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Matthew Kim (died April 2018), nicknamed Melting Point by Cisco Ramon, was an EMT at Central City Hospital and a meta-human with the ability to swap people's DNA.


Becoming a meta-human

Working at a hospital as an EMT for an unknown amount of time, Matthew, traveling to work, rode on the bus that was hit with dark matter from the Speed Force. As such he became a "bus meta" with the ability to manipulate DNA. However, he mistakenly believed that his power was simply to take another meta's power by touch and believed that he was "chosen" to do a service for the city just as the Flash was.[1]

Using his powers

Six months later, he used his powers to take Eric Frye's meta powers allowing Eric to easily be taken into custody. Unknowingly, he placed those powers into Jaco Birch, a bystander at the robbery when he collided into him. He then fled the scene before the police could arrive, though all the people at the bank hailed him as a hero.

At the hospital where he worked, he was confronted by Iris and Joe. Initially believing that they wanted to hurt him or take his gift, he took Iris hostage. Joe had sent an alert to the Flash and he arrived to talk him down. Matthew told Barry that he was trying to help the city as he was but Barry told him that what he was currently doing wasn't that. He then made contact with him, and Matthew unknowingly transferred Barry's speed to Iris while he believed that he had stripped the Flash of his power. He told them that they had done this, not him, and fled again.

In the street, Jaco Birch used his new abilities to cause massive destruction wanting money. Matthew tried to talk him down and use his powers on him again but couldn't. He then learned that he was the one that had turned Jaco into a meta when he took Frye's power. He was in shock at the revelation and Jaco tried to use that moment to get rid of him before he could take his new powers but fortunately, Iris showed up with her new abilities to stop him.[1]

Joining Team Flash

Matthew apologized for what he did to Barry and Iris, and after they both asked for him to set things back to normal, he then gave Barry back his speed. He declared that he wouldn't use his powers again as he thought that he was doing good but had unknowingly been spreading chaos instead. Team Flash convinced him that he could do good and he decided to remain at S.T.A.R. Labs for protection from DeVoe as well as help them against him.

After DeVoe broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, he took Matthew's powers.[2] Matthew died in the process.[3]


Matthew's death was avenged when Ralph Dibny regained complete control of his body; forcing Clifford DeVoe's consciousness out of the latter's body and prompting DeVoe to transfer his consciousness into his hoverchair. However, the latter perished once-and-for all when his wife, Marlize DeVoe, removed the chair's power source; putting an end to DeVoe's madness.[4]


"Stealing is a sin. You shouldn't be using the powers you've been given this way."
—Matthew Kim to Eric Frye[src]

Easily one of the more moral meta-humans outside of Team Flash that Barry and the rest of the group at S.T.A.R. Labs has encountered thus far, Matthew seemed to have been an "everyday man" prior to Barry Allen's return from the Speed Force that both showered and empowered the former and eleven others with him riding on the same bus that was flooded with dark matter after Barry emerged from the portal. Whereas most of the passengers were somewhat morally-questionable that they opted to use the abilities they were granted for their own benefits and endeavors, Matthew saw what happened to him was no random act by chance and that his powers were given to help right the machinations of chance when it gave the less-deserving their new powers the same way Matthew's was given.

Given his job as an EMT, it is possible his compassion came from his job and occupation.

Powers and abilities


"As best I can tell, Matthew's abilities work by melting down the highly concentrated bonds between DNA. That makes them totally pliable so he can extract them and infuse somebody else with the exact same meta DNA."
"Melting highly concentrated bonds. Melting Point."
Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After Matthew was struck by the dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, this altered his DNA and cells, enabling him to access his newfound powers.[1]
    • DNA manipulation: Matthew's powers allow him to dissolve the bonds of DNA in a subject and transfer pieces of that DNA into others with a simple touch.
      • Power transferal: By moving the DNA markers that give a meta-human their powers, Matthew can drain the powers of an individual, and give those stolen powers to someone else. This was demonstrated when he removed Frye's powers and accidentally placed them into a bystander, Jaco Birch at a bank robbery and later gave Barry's powers to Iris.


  • Physical contact: In order for Matthew to use his powers on a subject, he must be able to physically touch them. Which can be difficult for him such as the time where he tried to take Jaco Birch's powers from him, only to be almost burned by him had Iris not saved him. However, it was seen that thick clothing does not spare one from Matthew's powers, since he still transferred Barry's speedster powers over to Iris despite the former wearing his highly insulated and specialized suit at the time that he pushed Matthew away from his wife.
  • Lack of control (possibly): Matthew is implied to have no control over whether or not he drains the powers of an individual, or gives those stolen powers to someone else. This was first shown when, after stealing Eric Frye's powers, Eric pushed Matthew to the floor, and the latter brushed against Jaco Birch, sending Eric's fire-powers into Birch without realizing it at the time. In addition, later, after Matthew joined Team Flash, Cisco preferred not to give Matthew a high-five, not wanting to lose his powers.[1]


The Flash

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The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Unlike most of the other bus meta-humans, Matthew is (genuinely) not a villain, as does his best to utilize his powers to help others; as he doesn't intentionally hurt innocent people.

Behind the scenes

  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Matthew's post-Crisis status is currently unknown.
    • Although in "Masquerade", Eric Frye is stated to still have his pyrokinetic powers that were previously taken away from him by Matthew pre-Crisis. Potentially, Matthew Kim may not exist on Earth-Prime.