"I look out for me and me alone."

Matthew Norvock[1] is a former henchman of Amunet Black. He was later hunted and nearly killed by Cicada.


The night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Norvock was working at Central City Zoo. When the explosion shattered all the cages, he ended up having to pull an elapid snake off of a kid, and when he got hit by the dark matter, as Norvock put it, he wound up with a snake in his head.[1]

Norvock worked as a henchman for Amunet Black alongside Caitlin Snow, eventually becoming her third favorite henchman after Caitlin and an unnamed individual.[2]

After she attempted to quit, Norvock watched Caitlin when Cisco Ramon came to the bar to convince her to return to Team Flash. Cisco got unnerved by Norvock's attention and told him off. Seeing Cait's recognition of Cisco, Norvock left the premises. Later on, Caitlin came back to the bar to tell Norvock that she intended to quit working for Amunet. Norvock refused and tried to intimidate her into staying, grabbing her. Angered, Killer Frost activated her powers and almost killed Norvock by freezing his head, before leaving the scene.[3]

When Caitlin Snow was in attendance at Iris West's bachelorette party, Norvock came to threaten her again, triggering her into using the powers by using his own. Caitlin managed to defeat Norvock easily, throwing him out of a window.

Later Norvock was present when Caitlin, in her Killer Frost persona, came to Amunet Black intending to kill her. Discovering that Norvock started a fight, Amunet was visibly upset with him taking chances.

Norvock was also present when Amunet tried to sell The Weeper to unknown gangsters. He tried to fight Caitlin Snow yet again only to be traumatized by her powers. Taking her leave when Caitlin let her go, Amunet helped Norvock to quit the scene as well.[2]

When Amunet disappeared from the radar, Norvock had become the leader of her criminal organization and made a venom to enhance his tentacle and kill Amunet should she try to reprise her position. When Barry and company go after him, Norvock poisoned him and Barry could barely avoid being killed by phasing to lose the venom.[4]

Amunet intended to kill him, but Caitlin dissuaded her and argued there was some good on her. Amunet decided to spare him, but cut off his eye tentacle.[4]

After Amunet left Central City, Norvock seems to formed a partnership with Carl Bork. They were attacked by Cicada. During the battle Bork was able to battle Cicada for a time but was ultimately bested by Cicada and killed. Bork was able to let Norvock to escape.

Norvock's name was also on the CCPD meta list which Jones gave to Cicada.

Norvock was later found by Barry Allen, Ralph Dibny and Killer frost in one of Amunet's old hideouts. He was shown the list and would agree to help Team Flash round up the Meta-humans.

With all the Metas round up, Cicada learns their location from Officer Jones, the Flash and Killer Frost take on Cicada while Elongated Man and Norvock gets the metas on to the Special Services helicopter. He is almost killed by Cicada's dagger but is saved by Elongated Man.

Norvock later gained a new name and identity along with the rest of the metas.


"Did you start a fight? Honestly, Norvock. That's why you're my third favorite henchman"
Amunet Black[src]

Norvock is a cold, thuggish character, who tried to intimidate Cisco and Caitlin, albeit unsuccessfully. He did an attempt to prevent Snow from leaving her service without permission.[3]

However, Norvock is proven to have a noble side, as evidenced by his willingness to stay and help evacuate all the meta-humans.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Norvock was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology.

Former powers

  • Tentacle: Hidden under the prosthetic eye, one of Norvock's eye sockets contained a three-fingered tentacle, powerful enough to lift middle-size objects and throw punches.[2] However, the tentacle was later cut off by Amunet Black.[4]
  • Venom secretion: Norvock's tentacle is capable of releasing venom. It is powerful enough to overwhelm the Flash's healing powers, forcing him instead to phase it out of his system.[4]


  • Basic hand-to-hand combatant: Norvock was able to surprise and lock Caitlin with a grabbing attack, but did not count on her meta-human powers allowing easy escape.[3]


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Hunk Norvock was a crime boss in the 1930's that was responsible for ruining young Clifford DeVoe's career as an attorney in his first major case. Norvock then hired DeVoe to his criminal organization as a strategist using his knowledge of the judicial system to keep himself safe. Eventually, Norvock became wary of DeVoe because of his intelligence and decided to kill him, only for DeVoe to devise a contraption that made Norvock kill himself. DeVoe went on to take control of Norvock's and other criminal organizations and become The Thinker.
  • The character's name was originally written as just "Norvok", before being corrected to "Matthew Norvock" in "Seeing Red".


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