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Mason Bridge (died March 24, 2015) was a Pulitzer-winning journalist who worked for the Central City Picture News. His editor-in-chief, Eric Larkin, made him watch over newbie Iris West, despite his desire against it. He was highly intelligent as a reporter and good at reading people and situations, as he was one of the few people who were immediately aware that Dr. Harrison Wells was not as innocent as he seemed, realizing he was a sociopath and liar. He was killed by the Reverse-Flash because of his investigation of Harrison Wells.


Original multiverse

Once Iris West began working at Central City Picture News, she attended a meeting, where Mason greeted her with sarcastic remarks. Eric Larkin assigned him as her "nanny", much to his disgust. Iris later tried to make small talk with Mason, but he told her that he was off to follow up on a lead, whereas she had to follow the assignment Larkin had given her. She attempted to vocalize her passion for journalism, but Bridge mocked that it was only because she wrote a blog, similarly to his own mother. They both later attended a press conference held by Harrison Wells, who confessed that he had actually been forewarned about the possibility of S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator's malfunction. Mason attempted to ask a question, but Wells focused on Iris, who reiterated her partner's question in regards to him rebuilding the particle accelerator. Surprised at her sudden finesse and determination, Mason inquired where it had come from, with her mockingly replying that it was "gumption", as he had previously suggested.[1]

Mason showing an image of what occurred during the CC Jitters shooting to Iris.

Mason continued to find S.T.A.R. Labs and their activity fishy and intended to do some more digging. He managed to get hold of the lab's blueprint, and was not shy to share his skepticism about the timing of Dr. Wells' press conference to Iris, asking her why did she think Dr. Wells held that press conference and admitted his mistake in the first place. When a military shooting took place at CC Jitters, he contacted the Army's media relations division and inquired on whether the soldiers were permitted to operate on United States' soil like the way they did, though did not receive a satisfactory answer as the person with whom he talked was dumbstruck. Mason was able to identify Caitlin Snow, who was present during the shooting; remembering Iris saying that she knew some of the leftover scientists from S.T.A.R. Labs, he asked her if Caitlin happened to be one of the people she knew. His question was crucial for the fact that Caitlin didn't mention the shooting when Iris met her, and brought doubts to Iris' belief about S.T.A.R. Labs.[2]

In an erased timeline, Mason told Iris West that Dr. Harrison Wells was possibly responsible for Simon Stagg's disappearance. This led to Iris confiding in Barry Allen and Barry mentioning this to Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, partially leading to Cisco discovering that Wells is the Reverse-Flash, and Wells murdering Cisco.[3] However, due to Barry changing the time continuum, he stopped Mason from getting the word out.

Mason's unpublished and very last article.

Due to his relentless investigation and eventual attempt on publishing an article about Harrison Wells' involvement in Simon Stagg's murder, Mason was killed by the Reverse-Flash, who stuck his arm through Mason's torso after revealing where all the evidence he kept was located.[4] When Mason didn't reply to Iris' calls, she began looking into his disappearance. However, Joe managed to convince Eddie to make a cover story to stop her looking into Mason,[5] though when Iris learned Barry's identity, Joe confessed to having covered up Mason's death.[6]

New multiverse

In January 2014, Mason wrote an article on the Royal Flush Gang's New Year's Eve casino heist.[7]


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Behind the scenes

  • Mason's name is similar to that of a DC comic book character, Mason Trollbridge, a supporting character in The Flash comic book series during the late 80s and early 90s, though Trollbridge wasn't a journalist but a retired truck driver and carpenter. He was also Wally West's neighbor and friend as well as the former sidekick to the vigilante known as the Clipper.