"What I have done is protect this city. This world. Humans. understand little about justice. Justice must be absolute. I'd hoped that you'd see justice the same way your mother did. The way I do."
—Master Jailer to Kara Zor-El[src]

The Master Jailer, known as Carl Draper on Earth, is a Trombusan prison guard who worked on Fort Rozz. After the prison crashed on Earth, he became a rogue vigilante determined to execute all of its escaped convicts.


Fort Rozz

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The Master Jailer is a former guard at Fort Rozz who hailed from the planet Trombus. Both his father and his grandfather worked as prison guards. After Fort Rozz crashed into the Earth, the prisoners escaped from their cells and killed all the guards, with the exception of the Master Jailer. He masqueraded as Carl Draper, a National City police detective, while hunting down and killing the Fort Rozz escapees who were disguising themselves as Earthlings. He made use of advanced alien technology, including an armored suit that made him a match for Supergirl physically.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Trombusan physiology: As a Trombusan, the Master Jailor seems physically indistinguishable from humans, which allowed him to infiltrate the National City Police Department as "Carl Draper". It is currently unknown if he possesses any superhuman powers beyond his armor's capabilities.


  • High-level intellect/Expert detective/Expert scout: Master Jailer is a highly intelligent individual, as he used his human-like appearance to pose as a human and managed to become a detective for the NCPD without raising any suspicion. Master Jailer was also capable of tracking down the Fort Rozz escapees, even when they were in disguise. He also seemed to remember the specific prison numbers and crimes committed by each of the convicts.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a former prison guard at Fort Rozz, Master Jailer demonstrated skill at unarmed combat, being able to defeat and restrain Supergirl twice with the use of his fighting skills and suit's weaponry.
    • Expert marksman: Under the guise of police detective "Carl Draper", Master Jailer showed expertise in the use of a handgun, shooting both his partner, Jim Warren, and Alex Danvers. He also managed to easily knock down Alphonse Luzano by throwing his baton at the latter several away.


  • Master Jailer armor: The suit used by Master Jailer was an advanced battle armor capable of physically enhancing its user to be able to fight Kryptonians, though it does not necessarily make him strong enough to overpower one as he could be fought off briefly by Alex Danvers. Additionally, Master Jailer demonstrated the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts from his forearms, and project super-strong chains. Its energy blasts and chains were notably used incapacitate Kryptonians, along with several aliens, with ease. Under his human guise of "Carl Draper", the suit collapsed into pieces and concealed itself on its user, while the entire helmet could collapse itself without the rest of the suit to reveal his face.
  • Baton: Master Jailer threw a baton at the feet of Alphonse Luzano to knock him down. J'onn J'onzz described it as being made of an alien material called "black star alloy" when it was recovered by the D.E.O. and used to find out that it was standard police issue.



Season 1


  • Master Jailer claimed to be executing justice like Alura Zor-El. However, despite Alura's rigid interpretation of the law, she still believed in giving all criminals a fair trial and strongly opposed indiscriminate capital punishment. Furthermore, following the destruction of Krypton, Alura realized the flaws in her legal methods and worked to change her ways while Master Jailer grew even more extreme in his views.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Master Jailer is not an alien but a human named Carl Draper, who grew up to be a security expert and an enemy to Superman.


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