The Master Jailer armor is a battle suit worn by the Master Jailer.


The Master Jailer wore the suit at all times, while capturing and executing Fort Rozz escapees both for its combat capabilities and to hide his identity. He also used it in battle with Supergirl. Under his human guise of "Carl Draper", the suit collapsed into pieces and concealed itself on its user, while the mask could also collapse itself without the rest of the suit, revealing his face.[1]


  • Super strength: The armor's chest plate provided the user an increase in strength that allowed them fight Kryptonians, though it does not necessarily make him strong enough to overpower one as he could be fought off briefly by Alex Danvers.
  • Super durability: The armor is bulletproof and allows the users enough resilience to easily withstand attacks from a Kryptonian.
  • Flight: The armor allows the user to defy gravity and fly at various speeds and altitudes.
  • Energy blasts: The armor allowed the user to shoot highly concentrated blasts of blueish-white energy from its forearms, which can be used to blast a human off their feet or even to hurt Kryptonian, to the point of rendering them unconscious.
  • Chains: The armor can launch chains at a hostile, and can fire four chains at once, allowing them to ensnare and restrain them near instantly, even if the target is Kryptonian. However, the chain links can be destroyed with heat vision.

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