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Matt Istook is a supervisor for Brodeur Chemical.


In 2007, Camille Declan gave Matt Istook a file proving Brodeur Chemical's illegal toxic waste dumping. However, Jason Brodeur arranged for Camille to be killed due to her whistleblowing. Istook was subsequently paid by Brodeur to falsely testify that Camille never spoke to him, leading to her husband Peter Declan's wrongful conviction.

Five years later however, The Hood tranquilized Istook one night as he was leaving work and cuffed him to the tracks of an approaching train to Blüdhaven. Once Istook regained consciousness, the Hood demanded the truth about Camille in return for his life. Terrified, Istook complied, revealing Brodeur paying him off and the location of Camille's file.

The next day, Istook filed a police report about being attacked by The Hood.[1]

After Brodeur's orchestration of Camille's murder was revealed, it is unknown whether Istook faced any punishment for perjury.



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