives her an injection that knocks her out. Later, Jacob is arrested after police discover he knew who Alice was. He calls Mary and says he's going to be moved to a jail in Metropolis. He requests that Mary help save both Alice and Kate, but she ends up running away.[35]

When Kate returns, they take her to the Batcave to reminisce about her life, but Kate reveals she hasn't been brainwashed and passes them out with darts, trapping them in the basement elevator . After fighting with Ryan, Kate manages to steal several objects and leave.[36] During the blackout caused by the Black Mask, Mary is chased by Tavaroff empowered by Venom, but she is saved by Luke wearing a Batsuit. After Kate is healed, she decides to leave Gotham to meet Bruce, and Mary and Luke meet her at Wayne Tower to say goodbye.[37]

Graduating from medical school

Mad Hatter announcing that he will de-organ the professor

Mary watches as the new Mad Hatter announces that he will de-organ Dr. Hall.

Mary visits Alice in Arkham because she will graduate from med school and Jacob's one wish was for her to check on Alice and keep her from going off the deep end. Alice says that Jacob sent her letters at the Arkham, which made Mary annoyed. Alice also asked Mary to ask Ryan about her biogical mother, but she said her mother died in childbirth.

At the Batcave, the Bat Team researches the Mad Hatter copycat, Liam Crandle, who used his hat to kill a guy in Gotham's sewers. While in Wayne Tower, Mary complains to the team about Jacob sending Alice letters. At the graduation, Mary is sad that her mother and step-father are not there to witness this moment, but she is comforted by Dr. Hall.

During her graduation ceremony, the new Mad Hatter made his entrance and used his hat to control Mary's mind to her slowly de-organ and kill Dr. Hall. Sophie assisted Mary with fixing the brain control on herself, by utilizing a defibrillator to cause heart failure in Dr. Hall, and afterward revived him. After the Hatter is arrested, the Team celebrate her graduation in the The Hold Up.[38]

The Bat trophies

Mary worked on the case of the new Killer Croc, helping to determine how and when he was created. During this analysis, she declared her minor phobia of reptiles.[39]

Mary aided the rest of the Bat Team in locating Mr. Freeze's missing liquid nitrogen. When Batwoman finds and rescues Nora Fries, she instructs her to go to Mary's clinic, where she can be medically tended to. While checking on Nora, Mary is interuppted by Alice demanding the nanobots in her bloodstream to be removed, and threatened Nora's life with a knife to her throat. Unsuccessful in her hostage-taking attempt, Alice exits the clinic annoyed and leaves Mary to apologize to Nora for her step-sister's behavior. After reconnecting Nora Fries with her sister, Mary reflected upon her family situation in Gotham Park. While standing in the grass, one of Pamela Isley's vines grabbed Mary's ankles and dragged her into the bushes.[40]

Mary woke up a few hours later to vines wrapped around her body and a thorn stuck in her left arm. When attempting to tell Ryan and Luke what had just happened to her, they ignored her and continued working on seperate projects. It wasn't until later, when Mary was working in her clinic with Alice, that she was finally able to confide in her step-sister about what was going on with her, and began filling her clinic with plants. Later, Jordan Moore was brought into Mary's clinic after being injected with the freeze serum by the Black Glove Society. Mary found a cure to her condition by comparing her situation to that of plants in the winter, and how they prevent themselves from freezing to death.[41]

At Wayne Tower, Mary confronts Ryan about the dinner invitation she received from Jada and begins to feel awkward. She goes back to her clinic and starts filling it with plants, she tells Alice that she thinks she has been scratched by some poisonous plant.[42]

Becoming the new Poison Ivy

Batwoman confronts Poison Ivy Mary

Batwoman confronts Mary as Poison Ivy.

Due to previously being infected by one of Pamela Isley's vines, Mary acquired powers that altered her personality, making her the second Poison Ivy. However, where Mary was turned into the plant-based meta-human, she had no recollection of doing so.

After being rejected by Chris Hayner, Mary as Poison Ivy tried to smother him with plants. But Mary wasn't aware during this so she didn't remember. When Chris found his way into her clinic thanks to Renee Montoya, Alice proposed her theory that Mary was the one to blame for the attack, but it wasn't until the victim woke up in a panic that she realized the truth.

Stunned by Mary's revelation, she met with Ryan and Luke in the Batcave, and explained her situation. They didn't beleive her until checking Mary's phone and seeing her connection to the victim via a dating app. The man rejected Mary yet referred to her as "sweet", prompting her Poison Ivy persona to trap the man in honeycomb, surrounded by bees. Through further searching of her phone, Luke finds out that Mary purchased a watering can and fertilizer and went to a remote location to bury the leader of the BGS.

Mary handcuffed herself to the Batcave and demanded that she stay locked up where she can't hurt anyone else. Alice allowed this to happen, however, she knew that her trigger was sunlight and the spot she was in would allow just the right amount of sunlight to hit her through the rocks of the Batcave. When Poison Ivy took over once again, she knocked Luke unconcious using a keyboard, then got uncuffed by Alice, in exchange for a future favor. Mary called Renee, informing her of a "Poison Ivy sighting" in the Gotham Botanical Gardens. The step-sisters escaped together, bringing her cell phone with her to ensure that Batwoman and Batwing would come after her.

After luring the Bat Team to the Botanical Gardens, Mary expressed to them how neglectful they have been to her. She stole Lucius Fox's A.I. processor out of Luke's Batwing suit, and then tied up both Ryan and Luke in vines in order to make her escape with Alice.[43]

Later, in a high-speed getaway from the GCPD, Mary threw her phone into the Gotham River and ditched her sports car for an RV that her and Alice used as a means of transportation. The step-sisters stopped at a diner to find someone with a blood type compatible for Alice's blood transfusion, which Mary would perform to remove the tracking nanobots in Alice's bloodstream. During their time in the diner, Mary discovered her new power to persuade other individuals into performing her will; another gift from her plant-based powers.

Poison Ivy Mary traps Batwoman in vines

Mary traps Batwoman in roots.

After successfully completing the transfusion, the step-sisters continued their escapade out of the city, only to be stopped by Batwoman shortly after. In an attempt to provide Mary with a cure for her condition, she then used her mind control powers to discover what Ryan's intentions are if she does not take the cure, when Ryan stated that; "i would have to keep you confined until we figure something out, we can't just let you hurt other individuals".

Enraged by this, Mary then summoned roots out from the asphalt below to immobilize Ryan and crushed the antidote bottle in her fist, leaving the caped crusader to cry in disbelief as her ex-best friend drove off once again with Alice by her side.

Mary Hamilton as Poison Ivy

Mary as the new Poison Ivy.

The next morning, Mary and Alice were in a motel, where Mary showed off her new look to her step-sister. She saw Marquis Jet making his introductory speech as the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises while touting purple hair and boasting quips in homage to the Joker, and declared that "he certainly looks like fun".[44]

Mary and Alice check into a hotel, but none of their cards work, so Mary controls the manager's mind and she stays at the hotel. When Mary infiltrated Marquis Jet's party, she revealed the identity of Batwoman and the Bat team, which led to him capturing the Batwing. During a confrontation on the roof, Mary escapes when Batwoman hits Marquis with the desiccation serum that was supposed to be used on her.[45]

Mary helps Pamela regain her powers

Mary meets Pamela.

Mary and Alice were going to run away but something called Mary back to Gotham, even though Alice was against it. After controlling Alice's mind to sleep, Mary passes out. When she wakes up, she throws a man away, but then she wouldn't remember it. Mary goes to where Poison Ivy is. Mary gives Ivy some of her energy, which brings Poison Ivy back to full power.[46]

With Ivy's help, Mary used her vines to threaten Harold Marlowe for preventing her patients from receiving good care. Ivy was getting weak so she absorbs some more of Mary's energy, which makes her dizzy. Ivy tells Mary that; her brother had died because of Gotham Dam and they have to destroy it; but Mary denies it as it would kill many people. So Ivy drains Mary completely while trying to destroy the dam, returning her to normal and Mary passes out.[47]

Being cured of her infection

Joker's workshop

Mary and Alice at Joker's workshop.

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Mary is found by security who take her to an ambulance; but she is rescued by the Bat Team, who say she killed a man. Mary didn't remember what had happened. When Alice confirmed that she had accidentally killed a man, she was devastated. So Mary decides to help the Bat Team and pretend to support Ivy, to distract her. Ivy drains Mary again, but this nullifies her powers. After the confrontation against Ivy, Mary has lost her powers and became human again.[47]

The Bat Team tried to fix Joker's joy buzzer but couldn't, so Mary and Alice took it to its creator, Kiki Roulette. Kiki took them to the Joker's workshop and pretended she wanted to fix it, but she was actually working for Marquis Jet.[48]

Mary wanted to tell the man she killed family the truth, but by then it was too late and the public now believed that Beth had killed this man.[49]


Mary Hamilton

Mary in her civilian persona.

"You're the one thing I did right."
Catherine Hamilton-Kane to Mary Hamilton[src]

Mary is very excitable, talkative, friendly, and kind of a social butterfly; she is described as her step-sister, Kate Kane's polar opposite; with one of Kate's trainers dubbing her as "girl who talks too much". Despite coming off as a ditzy socialite, Mary is a very kind-hearted individual who will go to any lengths to help those she loves and the individuals that are in need, such as Gotham's underserved communities. Due to the bond that she shares with her step-sister, Kate; Mary is one of the few individuals who can talk her around.

But because of Mary and Kate's differences, they were never really close, much to Mary's dismay, but she still tried hard to be friendly and supportive of her step-sister. As a result, Mary harbored some resentment towards Kate for dismissing and only seeing her as a replacement for the latter's biological sister, Beth Kane.

Mary even lashed out at Luke Fox over how Kate still favored a serial killer over her, despite all her best efforts to be a good sister and began questioning Kate's love for their family, after she refused to talk to Mary since she had "work to do" when their parents were about to divorce. But even when the two of them are at odds, Mary is extremely quick to forgive Kate. When Kate finally confessed to having always loved Mary like a real sister and apologized for sidelining her in the past, Mary was so moved that she was unable to reply and simply embraced Kate.

Mary is also quite empathetic and sensitive: for example, she was horrified after discovering that her mother, Catherine Hamilton had manipulated the DNA test on Beth's alleged remains in order to gave Jacob Kane and Kate closure, having a very hard time forgiving Catherine for this deception. Mary felt great sorrow when her mother and step-father were about to divorce, and devastated for being unable to reach and act more sisterly; with Kate. Also, despite her animosity towards Beth, Mary came to befriend Earth-TUD14 Beth after realizing that she was nothing like the former. Mary further demonstrated these traits, as well as an impressive stoicism, when choosing not to leave her clinic during a bomb alert in order to stay with her patients who were too weak to be evacuated or when putting her own life in jeopardy, in order to save her step-sister and Julia Pennyworth.

Mary has proven to be quite an assertive, inquisitive and free-spirited individual, not bothering about being politically correct when questioning Sophie Moore's sexuality or discussing her past relationship with Kate and the impact it had on her.

After Mary's mother, Catherine's death, she greatly matured, taking full charge of her step-father, Jacob's trial to prove his innocence in Catherine's murder. But in her grief Mary also became much more withdrawn, considering shutting down all of her social media accounts and even closing her free clinic, feeling that she couldn't be a good doctor when she was unable to save her own mother. But Mary eventually managed to overcome her grief and decided to continue her path of being a doctor and influencer, keeping both her clinic and social media accounts open.

Mary was also proven to have a strong relationship with her step-father, Jacob, as he was possibly the only father-figure in her life. Even though she loved her step-father, Mary knew that Jacob would never become allies with Batwoman due his (unjustified) hatred towards vigilantes in general, and after Jacob tried to kill Kate (under the persona of Batwoman at the time), Mary was saddened by her step-father's actions. Yet, despite Jacob trying to kill Kate earlier, Mary provided her step-father emotional support as the latter became so guilt-ridden over his actions and desperately started searching for Kate after she had disappeared. But when Jacob discovered and shut down her secret clinic, Mary became angry at her step-father for not only closing down the clinic and for believing that; she would become like her mother, but for taking away the very thing she enjoys doing: helping other individuals.

Mary Hamilton as Poison Ivy

Mary as Poison Ivy.

"Friend? You never ask me how I am. You never give me any of your time. You give more of yourself to a woman who literally gave you away and said she wanted nothing to do with you than you do with your own teammate! And that is not friendship. [...] I'm done with team spirit! It's time you heard my voice for once, loud and clear."
—Mary Hamilton to Batwoman[src]

After being infected by one of Pamela Isley's vines, Mary's personality has become far more darker; to the point of becoming extremely cold, cruel, sadistic, ruthless, spiteful and vindictive; for example, she tried to suffocate Chris Hayner to death, an individual who Mary wanted to go out on a date with via a dating app, due to the latter simply rejecting her and the fact that Mary did not take being rejected very well.

Mary has grown extremely resentful towards both Luke Fox and Ryan Wilder for repeatedly ignoring and neglecting her, as evidenced by the fact that she used her vines to break Luke's left arm and then used her vines in attempt to suffocate Ryan to death, proving that Mary also does not take being ignored and neglected very well.

However, despite Mary's ruthless actions, she does at least still have a good relationship; with her step-sister, Beth Kane, who has never ignored, neglected or doubted her in anyway, Beth also helps Mary to embrace her new identity as "Poison Ivy"; proving just how strong the relationship between the step-sisters has become.

Although Mary was convinced by Beth to remove the tracking nanobots from her bloodstream, after she pointing out that the Bat Team will be able to find them wherever they go, but she was still reluctant to do so, as Mary believed that Beth would abandon her the moment after she removes the tracking nanobots from her bloodstream, proving that she has become extremely lonely.

When Ryan offered Mary a cure for her mutation, she used her mind control powers to discover what the latter's intentions are if she does not take the cure; when Ryan had stated that "I would have to keep you confined until we figure something out, we can't just let you hurt other individuals". Mary became completely enraged by the fact that her former friends did not know her at all. She then summoned roots from the asphalt below to immobilize Ryan and destroyed the cure in order to keep her meta-human powers and turns against her former friends in the process, proving that Mary completely embraced her new identity as "Poison Ivy".

After Mary completely embraced her new identity as "Poison Ivy", she had stated to Beth that "I don't care what we do or where we go, as long as it's fun", proving that Mary still maintains her cheerful and carefree traits, but they have also become twisted.

Despite Mary's darker nature, she still has a sense of justice, honor and good morals; for example, after Beth had informed her that she had (accidentally) killed someone, Mary feet tremendous guilt, shame and remorse for causing that said individual death, even though it was in self-defense.

After Mary is (apparently) cured from her meta-human physiology, Mary feels tremendous guilt, shame and remorse for the crimes that; she had committed, such as (accidentally) killing someone.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

Mary Hamilton's vines

Mary using her powers.

  • Meta-human physiology: Due to being infected by one of Pamela Isley's vines and becoming a "sporling", Mary possessed meta-human attributes.
    • Chlorokinesis: Mary can manipulate plant life. She is able to almost suffocate other individuals into a honeycomb structure and can summon vines that are strong enough to immobilize both Batwing and Batwoman, who were both in their respective suits.[43]
    • Pherokinesis: Mary can manipulate her pheromones; she is able to manipulate them presumably to create any chemical that she desires.[44]
    • Telepathy: Mary can telepathically communicate with other plant-based meta-humans over small or vast distances.
    • Mind control: Due to Mary's pheromones, she can manipulate the minds of other individuals.[44]
      • Infection: Mary's vines are capable of changing an individual's physiology and transforming them into a meta-human, granting that individual the same plant-based powers and characteristics that Mary posses as Poison Ivy.
    • Life-force energy absorption: Mary can absorb life-force energy from other meta-humans that she has created, which allows her to restore herself and her powers back to full strength if she is in a severely weakened state. However, if Mary absorbs too much life-force energy from her sporelings before they have a chance to completely recover, it will kill them.
    • Eye transformation: When Mary's powers are active, both of her eyes glow bright green.[43]
    • Superhuman senses: Due to sound vibrations, Mary is able to sense the presence of objects or other individuals over small or vast distances.
  • Healing blood: After taking the universal cure-all Desert Rose as an antidote after being poisoned by Alice,[17] Mary's blood was able to heal allegedly every illness by transfusion.[20] These properties seemed to vanish after a while since, after analyzing her own blood some months after taking the antidote, Mary found nothing abnormal anymore.[2]


  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Mary is proven to be a very savvy, intelligent and cunning individual. She is extremely skilled strategist and planner, having secretly run her own clinic without getting caught through siphoning funds from Gotham University.[4] Mary dealt with various patients on her own, not having any other staff members.[44] She was also very accurate at orchestrating her movements in order to cover her activities and real interest for medicine by posing as an irresponsible party girl,[9] even to her thousands of social media followers. Mary is also a fairly competent business planner, helping Kate Kane to open her gay bar, The Hold Up, and taking over its design.[5] She also demonstrated an extraordinary memory[10] and is an excellent tactician, taking charge of the organization of her step-father Jacob Kane's trial defense tactics[11] and developing a plan to lure the Crows onto a roof so Batwoman could propose to Jacob a truce.[23] Mary is so brilliant that she correctly deduced the existence of the multiverse, its collapse, and the birth of Earth-Prime after reading Beth Kane's astrophysics notes (though believed it was "mere speculation")[3] as well as involuntarily proposing an effective way to destroy kryptonite.[23] Mary is regarded by Kate as one of the three most intelligent individuals she knew in Gotham, alongside Luke Fox and Beth.[20] She was the first person to correctly deduce Kate's identity as Batwoman on her own.[2]
    • Expert of deception: Mary is extremely skilled in the art of deception, using acting and improvisation skills to make up several stories in a matter of mere seconds in order to try to pass a checkpoint.[20] Mary also managed to trick Johnny Sabatino and several Gotham's mobsters into believing that she was at the Lookout to take part to their auction on behalf of Hamilton Dynamics, allowing her to free Batwoman.[7]
    • Skilled investigator: Mary is very inquisitive and a capable investigator, having extorted information on Beth Kane's plan from Dodgson while he was drugged.[14] She was also quite helpful in investigating the identity of Beth's doppelgänger when she first appeared.[3] Mary was able to figure out that Kate is Batwoman after connecting a series of clues[2] and helped Kate in figuring out Hush's kidnapping pattern.[12]
    • Medical knowledge: Although Mary is just a medical student and has not yet achieved her M.D., she has a tremendous amount of medical knowledge, enough to operate her own illegal clinic[4] and identify the exact extension of a patient's brain damage just by looking briefly at a CT.[23] Her medical skills seem to be even greater and more accurate than that of many paramedics[9] and she was able to perform various surgical feats, such as extracting a windshield out of a man's abdomen and help him recover within a night.[17] Mary also displayed great knowledge of injuries caused by various types of bullets, able to deduce in less than an hour how to better treat the wounds they made without using specific equipment.[16]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Mary is proven to be a capable hand-to-hand combatant; she was able to hold her own in a fight against Beth Kane, and eventually overpowering and cuffing her, although it should be noted that the latter was in a severely weakened state at the time, regarding her headaches, thus Beth was not at the peak of her combat skills.[20]
    • Skilled knife-wielder: Drawing from her knowledge on the human anatomy, Mary has incredible aim with knives. Despite her fear, she was able to stab Dodgson in the leg with remarkable accuracy, debilitating his ability to move.[44]
    • Skilled markswoman: Mary is skilled in the use of firearms.[44]
  • Indomitable will: A driven and determined individual, Mary is nearly fearless and almost never gives up in most situations. For example, she chose to stay behind and help her patients during the evacuation of Bennett Ave. after a bomb alarm, despite knowing full well that no one knew of her clinic's existence and thus the authorities wouldn't care to evacuate it before detonating the bomb.[6]
  • Network: As a member of the social elite and influencer-in-the-making, Mary has a wide array of contacts,[9] such as several connections between the poor Gothamite communities she helped.[44] In Bennett Ave., Mary has a reputation of "knowing everyone".[6]

Former weaknesses

  • Slow activation: Mary's mind control powers do not activate instantly, leaving her vulnerable to attacks.
  • Blindness: Mary can only manipulate the minds of other individuals as long as she can see them.
  • Herbicide and paralytic compound: Mary is vulnerable to a herbicide and paralytic mixed compound.[46]
  • Salt and vinegar compound: Mary's vines and skin are vulnerable to a salt and vinegar mixed compound.[46]
  • Pheromone blocker: Mary cannot manipulate the minds of other individuals if they have taken a pheromone blocker.
  • Poison Ivy cure: After Ryan Wilder sent a sample of Mary's mutated blood to Jeturian Industries, the latter's scientists managed to successfully created a cure that were be able to reverse Mary's plant-based meta-human mutation. However, the Bat Team only had 12 hours to give the cure to Mary before her mutation becomes permanent, but Mary destroyed the cure before Ryan had a chance to give it to her. After the 12 hour deadline had passed, Mary's mutation became irreversible.[44]
  • Sunlight: If Mary is exposed to direct sunlight, it will trigger her Poison Ivy personality.[43] After Mary's mutation was completed, she was permanently Poison Ivy without the need to be exposed to direct sunlight.[44]


Former equipment



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




Promotional images


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  • Unlike in the DC comics, Mary is the step-sister of Kate Kane instead of her cousin.
  • Mary loves to watch puppy videos on YouTube.[13]
  • Mary's a huge fan of Glam Jams.[9]
  • Mary had over 3.5 million social media followers,[5] but she lost most of them after her mother and step-father's underhanded activities were exposed to the public.[10]
  • Mary's blood type is B-negative.[2]
  • Mary's shoe size is 7.5.[43]
  • Even though Mary and Beth Kane initially weren't recognized by the law as step-sisters, due to the fact that the public was unaware of Beth's survival at the time, the two referred to each other as such.[17] Nora Fries recognized that the two of them certainly fight like sisters.[40]
  • Mary is the first character outside of any team of heroes to have correctly guessed the multiverse's existence on her own, although then dismissing it as a "mere speculation".[3]
  • Mary is one of the few known individuals to become a meta-human without the use of a particle accelerator or being exposed to dark matter.
  • As of "Toxic", following Pamela draining Mary of almost all of her life-force energy, she no longer has any meta-human powers. But it is unknown if Mary has permanently lost her powers, or if they have just simply become dormant or have been suppressed.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane is the original Batgirl, who served as Batwoman's sidekick and Dick Grayson/Robin's counterpart. Growing up, she would adopt the alias Flamebird (later Hawkfire in The New 52) in response to her counterpart's development as Nightwing.
  • In the DC comics, Mary is the cousin of Kate Kane.
    • In Batwoman, it's unclear who Mary's father is. Similarly in the DC comics, the name of her father is a narrative mystery as despite being presented as Kate's cousin. It is known that Betsy Kane (Mary's paternal grandmother) had six children:

Nathan Kane (childless), Philip Kane (unmarried), Martha Kane (mother of Bruce Wayne), Jacob Kane (father of Kate and Beth Kane), and one unnamed son. It is this unnamed son who is (presumed) to be her father.


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