Mason Bridge was a Pulitzer-winning journalist who works for the Central City Picture News. His editor-in-chief, Eric Larkin, made him watch over newbie Iris West, despite him not wanting to. He was killed by the Reverse-Flash because of his investigation of Harrison Wells.


After Iris West began at the Central City Picture News, she attended a meeting, where Mason greeted her. Eric Larkin assigned him as her "nanny", much to his disdain. Iris later tried to small talk with Mason, but he told her that he was off to follow up on a lead, whereas she had to follow the assignment Larkin had given her. She attempted to vocalize her passion for journalism, but Bridge mocked that it was only as she wrote a blog, similarly to his own mother. They both later attended a press conference held by Harrison Wells. Mason attempted to ask a question, but Wells focused on Iris, who reiterated her partner's question in regards to him building another particle accelerator. Surprised at her sudden finesse, Mason inquired where it had come from, with her mockingly replying that it was "gumption", as he had previously suggested.[1]

Mason was killed by the Reverse-Flash for his investigation on Harrison Wells involvement in Simon Stagg's murder.[2]


The Flash

Season 1


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