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"So, this is the clinic I've heard so much about."
Luke Fox[src]

A clinic is owned and run by Mary Hamilton[1] to help the lower-class citizens who can't afford hospitals. It is located in Bennett Ave. The clinic was initially illegal, but after Jacob Kane shut it down, Mary legalized and reopened it.


At some point before 2018, unbeknownst to Gotham University, Mary Hamilton used their funds to operate an illegal clinic at Bennett Ave.[1] She worked very hard to keep this clinic a secret and so she could help others.

After the death of her own mother, Catherine Hamilton-Kane (who had always known about the clinic), Mary initially decided to dismantle the clinic as she felt she could not run it when she couldn't save her mom. However, Mary was eventually persuaded to keep it active by Sophie Moore.[2]

Mary wins a fight with Alice here and leaves her here to die.[3] However, Alice survives and gives Mary a blood transfusion to keep Mary alive. Mary is brought here by Batwoman to recover.[4] Days later, Mary catches Alice here stealing medical supplies and Alice reveals that she saved Mary's life though she was left to die.[5]

At some point, Aria was brought to the clinic after she overdosed.[6]

Luke Fox comes to the clinic for the first time because he was called by Mary; she had a lead on the killer of the alternate Beth.[7]

Julia Pennyworth is brought here by Sophie Moore after Julia takes a bullet in her stead.[8]

Unnamed Batwoman copycat

The clinic was seriously damaged in the bomb attack of Bennet Ave. at the hand of the Detonator; an Unnamed Batwoman copycat helps to evacuate the place and minimizes casualities.[9]

On January 31, 2021,[10] Mary worked all night and was very tired when Ryan Wilder entered, wondering if Jacob knew about the clinic; Mary asked her to retain the secret. Ryan revealed that she knew that Alice was Jacob's daughter and Mary's sister, but when Ryan accused Mary of nepotism, thus why Alice was not in jail, Mary rebuked Ryan and told her about the death of Catherine Hamilton-Kane, causing Ryan to apologize.

Mary recaptures the bat.

Then a doctor arrived with the body of Jonathan Cartwright, who had been eaten by poisoned bats. Luke also arrived at the clinic and then a bat came out of Jonathan's body, scaring Ryan. But Mary managed to capture the bat and put it in a cage. Ryan then saw on the clinic television that there was a protest in the city and found out that Alice was going to release the poisoned bats there. The Bat Team briefly discussed what they were going to do at the clinic and decided to let Ryan wear the Batsuit and stop Alice.

Later, Alice came to the clinic and gave Mary a bag of Mary's blood which contained the Desert Rose as an antidote to the poison as people were getting infected. Mary took the antidote to Hamilton Dynamics to have it mass-produced and distributed.[11]

Amy was told to test a patient while Mary dealt with Ryan; Ryan had told her parole officer to call Mary to verify that Ryan worked at The Hold Up, so when Mary got the call, she covered for Ryan, ultimately truly hiring her.

Later, Amy showed the results of the test to Mary; the cancer was completely gone from the patient. This caused Mary to realize that Victor Zsasz had obtained a list of people who had taken the Desert Rose antidote days earlier. As Mary was informing Luke, Victor attacked and killed Amy. Mary was able to fight off Victor long enough for her to escape the clinic and run into the adjacent alley to hide until Batwoman arrived.[12]

Evan Blake was brought in by Ryan to be saved from injuries they sustained while being chased by two Crows agents. Later, Mary told Evan that the Jack Napier painting Evan stole was a forgery.[13]

Mary and her step-father Jacob Kane were kidnapped and brought over to the clinic by Aaron Helzinger. He demanded that Mary make more of the antidote used by Hamilton Dynamics used for the bat toxin to cure his unstable condition. Mary then told Jacob about her secret clinic and how she has been practicing underground medicine for two years. After Mary told Aaron that there were no antidote left because the antidote only retains stability after one generation, he stabbed Jacob.

Aaron then proceeds to tell Mary and Jacob about the cancer in his amygdala due to UV exposure and stabbed Jacob again. Desperate to save her step-father from more torture, Mary tells Aaron about Coryana. Sophie Moore then arrives with the Napier painting and saves Jacob from being tortured. A fight ensues which is broken up by Batwoman. Members of a gang then show up, with one member pointing a gun at Sophie's head. Ryan gives the gang the Napier painting.

The clinic was later shut down by Jacob due to its illegal status.[10] Jacob later discovered that Sophie knew about the clinic.

Meanwhile, since the clinic was abandoned, Mary had to have Luke gain supplies to help Ryan when her Kryptonite poisoning reached lethal levels.[14]

Mary suggested that the clinic could be used as a hideout for Angelique Martin to protect her from the False Face Society.[15]

Batwoman brings Horten Spence to the clinic after he gets blasted by Kilovolt; Mary gives him medical attention. Later, attempting to be closer to Mary, Jacob offers to finance the clinic, but Mary vehemently refuses.[16]

To distract Jacob from his office, Mary brings him to the clinic and tells him that she is financing it herself. Later, Sophie disbelieves that Jacob agreed to Mary practicing medicine without a license; Sophie then shows Mary an empty syringe of Snakebite Sophie found in Jacob's office.[17]


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