The Mask of Rasputin also known as the Death Mask of Rasputin was an important piece in Rasputin's collection as it had showed his features in great detail due to how the jewels on it could reflect light.


The Mask of Rasputin is a Russian national treasure who manage for the first time to be exposed outside his origin country. The mask is so valuable that people like Kate Tatting, Mark Bernhardt, Franco Mortelli, Parry Johnson, Darrell Hennings, Chu Lee, Celia Wayne, and Stan Kovacs coveted it.

The Mask of Rasputin displayed at the Central City Museum.

While the gang manage to commit a crime wave across the city to keep the police attention away of the mask, Stan Kovacs disguise as a cop with the help of Celia manage to knock out all the guard and take the Mask. But when the Flash arrive and lassos Stan's legs with a fire hose and drop the mask. Celia manage to take it while Stan fought the Flash but Ted shows up and ask what's going on until he notice that Celia has the mask. Celia threaten him by asking him to get out of the way but before she can shot, Barry Allen appears from nowhere and handcuffs her keeping the mask save in the museum.

The next day, the museum announces that the mask showing has been extended one month.


The Flash

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