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"You know I went to MIT, right? It's, like, Harvard for computer geeks, with an acceptance rate of 6.7%, so if I can get in there, I can get in... pretty much anywhere."
Felicity Smoak to Laurel Lance[src]

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT, is a prestigious research university located in Massachusetts. Its acceptance rate is 6.7%.[1]


Felicity Smoak attended MIT as part of the class of 2009.[2] During her freshman year, she encountered a problem with a stalker[3] and pot brownie.[4] During her senior year, she dated Cooper Seldon and fell in with a hacktivist group. Felicity created a "super virus" intended for noble causes in hacktivism, but Cooper tried to use it to erase student loans from the Department of Education database. The F.B.I. then stormed MIT to arrest Cooper and it was made to look as if he hung himself while in custody. After this, Felicity abandoned her hacktivist ways.[5] She graduated summa cum laude[6] from MIT with a Master of Science in Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity.[7]

Martin Stein attended MIT after agreeing to his father's request to become a rabbi.[8]

His daughter Lily Stein studied at MIT for six years, gaining a PhD in nanotechnology.[9]

Tracy Brand received a Master of Science in Applied Physics from MIT in 2012.[10]

Ramsey Deacon attended MIT and presumably studied computer programming.[11]

Luke Fox was accepted into MIT in 2015, but decided not to attend after his father's murder.[12]

Known students[]

Former students[]

  • Cooper Seldon (field of study unknown; incarcerated before graduation; deceased)
  • Felicity Smoak (Master's degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences; graduated)
  • Lily Stein (PhD in Nanotechnology; graduated)
  • Martin Stein (field of study unknown; graduated; deceased)
  • Myron Forest (field of study unknown; graduated)
  • Ramsey Deacon (field of study unknown; graduated; deceased)
  • Tracy Brand (Master's degree in Applied Physics; graduated)
  • Luke Fox (admitted; did not attend)



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